No Fireplace? No Problem: 16 Woodsy Candles That Smell Like The Real Deal

In our most played-out fall fantasties, we spend crisp evenings luxuriating beneath cashmere throw blankets while the embers inside our home's vast hearth emit an oh-so-soft and smoky glow. Back in our quarantined-in-a-cramped-apartment realities, we're tangled up in a Snuggie trying to fix a digitized fire that keeps lagging from the crappy WiFi connection. Since getting elbow-deep in mortar for bricklaying our way to peak seasonal bliss in 2020 isn't the brightest idea, we elected the next best easiest thing: buying a fireplace-scented fall candle.

When you can't light a fire in your fireplace, because you don't actually have a fireplace, these woodsy-essenced votives are here to save the autumn day (or, night). Ahead, find a seasonally strategic candle lineup that reviewers claim smell like everything from freshly ignited logs to big ole bonfires in the woods. Scroll on to cozy up somewhere in between that annual fall dream and reality with the swipe of a match.


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Wine Wix Fireside Candle

This handmade soy candle combines notes of smoke and wood into a warm mix of clove, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli all wrapped up in a repurposed wine bottle.
Wine Wix Fireside Candle, $18.00 Buy

Brooklyn Candle Studio Woodsmoke Minimalist Candle

Described as a "mini fireplace", this vegan and cruelty-free candle has notes of cedar leaf, labdanum, incense, and leather rounding out its rich smokiness.
Brooklyn Candle Studio Woodsmoke Minimalist Candle, $24.00 Buy

Makers of Wax Goods Smoked Vanilla & Cedar Candle

This woodsy scented candle is a smokey aroma of tobacco leaf embellished with ginger, crushed clove, plum, and warm vanilla amber topped with fresh-cut cedar and hops.
Makers of Wax Goods Smoked Vanilla & Cedar Glass Candle, $24.00 Buy

Diptyque Feu De Bois Candle

According to this Nordstrom review, this popular scent from Diptique can warm up the grayest of London days; "Smells like a crackling fire and is my favorite candle to have burning during autumn and winter. Makes even my London home feel as though there's a crackling, cozy fire going and makes snuggling up on the sofa when it's too grim outside that much more of a pleasure. It's also one of the longer lasting candle scents from Diptyque. I always ask for this for Christmas!"
Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle 2.4oz, $36.00 Buy

Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Fireside Candle

"It's lovely! Reminds me of a fall day, burning leaves with just a hint of spice," one enthused reviewer raves about this woodsy, pine, and clove-essenced candle.
Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Seasonal Ceramic Candle Fireside, $8.99 Buy

West Elm Naturalist Collection Hearth Candle

This sleek-looking candle carries notes of lemony pine, dried tobacco, warm incense, smoky cedar, dried timber, and crackling amber. 
West Elm Naturalist Collection Hearth Candle, $30.00 $18.00 Buy

Boy Smells Ash Candle

Made with a coconut and beeswax blend, this modern smokey scented candle smells of firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo, and hay.
Boy Smells Ash Candle, $36.00 Buy

Nest Fragrances Hearth Candle

This festive votive said to contain "the aroma of a wintertime fire" is infused with rich oud wood with frankincense and hints of smoky embers.
NEST New York Classic Candle- Hearth, 8.1 oz, $42.00 Buy

Paddywax Amber & Smoke Candle

We'll just leave you with this Amazon review: "Close your eyes and imagine that you live in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by towering pine trees and creeping wildflowers. You live with your handsome, bearded husband who built the cabin with his own two hands. You go inside holding a basket of vegetables that you just picked from the garden, and a wave of warmth embraces you. You take in the scene: dried herbs hanging from ceiling, shelves and shelves of all your favorite books, and your husband sitting by the fireplace. He had been outside chopping firewood, and his strong muscles are glistening with sweat in the light. He looks up at you warmly as you enter, and you see a smear of soot on his cheek from building the fire. He sits in his favorite rocking chair smoking a pipe, and as he pulls you into his lap you watch the tobacco smoke drift lazily towards the ceiling. You take a deep breath, and it smells sweet, musky, and earthy. It smells like home."
Paddywax Apothecary Collection Candle, Amber & Smoke, $20.00 Buy

Outdoor Fellow No. 1 Fireplace + Clove Candle

Reviewers claim that this hand-poured, coconut-wax candle with notes of black pepper, cedarwood, and clove is reminiscent of a cozy-warm night during the cold-weather months.
Outdoor Fellow No.1 Fireplace + Clove, $36.00 Buy

Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' By The Fireplace Candle

This warm and woodsy scent is supposed to evoke "the warmth of a cozy fireplace in midwinter" — and as one satisfied reviewer put it, "I can't stop smelling this candle. Reminds me of cozying up, by a fire, next to a really hot guy."
Maison Margiela 'REPLICA' By The Fireplace Candle, $62.00 Buy

Wax & Wick Fireside Candle

For an even more authentic fireside experience, this smoke, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli-scented candle comes with a wooden wick (you know, to mimic lighting up a tiny log).
Wax & Wick 100% Pure Soy Wax Candle, Fireside, $35.00 Buy

Terrain Woodfire Candle

As one reviewer claims, this soy wax infused with notes of patchouli and warm vanilla really "does smell like a burning campfire."
Illume Mercury Glass Candle, Woodfire, $58.00 Buy

D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle

This luxe candle is scented with notes of pine, cedar, ash oak, and birch wood that one Amazon reviewer claims, "really does smell like a wood fire."
D.S. & Durga Portable Fireplace Candle, $65.00 Buy

WoodWick Fireside Candle

This top-rated and wood-wicked candle, as one R29 reader attested in the comments below, "both smells like and sounds like a real crackling fireplace!"
woodwick Candle Fireside Large Jar, $32.84 Buy

World Market Linen & Tobacco Flower Candle

If your idea of a cozy-smoke smell skews more towards wood-burning pipe than it does fireplace, then this candle has your number — as one reviewer says, "The best way I can think to describe the smell of this candle is the smell of a wood tobacco pipe."
World Market Linen & Tobacco Flower Candle, $15.99 Buy
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