The Full Moon In Capricorn Will Make You Take Action Now

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The buck moon in the earth sign Capricorn rose on July 3 2023. It's the first in a series of four full supermoons that are happening this year (the other three supermoons occur on August 1, August 31, and September 29), which means that the moon is in closer proximity to Earth, making it appear bigger and more vibrant than it is during other full moons. When the moon is perigee (a term used to describe the moon’s tight orbit to the earth), emotions run deeper, secrets are known, the truth is revealed, and our intuition is strengthened.
Full moons occur when the earth is aligned directly between the sun and moon, who are both opposing each other in the sky. The sunlit side of the moon that faces the earth, which casts a glow and light upon us, radiates energy upon our planet and gives us the ability to see things clearly. Full moons occur once a month (sometimes they happen twice and that is called a blue moon) at the end of the lunar cycle. They represent endings, the culmination of the events that began on the new moon (the beginning of the lunar cycle).
The buck moon represents a time when male deer shed their antlers and grow new ones. Ironically enough, this full moon is asking us to transform and release the old — like the bucks. It’s a moment of bringing one’s personal truth to life. Through hard work and reflection, we can be honest with ourselves and the world about what we want and desire.
This particular lunation is astrologically intense. Communication planet Mercury, who is currently in the sign Cancer, shares a fraught aspect with the Capricorn moon. Although we’ll want to express our innermost thoughts and sentiments, it will be hard to do when these planets oppose each other. We may want to run away and hide our feelings because Saturn, the planetary ruler of the Capricorn moon, is retrograde in Pisces. Expansive planet Jupiter, who’s in earthy Taurus, adds pragmatism to the cosmic mix. All of this celestial energy, blended with the asteroid Juno in Cancer, could make us temperamental in relationships. 
The fixed star Nunki links up with the Capricorn moon, heating up the energy during the first full moon of the summer. We’ll be overthinking matters and trying to understand the best way to succeed in our quandaries. What we will come to see is that freedom and autonomy are necessities when it comes to work, love, friendships, and in realising our aspirations. Anyone who tries to control us doesn’t stand a chance when it comes to the buck moon, as we’re letting go of people and things that aren’t allowing us to evolve and grow.
The day before the full moon, on July 2, Venus in Leo squared Uranus in Taurus and shared a minor aspect with Neptune retrograde in Pisces. The astrological class pushes us to break free and leave situations or relationships that we’ve outgrown. On the day of the full moon, Mercury shared a minor connection with the North Node of Destiny, making it a fated time to take action. 
The desire to escape from mundane life and embrace our dream world will be exceptionally high. But, what we’ll soon find out is that the grass is always greener on the other side and the answer to our issues is within ourselves. Self-love is a must — no matter how self-deprecating the Capricorn moon is making us feel. 
Use this moon to start a plan of action. Let go of the doubt you may feel. Fill up that space with confidence, even though it’ll be difficult to do. Stating affirmations and journaling will allow us to comprehend where we are going and headed in the future, as well as what motivates and inspires us in the present. We’ll be releasing a lot and moving forward. Arguments will ensue and tensions will heighten as we focus on what makes us happy and leave everything else in the dust behind us. 
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