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14 Intuitive Gifts Cancer Signs Will Adore

Summer is here and she brought Cancer season with her. In honor of all you crustaceans, we consulted astrologer Lisa Stardust on the most sensible buys for this intuitive sign: "It's time to embrace a new season and cosmic voyage into the emotional waters of the crab," Stardust shared. "If you’re buying a present for your sensitive crustacean BFF’s birthday, then you will have to find gifts that suit their tough, tender, and sentimental energy."

Even if it's not your birthday, in particular, a sign-mindful prezzie for your closest Cancer (whether friend or family) will go far to brighten their day. "Most importantly, don’t forget their birthday because it’s important that their crew remember them on their special day," Stardust cautions: "If you forget, they’ll pinch you with their claws forever."


Ahead, 14 unique gift ideas that were tactfully selected with this strong-but-sensitive star in mind.

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EarthyStoneTreasures Quartz Crystal Night Light

"Cancers love to feel cozy, and often consider their homes to be a sacred space,"
Renee Watt, witch, tarot reader, and psychic tells Refinery29. "Help bring some twinkle into their night with these adorable crystal nightlights."
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Boll & Branch Organic Cotton Bath Towel

"Crabs feel at home in the water — it is their ruling element! — so get them a fancy towel to feel extra comfy and luxurious after a relaxing bath," suggests witch, tarot reader, and curator Sarah Potter.
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Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

"Appeal to Cancer's sweet, emotional side with a fragrance that indulges in romance," says Potter. "Look for anything with notes of vanilla."
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Warby Parker Ida Sunglasses

"Make sure your BFF’s eyes are protected with these super chic cat-eye shades that will shield the sunlight," Stardust says. "After all, crabs only come out at night."
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Olive & June The Summer Set

"Your Cancer bestie’s favorite nail shades are all in this set," Stardust explains. "It even has the color lilac, which is your lovable moonchild’s ideal shade for their zodiac sign."
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Uncommon Goods Long Distance Friendship Lamp

"It's important for Cancers to know they're being thought of, and with this two-way light system you'll be able to glow and grow your friendship," Watt explains. How does it work? "Simply touch your lamp and your bestie's lamp will glow at the same time, allowing you to send messages of love and let them know you care!"
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Sterling Silver Small Moon Necklace

"Cancers are ruled by the moon, so invoke that lunar energy with a tasteful piece of silver jewelry," Potter says.
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Cancer Art Print

Show your crabby pride with this retro-inspired art print, which shows off your Astro sign while amping up your home décor game.
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This Works Sleep Over Kit Limited Edition

"Many Cancers have fluctuating sleep cycles since their sign is ruled by the moon," Watt explains. "The lunar cycle can sometimes affect their ability to wind down and fall asleep, especially around the Full Moon. Help your buddy get the rest they need with this self-care kit that aids with drifting off to dreamland."
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Sunnylife Beach Sounds Speaker

"There’s nothing Cancers love more than crisping under the Sun," Stardust says. "This speaker will be the ultimate gift to accompany their favorite activity at the beach."
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TheraBox Self Care Subscription Box

"Cancers are notorious nurturers, often putting the needs of others before their own," Watt says. "Remind your bestie to take some time out for themselves and give the gift that keeps on giving with a self-care subscription box."
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Anthropologie Coquille Embellished Headband

"They’ll flip over this headband that’s adorned with seashells, as it will remind them of their oceanic residence," Stardust says.
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Slip Silk Pillowcase

"Cancers notoriously cancel plans to stay home in bed, so if we know they are going to do it anyway, let's make sure their bed is extra cozy with the addition of silk pillowcases," Potter says.
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Parachute Classic Bathrobe

"Everybody knows that your Cancer pal can be a homebody at times," Stardust says. "Treat them to this sweet robe to slip on while lounging at home during the hot summer nights."
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