8 Kitchen Buys For Every New Year's Resolution

In some ways, it sucks that the new year happens in the middle of the coldest, darkest days. We love a fresh start, but its hard to stay motivated to make big changes when we really just want to stay inside. Which, actually, is one reason it's a great time to make a resolution around food and cooking. If you're going to indulge in a mini-hibernation, why not settle into your kitchen and tackle cooking projects head-on.

So whether you are trying to save money on coffee or get more comfortable in the kitchen, there's never been a better time to get started. And, like any good resolution, half of the success lies in planning. So we've rounded up eight kitchen gadgets perfect for helping you become the culinary wiz you were born to be. Now get cooking!

The Resolution: Stop Buying Coffee Every Morning

The Tool: Programmable Coffee Maker

We don't think you should feel bad about buying coffee every day if it makes you happy, but curbing coffee purchases in the morning is one easy way to save several hundred – or even over a thousand – a year depending on your order. Coffee makers range from incredibly affordable to incredibly expensive, but if you're trying to kick a serious Starbucks habit, we recommend going somewhere in between. Cuisinart's programmable model allows you to have coffee ready for you when you wake up in the morning in two strengths, regular or bold.

Cuisinart 14-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, $71.99, available at Amazon.
The Resolution: Pack Lunch More

The Tool: Really Good Food Containers

It's not hard to acquire plenty of food containers – even those of us who claim we can hardly boil water harbor quite the collection of value sets, repurposed takeout containers, and abandoned Tupperware from the last potluck you hosted. But not all food storage is created equal. We love Rubbermaid's Brilliance collection for the little details: leak-proof seal, built-in vents for microwaving, clear, stain-resistant material. The tray inserts also make it easy to pack salads, grain bowls, and even leftovers with sides that can be enjoyed as freshly as possible.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Salad Container, $12.09, available at Amazon.
The Resolution: Waste Less

The Tool: Crisper Inserts

Wasting less food is a win-win, both for our wallets and the world. But even careful planning can be thwarted by food that goes bad quickly in the fridge. You can't freeze time, but you can try the next best thing. Crisper inserts actually absorb ethylene gas, which is responsible for the ripening of produce. There are several versions of these on the market, but we like that OXO's sliding date indicator reminds you when its time to buy new inserts.

OXO Crisper Inserts, $9.99, available at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
The Resolution: Get Crafty With Your Cocktails

The Tool: Fancy Ice Molds

Want to be the mixologist you are currently paying $15 a cocktail for? A beautiful bar cart is fun, of course, but the basics are really things you probably already have: some basic glasses, and a spoon for stirring. Before you invest in a professional bartending set to really kick it up a notch, start small (so to speak) with large-formate ice cubes. Not only do they melt slower in boozy drinks, they also give your entire experience a more decadent feel. Now to master the perfect Old Fashioned...

Tovolo Sphere Ice Molds, $9.99, available at Amazon.
The Resolution: Cook More, Period

The Tool: Instant Pot

Really looking to jump into the kitchen with both feet? Sometimes have lots of time on the weekends but no time on week days? Consider the Instant Pot (or similar slow and fast-cooking options) your secret weapon. You can slow cook on Sundays (or mornings when you have time to prep a stew before work) or get grains or pasta on the table in mere minutes when you don't have the luxury of time. The Duo Mini is great for just starting out – and don't be fooled by its name, you can make up to 12 cups of rice with it.

Instant Pot Duo Mini, $69.99, available at Amazon.
The Resolution: Keep A Cleaner Kitchen

The Tool: Nice Dish Gloves

Do you wear dish gloves when you do dishes? If you do, then you already know of the many miraculous benefits: manicure-extending, cuticle-protecting, stinky sponge-separating gloves keep your hands fresh for even the most arduous tasks. Even if you have a dishwasher, you are likely still getting your hands soapy and wet as you rinse and load the dishes. Plus, you can use much hotter water when wearing them. It's an incredibly affordable way to make a household task a bit more bearable. You can get inexpensive reusable gloves for next-to-nothing, bot Casabella's premium version is long-lasting, with a cotton lining and grip pattern.

Casabella Premium Waterblock Gloves, $4.94, available at Amazon.
The Resolution: Be A Better Baker

The Tool: Hand Mixer

Yes, standing mixers are the Instagram eye candy we'd all love to sport on our kitchen counters, but there's a less expensive way to go all in on baking projects. A good hand mixer can run you as little as $10 and can do many of the tasks that a standing mixer can do (albeit with a bit more elbow grease from you). Make cakes, cookies, and even meringe (with a whisk attachment) with ease. If you still want some eye-popping color fun, invest in a KitchenAid hand mixer instead.

KitchenAid 5 Speed Ultra Power Hand Mixer, $39.99, available at Everything Kitchens.
The Resolution: Drink Your Greens

The Tool: Refurbished High-Powered Blender

Green smoothies are an easy way to get in more greens and start your day with a healthy, filling meal. But blades that can pulverize kale and spinach often mean blenders that can run well over $500. Here's a not-s0-secret secret, however: Many often sell certified refurbished models that can allow you to make your own smoothie creations at signifiant savings. Single-serve tabletop blenders are also a great way to get the at-home smoothie experience (and, of course, the occasional frozen margarita too).

Ninja 1000 Watts Blender, $59.99, available at Amazon.
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