The Strawberry Full Moon In Sagittarius Will Bring Clarity To Your Life

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The last full moon of spring rises on June 4 at 3:42 am. GMT (1:42pm AEST). This lunation is known for its sweet and bold sentiments, and it’s a liberating time to break free and embrace our wildest dreams — as long as we believe in ourselves and don’t give up (even if it takes a hot minute for those dreams to come to fruition). 
Full moons occur when the sun and moon are opposing each other in the sky. The moon illuminates, its glow spreading across earth, whilst also lighting up the cosmos. This lunation allows us to see matters clearly. The moon’s vibrant shine helps us understand situations and relationships for what they really are, as well as heightening our emotions and intuition. Anything that we’ve put on the back burner becomes more important and essential to handle right now. The universe is pushing us to release the past and move forward — and to manifest our visions in the process.
We can let our truest nature shine. But austere Saturn, currently in the sign of Pisces, shares a fraught aspect with both the sun and moon, creating a T-Square. A T-Square occurs when two planets are in opposition by sign and both square another planet by sign, forming a “T” shape). We may feel as though our confidence is dwindling and holding us back from going after what we want. If we push through these restrictive vibes we can create the life we want. We have to have faith — not just in ourselves, but trust in the process that is allowing us to grow and evolve. 
Action planet Mars, currently fired up in the sign Leo, lends a gentle hand in pushing us to move forward. The passionate and fierce energy from the minor frustration (the astrological aspect that’s occurring) with Saturn as well as the harmonious connection to the sun and moon is allowing us to see past the fears Saturn is bringing us.
We have the power to set our desires in motion and to lean into our ambitions. Once we let go of hesitation and the shackles that are holding us back the sky’s the limit for what we can achieve and accomplish. Not only that, but Mars is bringing back our self-esteem and urging us to throw out our inhibitions. The moment to attain greatness is now — but only if we forget our worries and live in the moment. There is no time like the present to make our wishes, hopes, and goals come true. 
The asteroids Pallas and Lilith — both of which are in Leo — are giving us the determination to go for gold and put our needs first. Pallas, who is a strategic, artistic thinking, and healing asteroid, is telling us to think out-of-the-box in order to set our minds apart from the status quo and make decisions that are in alignment with our hearts. Lilith, who is the asteroid associated with independence and desire, wants us to step into our personal power and take control of our personal aspirations without trepidation. 
Fortunately, Jupiter and the North Node of Destiny link up in Taurus on June 1. This is one of the luckiest days of the year. And, being that the planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, it’s one of the most fortuitous, advantageous, and prosperous moments of 2023. June 1’s lovely sentiments make the full moon abundant with positive vibes. The day before the full moon, Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow (from the retrograde that lasted from April 21 to May 14) clears. The Mercurial component is relevant, since it’s the planetary ruler of Gemini (the sign that the sun is in). With retroshade ending on June 2, this lunation is going to make our fantasies real. June 4 brings Mercury and Uranus together in the zodiac sign Taurus, making it an exciting and inspiring day to show off our progress. 
All in all, this full moon is an amazing opportunity and glorious time to dive into our dreams. Take a chance, make a chance, and embrace the awesome energy. Most importantly, don’t let anything stand in the way of your happiness. Happy full moon! 
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