The Celebrity Makeup Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2019

Our 2019 ambitions have us ready to take on the new year at full speed — and we're not the only thing coming in hot. According to the A-list makeup artists who create red-carpet looks for Lupita Nyong'o, Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), Amandla Stenberg, and more, this year's top makeup trends signal strength, bold creativity, and next-level skin.

For makeup artist Carola Gonzalez, that means an uptick in glitter-heavy eye looks (yes, even after the holidays) and glossy, vivid lip color. Meanwhile, makeup artist Robert Sesnek forecasts a surge in graphic eye looks, and even a move toward intense pastels. In other words, now's not the time for meek makeup.


But don't mistake these statement styles for a pile-on of more-is-more makeup. While eye and lip looks evoke dense color, makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown predicts a return to more natural complexions; think creamy skin and barely-there highlight and contouring. Ahead, get a sneak peek of the looks you can expect to see everywhere as we head into awards season — and beyond.

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The Look: Graphic Eyes & Floating Liner

A smokey eye look will never not be omnipresent on the red carpet, but Sesnek predicts a much edgier liner trend on the horizon, too: The pro says we can expect to see "graphic lined eyes, floating cat-eye triangles, and geometric shapes with eyeliner in colors from turquoise to black." In this look, subtle dual-toned liner shades make the exaggerated shape even more eye-catching, while neutral lips keep the focal point in check.
To create the illusion of a floating wing in this eyeliner look for Lily Collins, makeup artist Fiona Stiles bypassed eye-makeup remover when erasing part of the line. "Some people might use makeup remover to clean up liquid liner, but I find it too wet," Stiles shared on Instagram. "My preferred method is [to use] moisturizer on a teeny-tiny cotton bud to create razor-sharp lines."
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This floating, winged eye look created by makeup artist Kali Kennedy uses negative space and unexpected color to give a classic shape new life. For his part, Sesnek says he reaches for both pencils and cream formulas for the graphic-liner look. "Start by lining your upper lash line, either flicking the liner up or using the liner to follow the crease for a bolder look," he says. "Just have cotton buds on hand to correct mistakes, and for balance. Experiment with different shapes and lines to create something that’s unique and fun.”
The Look: Glossy Lips & Glassy Skin

"I think showing more skin is the next trend," Gonzalez says — and she's not talking about a return to cutout bandage dresses, either. She sees the needle moving more toward less cover-up and "a cleaner, healthier, radiant, rested, and rejuvenated skin [look]." Gonzalez's favorite accessory to pair with fresh, glowy skin? A bold, glossy lip. "Something like Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur Jumbo Longwear Lip Crayon in Rose Shocking, Rouge Corail, or Framboise," she says. "Keep it simple, but fresh."
Photo: Manny Carabel/WireImage.
The high-def glossy lip-and-clean skin combo that makeup artist Gianpaolo Ceciliato created for actress Rebecca Rittenhouse is a perfect example of the glow-meets-gloss look Gonzalez expects to see more of in 2019. As Gonzalez notes, the bright-lip look requires very little companion makeup; she likes to pair it with a little highlighter, bronzer, coral blush, a semi-glossy lid, and mascara, and leave it at that.
Whether you seek an ultra-dewy complexion or a more subtle glow, Gonzalez says there are plenty of options to get you there. "Nowadays you can get foundations that provide full coverage with a natural finish," she says. "The final result depends on the application." She suggests using a dry makeup sponge to achieve a full-coverage yet natural look; a foundation brush and plenty of blending for medium coverage; and using your hands to apply foundation like a moisturizer for sheer coverage. Here, makeup artist Emily Cheng dials up the gloss and glassy finish on Deadpool 2 actress Shioli Kutsuna.
Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
The Look: Intense Pastel Eyes

Pastels: They're not just for Easter eggs anymore. Sesnek says we should expect to see the washed-out hues rendered in a more saturated way in 2019, like this almost rusty pink on Maddie Ziegler. “I think you’ll see intense pastel colors for eyes, as well as intense colors of greens and blues in all shades — either very shaped and precise, or color-blocked,” he says.

