A Pro's Guide To Finding Your Signature Nail Shape

Photo: Christian Vierig/Getty Images.
Legit question: Would Cardi B be Cardi B without her ultra-long, ultra-bedazzled stiletto nails? Or, how would Kylie Jenner's vibe shift if extended, square-tipped manicures weren't a part of her beauty equation? Take away this key component of Cardi or Kylie's swag and you've taken away a crucial part of the persona.
Perhaps more than a polish color or nail art choice, nail shape says a lot about who we are — or at least, how we roll. Cropped squoval is a classic — as in royal family classic — that's simpatico with lifestyles in which you've gotta use your hands to get shit done, while almond-shaped nails signal grace, thanks to their ability to feign elongated fingers.
So what's your signature nail profile? If you haven't landed on one that feels comfortable and reflects the attitude you love to project, then settle in. Betina Goldstein, a pro manicurist responsible for some of the raddest looks on Instagram, shares her best tips for sorting out which nail shape may be right for you, ahead.

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