Celebs You Should Be Following On Instagram

Instagram's latest statistic says there are more than 400 million people using the social media platform. That's a lot. And, that stat is from September of 2015. Since then, Instagram has given us a #blessed new update that allows users to sync multiple accounts on the app.

Among those nearly half a billion accounts are thousands of celebrity-run pages. Most of them are eager to share silly, glamorous, and behind-the-scenes moments with their followers and fans.

I'm sure you already follow your favorite singers, actresses, and artists, but did you know that some of the more elusive and private celebrities still indulge on the picture platform?

Consider this your crash course in The Most Interesting People On Instagram. They won't disappoint. Get ready to immediately hit "Follow."

Who: Timothée Chalamet
Handle: @tchalamet

What You'll Find: So much pure goodness. As Hollywood's resident heartthrob-softie, Chalamet keeps his Insta action to a minimum, only posting when it counts. That means random selfies like this one, and this one with his two-time co-star Saoirse Ronan, or blurry finstagram-worthy snaps.
Who: Noah Centineo

Handle: @ncentineo

What You'll Find: Outdoor adventures, promo for his Netflix films, and your next crush.
Who: Ashley Judd
Handle: @ashleyjudd

Judd is at the forefront of the #TimesUp movement. Follow her for all the latest updates.
Who: Elizabeth Chambers
Handle: @elizabethchambers

Elizabeth Chambers is married to Armie Hammer, so this feed is full of the Hammer family's domestic life.
Who: Kesha
Handle: @iiswhoiis

What You'll Find: Kesha, basking in her state of rebirth.
Who: Alison Brie
Handle: @officialalibrie

What You'll Find: Alison Brie has a stupendous sense of humor and hangs out with lots of funny people. Her Instagram will remind you of her fantastic role choices.
Who: Danielle Brooks
Handle: @daniebb3

What You'll Find: Brooks interacts with fans, posts insider OITNB content, photoshoots, and the occasional baby photo.
Who: Finn Wolfhard
Handle: @finnwolfhardofficial

What You'll Find: The goofy antics of a very famous actor who also happens to be a 14-year-old boy.
Who: Joe Keery
Handle: @uncle_jezzy

What You'll Find: One word. Hair.
Who: Gabourey Sidibe
Handle: @gabby3shabby

What You'll Find: Sidibe being, as ever, a delight.
Who: Kristen Bell
Handle: @kristenanniebell

Bell is the star of The Good Place, arguably the most inventive sitcom in decades. So, Bell's Instagram is full of behind-the-scenes glimpses of the cast hanging out. Plus, you'll loads of couple photos of Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard.
Who: Luke Evans
Handle: @thereallukeevans

After seeing Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman, you'll likely be converted to the cult of Luke Evans. Evans posts many behind-the-scenes photos from movie sets, and an impressive amount of candid photos with dogs. He's great.
Who: Samira Wiley
Handle: @whododatlikedat

She may not be on OITNB anymore (sad face), but her delightful Instagram presence can still be a part of your life.
Who: Ryan Reynolds
Handle: @vancityreynolds

Reynolds is an actor, sure, but his claim to fame is constituting half of a famous celebrity couple. See him and Blake Lively live their sparkly life together.
Who: Lena Waithe
Handle: @lenawaithe

What You'll Find: This (Emmy award-winning!) writer and actor has a bunch of cool friends and sophisticated interests and fabulous selfies. If you love a unified aesthetic, you will love her feed.
Who: Caitriona Balfe
Handle: @caitrionabalfe

Balfe's Instagram feed is "Outlander Outtake Central." Follow her for Tobias Menzies smiling, for once, and Sam Heughan being generally charming. Balfe's Instagram presence is unsurprisingly delightful.
Who: Rachel Lindsay
Handle: @therachellindsay