To build pastel intensity without veering into clown-makeup territory, Sesnek offers a tip that applies to executing the graphic eye look, too. "Start slowly, keeping most of the color closest to the lash line, and then blend outward to get the desired effect. It’s always easier to build color and liner than having to subtract it," he says. "So if you're doing pastel colors, just add a little and keep building it up until you’ve reached your comfort level."
Makeup artist Allan Avendaño created this pastel color-blocked look, which pairs light violet liner with a saturated pastel-pink on lids. That said, pastel shadows that pack a punch of pigment may not be as easy to find as neutral- and jewel-toned palettes. A few of Sesnek's go-tos? MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline gel eyeliner, and Make Up For Ever Artist Color High Impact Shadow shades."Both lines have a wide range of liner and eyeshadow colors," he says.
Not sure where to start when picking from a spectrum of pastel shades? Sesnek offers a few of his favorite combinations to flatter different skin tones: "I like pastel pinks and tangerines for blue eyes and fair skin; mint green and pastel violet for hazel eyes with medium skin tone; and pastel blue and soft yellow for brown eyes and deeper skin tones, [though] this is also a matter of personal preference." Here, makeup artist Karo Kangas gives model Salem Mitchell a strong wash of pastel blue on the lids, then plays it up one step further with a glossy finish.
Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
The Look: Creamy Skin

Makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown calls this look "creamy skin, expensive skin, no-filter skin." Sounds great — and looks amazing on Logan Browning — but what does that mean exactly? "It’s a return to the original purpose of foundation, to stealthily fake a clearer complexion and smoother texture," she says. "Just like the heavy, artful makeup look of the '80s gave way to the minimalism of the '90s, skin in 2019 will be a return to realism," which also means subtle blush, highlight, and contour to help seal the deal.
To achieve a creamy satin finish that doesn't look too powdery, Reiko Brown suggests applying less foundation to a makeup sponge than you usually would, and trying not to inadvertently "stamp" on heavy foundation. Instead, apply foundation only to the center of the face (or where needed most), then use a fluffy brush to whisk product outward toward the edges of the face to diffuse coverage. "Even if you have to be heavy-handed with application, diffuse the end results with something like Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist to break up the matte, powdery look," she says.
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Nailing the clean, creamy skin look doesn't necessarily mean having to shop for a new foundation, says Reiko Brown, who created this look on actress Letitia Wright. "Even the new matte foundations are a more modern matte and have a little bit of life to them," including Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet Skin Foundation, she says.
The Look: Glitter-Packed Lids

According to Gonzalez, who created this look on Amandla Stenberg, there's no reason to put away the glitter now that the holidays are over. "Glitter is playing a major role in makeup today because of brands like Lemonhead LA that have completely changed the game and made it user-friendly," she says. "I see glitter being layered over eyeshadows and primary-color eyeliners, used as an eyeliner, or on its own all over the eyelid — there are so many options and so much you can do."
Sabrina Carpenter's modern cat eye combines two of our pros' favorite trending looks: graphic shapes and a glittery finish. To get the look, makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan tapped Lemonhead LA Space Paste in Roosevelt.
Not all glitter eye looks need be plucked from a rainbow of brights: Makeup artist Nick Barose shared via Instagram exactly how to bump up a classic smokey eye with this look for Lupita Nyong'o. He started with Proenza Schouler for Lancôme Eye Kajal Pencil in Black Chroma used as a base, then added shimmery gray, black, and pewter shadows from Lancôme Color Design 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Gris Fumee to smudge and smoke out the shape. The topper: pewter-toned Lemonhead LA Space Paste dotted on the center of the lids. "Once it’s on, it lasts all night," he wrote of the glitter gel.
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