The Strawberry Full Moon In Capricorn Will Make It Hard To Control Your Feelings

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On June 21 at nighttime, the strawberry full moon in Capricorn will illuminate the sky. It is the first full moon of winter, occurring less than 30 hours after the beginning of the solstice on June 20. Due to the energetic shifts in the cosmos, the strawberry full moon (named for the time of the northern hemisphere’s strawberry harvest) will be mighty in augmenting relationships. Earthlings will experience the “moon illusion,” where an optical illusion makes the moon appear larger on the horizon. 
Venus, who’s in Cancer, opposes the full moon, making us apt to take a position of understanding and to believe in the good of others. Jealousy and hidden desires can come to light, making it hard to control our feelings. Our heart chakras will be more open than usual: strawberries, namesake of the current moon, are associated with that particular energy centre. Cleanse the chakra by placing rose quartz on the heart in a healing bath. It will guide you towards decisions that align with your core and being.
Our sentiments are extra sensitive as we’ve been dealing with the hazy and confusing Neptunian energy all week (Venus, Mercury and the sun in Gemini all squared Neptune in Pisces on June 16, 17 and 20). This energy is contagious so try to be kind. Mercury in Cancer harmonises with Mars in Taurus on the day of the full moon. Although the vibe seems breezy, it can lead to arguments if people are pushed to their limits. Although we’ll be emotionally assertive and expressive, passive-aggressive reactions can be the final straw for most. Try to address the root of problems to create a better dynamic with others.
Fixed star Spiculum adds courage and bravery to helping us express our emotions. Spiculum does not want us to hold back and repress our sentiments. The caveat is that we have to look at matters from a place of empathy rather than one of selfishness. Passions will be extremely high, which could lead to obsessive thoughts, oppressive and controlling behaviour, as well as the desire to push others toward our way of feeling and thinking without consideration for what they want. Don’t use emotional manipulation to get what you want. If you choose to use that method, it’ll eventually backfire. Allow people to make their own decisions and mistakes. 
The second full moon in Capricorn (the buck full moon) occurs on July 21. This lunation is characterised by dreamy, mysterious, magical Neptune, retrograde in Pisces, and revolutionary, wild and extraordinary Uranus in Taurus. It’ll also commence at 29 degrees, whereas the full moon on June 21 falls at 1 degree Capricorn. Both full moons will incite our passions but the wool pulled over our eyes will be removed on July 21, allowing us to see others and situations clearly. Once we do, we’ll run away for good and start a new chapter. It’s a wake-up call from the rapture we’re falling under on June 21. 
Overall, the strawberry full moon pushes us to connect with others soulfully. As long as we act on what’s in our hearts, we’ll be able to find the companionship and love we deserve and need. The same applies to helping our friends attain emotional success. Don’t stand in the way of other people’s happiness. Support others and you’ll receive the same unconditional sentiment in return. Remember, love can save the day if we are gentle, compassionate and respectful of others and ourselves. 
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