What You'll Get: Love it or deeply question it, Rachel Lindsay chose Bryan Abasolo over Peter Kraus at the end of her Bachelorette season. All Bachelor Nation fans can pore over Lindsay's Instagram to find crumbs of her true feelings.
Who: Nicki Minaj
Handle: nickiminaj

What You'll Find: Minaj's fascinating wardrobe, pictured from every possible angle.
Who: Janicza Bravo
Handle: @janicza

What You'll Find: This film director and writer lives a wonderfully artsy life with her husband, comedian and actor Brett Gelman. Bravo's most recent project, Lemon, hit theaters on Friday, August 18. Her Instagram is mixture of eclectic snippets of history, classic style, and hilarious self-awareness.
Who: Skyler Gisondo
Handle: @skylergisondo_og

What You'll Find: On Wet Hot American Summer, Gisondo plays the reigning king of Camp Firewood. His Instagram is exactly what you'd expect from a master of the art of summer camp.
Who: Alexa Chung
Handle: @alexachung

What You'll Find: High fashion worn casually, a delectable taste in pop culture, Cool groups of people doing Cool things
Who: Elisabeth Moss
Handle: @elisabethmossofficial

What You'll Find: Can't wait until The Handmaid's Tale returns? Follow the unofficial Queen of TV's journey on her official Instagram.
Who: Gwyneth Paltrow
Handle: @gwynethpaltrow

What You'll Find: Instructions for a goopier lifestyle than you can probably afford.
Photo: via @dianekrugerperso.
Who: Diane Kruger
Handle: @dianekrugerperso

What You'll Find: Besides gorgeous shots of her gorgeous face? Uh, photos boldly proclaiming her love for Joshua Jackson. That's what.
Who: A$AP Rocky
Handle: asaprocky

A$AP Rocky has an absurdly stylish Instagram. Perhaps the most stylish of all time.
Photo: via @elliegoulding.
Who: Ellie Goulding
Handle: @elliegoulding

What You'll Find: Aside from a lot of selfies like this one, Goulding takes her followers behind the scenes of her glittering life. From concert shots to quirky videos to fitness photos, Goulding's feed will inspire you to get on your feet and make it happen.
Photo: via @bigbaldhead.
Who: Norman Reedus
Handle: @bigbaldhead

What You'll Find: Selfies, zombies, art, and more selfies. It's really one of the best celeb Insta gems out there.
Photo: via @imamysedaris.
Who: Amy Sedaris
Handle: @imamysedaris

What You'll Find: The most unexpected, bizarre mix of images you will ever thumb through.
Photo: via @picturesoftext.
Who: B.J. Novak
Handle: @picturesoftext

What You'll Find: Dad jokes and, well, pictures of text. Duh.
Photo: via @kimletgordon.
Who: Kim Gordon
Handle: @kimletgordon

What You'll Find: Boatloads of girl power and Sonic Youth #tbts. Oh, and Amy Poehler brunches happen...a lot.
Photo: via @_iwanrheon.
Who: Iwan Rheon
Handle: @_iwanrheon

What You'll Find: Rheon, of Misfits and Game of Thrones fame, lets all his talents shine on Instagram. From music and acting to breathtaking landscape photos, this guy kills it on all creative fronts.
Photo: via @johnmayer.
Who: John Mayer
Handle: @johnmayer

What You'll Find: Think what you want about the man's music, but Mayer's humor is incredible and comes out in full force over Instagram.
Photo: via @mandymooremm.
Who: Mandy Moore
Handle: @mandymooremm

What You'll Find: The most incredible #tbts. Seriously, Moore deserves an award for every one she posts.
Photo: via @zoelisterjones.
Who: Zoe Lister-Jones
Handle: @zoelisterjones

What You'll Find: The actress-writer goes on a ton of trips, and captures them all on pretty digital celluloid you'll want to double-tap again and again.
Photo: via @joshgroban.
Who: Josh Groban
Handle: @joshgroban

