The "Lipstick-Shaped Nail" Is About To Blow Up On Instagram

Nail shape is a matter of personal preference. Some people like a short and rounded shape, others prefer a skinny almond, some ask for their tips square. There's no wrong answer — but now, there's a new shape manicurists are bringing to the table, and it has a name that would make any beauty lover want to give it a try. Enter: the lipstick nail.

As the name would suggest, a lipstick-shaped nail is filed at an asymmetrical angle, giving it a diagonal slant reminiscent of a fresh, never-been-used lip-color bullet. The shape was originally coined by celebrity and editorial nail artist Park Eunkyung of Unistella Nails, who has since been promoting the creative style on her Instagram.


Here, she tells us the funny inspiration behind her lipstick-shaped nails, plus why she loves them and expects the trend to take off this fall. Scroll through to get acquainted.

"I was working on a shoot for a YSL sunglasses campaign and I was really drawn to the cat-eye frames, and thought it would be interesting to try and shape my nails like cat-eye sunglasses," Eunkyung tells us of her OG fashion inspiration. "It turned out more like a lipstick shape — but I actually loved the detail it gave to my manicure."
If you're worried about the issue of comfort, Eunkyung says it's one of the reasons why she loves the lipstick shape. "I've recently been loving the look of long nails, but they've never felt comfortable to me," she explains. "Since I've tried the lipstick shape, I can't stop wearing it because it has a unique look that I like, but also because it's surprisingly comfortable — like a short nail and long nail in one."
Though the trend is on the rise thanks to Eunkyung's influence, she understands the initial hesitation to give the out-of-the-box shape a try. "I haven't seen lipstick-shaped nails on too many other people yet," she says. "I think the look is so pretty and unique, but I was definitely a bit afraid to try it at first. If other people feel the same, I think they'll also love it once they see how it looks and feels on their nails."
Eunkyung often pairs her lipstick-shaped nails with bright pops of color and art, but she says a muted nude or light-pink polish lets the angular design have its moment.
Other artists who've tried the lipstick shape have added extra pizazz with silver foils.
...or glitter over a royal-purple base tone.
We've also seen softer approaches to the dramatic lipstick shape. Here, the angling is gentle, and only on two nails.
Again, blink and you'll miss it, but if you look closely, you can tell that the tips of both the left ring finger and middle finger show a slight lipstick slant. The orange color is perfectly on-trend, too.
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