Pinterest Search Is Up 97% For This Nail Trend

Photo: Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images.
The nail salon is a tough place for the indecisive. First, you spend ten minutes in front of the rainbow wall of polishes, eventually walking towards the chair with a navy bottle in one hand and a dusty pink in the other. Then, the manicurist asks the million-dollar question, "Square or rounded?" Uhhh.
Well, don't waste any mental energy on that particular debate at your next manicure. According to Pinterest, you should ask for neither sharply squared off edges nor nails curved into a half circle. The nail shape that's huge right now — up 97% in search on Pinterest — is the almond tip. For those unfamiliar, an almond nail is a more exaggerated variation on the oval tip. It has a long base filed into a distinct, rounded point — which kind of looks like, well, an almond.
The key to achieving the shape is in the way you work the nail file, according to celebrity nail pro Jessica Washick. "Start from the edge of the nail and file toward the center," Washick instructs. "When you've reached the free-edge, the tip that extends beyond your finger, start sharpening the shape of the nail, bringing it to a point."
For inspiration on how to give your nails the on-trend treatment, find the chicest almond nails on Instagram, ahead. So with the shape question out of the way, you can spend a few extra minutes contemplating pink versus navy.

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