Cancer Season Is Here — It’s Time For You To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Cancer season has arrived, Earthlings. The sun enters Cancer on June 21 at 7:51 a.m, AEDT. Since 2024 is a leap year, Cancer season will begin on June 20 and end on July 22. The weeks ahead will be the most enriching days of the year, because they will propel us spiritually and emotionally forward, pushing us to do what feels right and justified.
Since Cancer is the most tender sign of the zodiac, we'll be closer than ever to those we care about. Our emotions will be high, but we can understand them more profoundly. Although it’ll be hard for us to express ourselves to others because Cancer is a water sign and mute, we will be able to analyse our feelings and desires before expressing them. Cancer is also highly creative because crabs walk side to side, so they have different perspectives, which allows them to be creatives and visionaries. The caveat is that Cancers don’t like being pushed into matters; they take their time and proceed with caution. Allowing ourselves to assess projects and relationships before jumping in will benefit our aspirations and allow us to do what feels right and not just make impulsive decisions.
The month ahead will urge us to wear our hearts on our sleeves, even though we’ll proceed with trepidation. Trusting others will take time, but once we connect with them in a soulful and nostalgic way, we’ll feel like they’re a part of our kin. Friendships and relationships that make us feel seen, heard, safe, and happy are the ones we’ll choose to evolve and grow. Those that don’t will be on pause for the moment. 
The Cancer sun is giving us the drive to attain our goals. If there is a wish that you’ve been wanting to manifest, you’ll now have the chance to make it happen. The same applies to healing our hearts. The watery, altruistic energy of Cancer can heal trauma and wounds. Self-care allows us to transform and treat ourselves to a healthier lifestyle or way of thinking about ourselves. 
This year, Cancer season will be a mix of juxtaposing energies. The combination of water, the sun in Cancer, Saturn, and Neptune in Pisces and fire planets (Mercury and Venus will enter Leo on July 2 and 11) will extinguish our vitality and energy. It might be hard to get projects started, but once we look outwards for stimulation, it’ll be easy to achieve. With Uranus harmoniously aspecting the Cancer sun, we’ll learn to appreciate our novel and unique emotions. Also, we’ll realise that home isn’t a place but a feeling we can create with those we love. There will be two Capricorn full moons on June 21 and July 21 at 1 degree and 29 degrees. Both lunations bring out our lustful sentiments and urge us to DTR. 
Important astrological dates for Cancer Season: 
June 20: The sun enters Cancer, kicking off a new season. The month ahead focuses on building emotional intelligence and maturity.
June 21: The strawberry full moon in Capricorn wants us to work hard for love, creativity, and all we hold dear.
June 29: Saturn retrograde in Pisces commences, ending on November 15. We’ll now decide what and who we want to commit to.
July 2:  Neptune retrograde in Pisces begins and lasts until December 7, allowing us to see through the fog and find clarity in matters. 
July 2: Mercury enters Leo, adding flair and passion to our communication. Words can be powerful and dramatic.
July 5: The new moon in Cancer pushes us towards cultivating a rich emotional life and nurturing ourselves.
July 11: Venus enters Leo, urging us to be generous to those we love and care for. Adoration, acceptance, and affection are essential in relationships. 
July 20: Mars enters Gemini, pushing us to speak and understand our desires aloud with words.  
July 21: The buck full moon in Capricorn allows us to lean into our wildest dreams. We can attain our passions if we believe in them and ourselves.
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