This Cancer Season, Spoil Your Favourite Crab With These 15 Gift Ideas

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Winter is here and she's brought Cancer season with her. In honour of our crustacean friends, we consulted astrologer Lisa Stardust on the most sensible buys for this intuitive sign. "It's time to embrace a new season and cosmic voyage into the emotional waters of the crab," she says. "If you’re buying a present for your sensitive crustacean BFF’s birthday, then you will have to find gifts that suit their tough, tender and sentimental energy."
A sign-mindful pressie for your closest Cancerian will go far to brighten their day. "Most importantly, don’t forget their birthday because it’s important that their crew remember them on their special day," Stardust cautions. "If you forget, they’ll pinch you with their claws forever."
Ahead, discover 15 unique gift ideas that were tactfully selected with this sensitive-but-strong star in mind.
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