The Best Of London Fashion Week Street Style

Fashion Week has arrived in London once again, fresh off the back of an inspiring turn in New York. Things look a little different this season, with many designers choosing to show their collections off-schedule (Ashley Williams, Shrimps and Alexachung), while the British Fashion Council is opening its doors to the general public for the first time ever, with tickets available to buy for select shows.

Once again, we'll be looking to the streets of London over the next few days for smart sartorial ideas. February was awash with neutrals (thank the Celine/Bottega effect), hair accessories, and shades of green — what can we expect this time around?


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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
The jury's out on twin dressing, but one thing's for sure: snakeskin is here to stay.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
Who knew iridescent shimmer would pair so well with croc effect? Ballerina but make it autumnal.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
What's cooler than being cool? Ice cold, with baby blue and silver sequins.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
Pearls are still going strong this season, but mix it up with every kind of ring in your jewellery box.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
Belted reflective parkas and futuristic makeup — we're into this show-goer's dystopian style.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
Monochrome is the name of the game for this trio — just top it off with statement headwear.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
Living for the look on the right — we'll be donning green eye shadow and clashing prints stat.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
Futuristic specs, four different prints, and trousers tied at the ankles? A triple threat.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
This craftwork knit is incredible, as are the many, many clips in this model off-duty's hair outside Matty Bovan's show.
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Photographed by Yossy Akinsanya
Jellyfish-inspired organza! We wish we were floating around Fashion Week in this creation.
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This double millennial pink offering is most pleasing.
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How to make leather more fun? Throw on some chunky Dr. Martens, chandelier earrings and a dreamy beaded clutch.
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Mint green and fire engine red is the color combo we never knew we needed.
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This duo's matchy-matchy color palette is giving us serious wardrobe envy.
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Apple green is working wonders here. Pairing the punchy hue with tonal shades is a great way to slot it into your autumn wardrobe.
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Didn’t you get the memo? We’re wearing statement white footwear with rich, caramel tones and splashes of bright green to refresh our wardrobe color palette.
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You can never go wrong with classic tailoring. Like this show-goer, we’ll be coupling our suiting with chunky trainers, a soft pouch, and Oasis-inspired oval sunglasses.
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A fiery red ensemble and double snake-print? Hell yes.
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The prairie dress to end all prairie dresses.
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Autumn means it's time to get out the slacks and fluffy knits, and boy are we happy.
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Micro bags, while wholly unpractical, are still our favorite plus ones.
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Wear your heart on your sleeve and your statement on the back of your shirt.
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We're adding a peachy utility boiler suit to our shopping list.
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Black, white, and red all over...
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Clouds! Of! Organza! Dreamy.
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The keep-cool-in-London-heat formula? Relaxed shirt, tailored trousers, and two-strap sandals, of course.
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We're into this update on the classic white shirt.
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Puff-sleeved, prairie-style dresses are still a hit in the capital – how chic when worn with this bob?
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A tie-dye extravaganza! Clash all your colors for brownie points.
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Take a Bianca Jagger-esque white suit and add statement accessories.
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Another fantastic boiler suit, this time in tangerine.
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This marble-effect floral dress is pretty wonderful.
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More tangerine this season – a softer update on the traffic cone orange hue we've previously seen.
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Hurray for princess detailing: marabou hems, padded Alice bands, and pointed heels.
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When the whole gang turns up in 10/10 'fits.
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This Burberry vinyl trench is next level.
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Drag Queen Aquaria living up to her name in this amazing sea-green suit.
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The best way to add some character to a sweet prairie dress? An oversized blazer and statement square sunglasses.
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