30 Closet-Space Wasters To Toss Right Now

We like to think we keep our closets as concise as possible — a neatly curated collection of our sartorial treasures — by frequently playing games of keep, toss, or consign. But, some sad-sack items always stick around. We’re referring to that one college hoodie you got as a souvenir...from a school you didn't attend; the super-cozy sock whose partner has been missing for at least two winters; and the party dress you might wear. If you went to Vegas. In a time machine. You've acquired a collection of space-wasters, but tossing those past-their-prime pieces can be difficult; we can help.

The 30 items ahead represent the long-time members of your wardrobe that need to go. They have holes and permanent stains, they’re just not you, and frankly, you deserve better. Come along and identify your closet's dead weight — we promise, you won't miss these culprits one bit.

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Photo: Courtesy of John Lewis.
The Forever-Stained Shirts
If your trusty white tee looks yellow, even right after a tumble with some bleach, it's time for an upgrade.
Photo: Courtesy of Weddington Way.
The Bridesmaid Dress Your Friend Swore You'd Wear Again
You didn't.
Photo: Courtesy of American Apparel.
That One Last Item Of American Apparel Lamé
But, save the photos. You'll want to show your kids some day.
Photo: Courtesy of Boden.
The Ostentatiously Sparkly Top
That you bought for that one New Year's Eve party. In 2006.
Photo: Courtesy of REI.
The Mismatched Socks
You've been looking for this guy's mate since last winter. It's time to say goodbye.
Photo: Courtesy of Desire.
The Hand-Me-Down Formal Dress In Every Facebook Photo You've Untagged
As much as we love repeating a great outfit, this one has been taken to extremes. Of course, if you're feeling a bit nostalgic, feel free to hand it down to another friend in need of a formal frock.
Photo: Courtesy of House of Fraser.
The Pencil Skirt So Restricting You Walk Like A Penguin
If stairs are impossible, the skirt's gotta go.
Photo: Courtesy of Walmart.
The Halloween Costume From Three Years Ago
Unless masks and novelty headbands are your thing, it's time to get rid of them.
Photo: Courtesy of Zappos.
The Too-Pinchy Shoes
If all your "breaking them in" has been for naught, don't torture your toes any more.
Photo: Courtesy of Front Row Shop.
Your Winter Coat That Looks Much Warmer Than It Is
Who has time — or closet space — for a topper that leaves you shivering?
Photo: Courtesy of Zazzle.
Your "Everyone Loves A (Fill-In-The-Blank) Girl" T-Shirt
It's okay. We'll still love you.
Photo: Courtesy of Patagonia.
The Yoga Pants So Thin They Make You Moon Your Classmates
Namaste and goodbye.
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.
The Yellowing Canvas Tote
You've gotten your money's worth out of this one (especially if it was a freebie).
Photo: Courtesy of Farfetch.
The Pricey Piece You've Never Worn Out Of The House
There's nothing wrong with it. But, for some reason, you've never had to take the tags off. Don't toss it — this is definitely a resale opportunity.
Photo: Courtesy of Ami Clubwear.
The "Going-out" Dress From College
After all, your approach to "going-out" gear has changed in a major way.
Photo: Courtesy of Ruche.
The Work Clothes From Two Jobs Ago
They say you should dress for the job you want. Nobody recommends dressing for the job you quit.
Photo: Courtesy of Zappos.
The Tights With Holes
Unless you enjoy that moment when the dinner party you're attending is at a no-shoes home and you are forced to reveal several toes sadly poking through your nylons.
Photo: Courtesy of Boohoo.
The Ultra Pilly Sweater
Sometimes it's the sweater, and sometimes it's that you're clumsy and seem to catch the fibers on every edge possible. Either way, you two are not a match.
Photo: Courtesy of New Look.
The Bra With An Exposed Underwire You Need To Tuck In With Each Wear
We've all been there. Let's not go there anymore.
Photo: Courtesy of Dorothy Perkins.
The Skinny Jeans That Don't Fit Over Your Knees
Denim should never replace a tourniquet. Opt for pairs that let you and your knees relax.
Photo: Courtesy of Tilly's.
Your Ex-Boyfriend's Anything
If the relationship wasn't worth keeping, why is his flannel?
Photo: Courtesy of Unique Vintage.
The Counterfeit Designer Handbag
Instead, start an eBay or thrift hunt for a vintage version of the real deal.
Photo: Courtesy of Boozin' Gear.
The Freebie T-Shirt You'd Never Wear
We'd rather have the gratis beer, anyway.
Photo: Courtesy of Chic Wish.
The Hives-Inducing Knit
Is there anything worse than an itchy sweater? Yes, an itchy sweater that's taking up precious closet space.
Photo: Courtesy of Wet Seal.
The Athleisure Gear From 6 Years Ago
Athleisure trends have changed greatly since the early aughts. And, hopefully, this version won't be coming back around any time soon.
Photo: Courtesy of House of Fraser.
The Floral Jeans
At one point, they felt groundbreaking. Now, not so much.
Photo: Courtesy of Bargain Children's Clothing.
The Party-Favor PJs
Yes, even if the backside was customized with "I danced my booty off at Nicole's Sweet 16." Especially then.
Photo: Courtesy of Ivy Sport.
The College Tee NOT From your Alma Mater
The loophole: You're representing for an S.O., sibling, or your own child.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M.
The Designer Collaboration Piece You HAD To Have, But Never Wore
We completely get the urge to own a piece of history that these short-lived and even shorter stocked collections represent. But, if your hard-to-find Lanvin for H&M, Missoni for Target, or Karl Lagerfeld for Macy's piece isn't really you, pass it along to someone with more storage space.
Photo: Courtesy of Duluth Trading.
The Underwear That's Lost Its Elasticity
Just, no.
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