What You'll Find: The trials and tribulations of a man who doesn't take himself too seriously.
Photo: via @angxlhxze.
Who: Angel Haze
Handle: @angxlhxze

What You'll Find: A stunningly cool palette, rich with life, pastel pops of color, and great wordplay. This feed is the realest.
Who: Viola Davis

Handle: @violadavis

What You'll Find: Inspirational messages, selfies, selfies with famous friends.
Photo: via @gweelos.
Who: Willow Smith
Handle: @gweelos

What You'll Find: Jaden Smith might run Twitter, but Willow's building an aesthetic completely her own. It's fascinating to watch.
Photo: via @katdennings.
Who: Kat Dennings
Handle: @katdenningsss

What You'll Find: Things like this. Need we say more?
Photo: via @carrie_rachel.
Who: Carrie Brownstein
Handle: @carrie_rachel

What You'll Find: Girl power. Brownstein's feed is all about it.
Who: Mindy Kaling

Handle: @mindykaling

What You'll Find: Proof of Mindy's stellar social life, travels, and sense of humor. Her insta is as lovable as she is.
Photo via @billnye.
Who: Bill Nye
Handle: @billnye

What You'll Find: Hilarious selfies, like this one with DJ Khaled and another with President Obama, because science is fun!
Photo via @twhiddleston.
Who: Tom Hiddleston
Handle: twhiddleston

What You'll Find: Well, there isn't too much content since he just created his account in August, but we think he's got some good selfies up his sleeve. And maybe even some pictures with his girlfriend, Taylor Swift?
Who: Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City
Handle: broadcity

What You'll Find: As the official Instagram for duo behind the hilarious Comedy Central series, Broad City, expect to find hilarious memes and epic pictures of the two hanging out.
Who: Nina Dobrev
Handle: @ninadobrev

What You'll Find: Good-bye messages from the set of Vampire Diaries and fun pictures from her La La Land-themed birthday party.
Photo: via @rashidajones.
Who: Rashida Jones
Handle: @rashidajones

What You'll Find: Moody selfies, and conversation-starting political posts.
Photo: via @zendaya.
Who: Zendaya
Handle: @zendaya

What You'll Find: Inspirational messages for her followers and previews of the content found on her app called Zendaya.
Photo: via @bravoandy.
Who: Andy Cohen
Handle: @bravoandy

What You'll Find: Goofy pictures with famous guests from his show, epic TBTs, and a little bit of shameless self-promo.
Photo: via @ashtondsanders.
Who: Ashton Sanders
Handle: @ashtondsanders

What You'll Find: The most epic outfits ever and other entertaining selfies from the rising star of Moonlight.
Photo: via @busyphillips.
Who: Busy Phillips
Handle: @busyphillips

What You'll Find: Pictures of her family, her friends, and some epic throwback moments.
Photo: via @HughJackman.
Who: Hugh Jackman
Handle: @HughJackman

What You'll Find: Food, family, and thoughtful messages.
Photo: via @xtina.
Who: Christina Aguilera
Handle: @xtina

What You'll Find: Glamour shots from the set of The Voice, pictures from her themed parties, and a glimpse into her private life as a mother and fiancée.
Who: Scott Disick
Handle: @letthelordbewithyou

What You'll Find: Pictures of his "crew" which includes Mason, Penelope, Reign, and of course, Kourtney Kardashian. He also notoriously promotes a slew of random products.
Who: Paris Hilton
Handle: @parishilton

What You'll Find: Pictures of the heiress' adorable pups, late nights, and glamorous photo shoots.
Photo: via @jessicasimpson.
Who: Jessica Simpson
Handle: @jessicasimpson

What You'll Find: Pictures of her look-alike daughter and growing family, along with some funny memes. (Any Newlyweds fans will remember this iconic line.)
Photo: via @laflare1017.
Who: Gucci Mane
Handle: @laflare1017

What You'll Find: The Atlanta rapper has impeccable style, and documents all his looks (and his cars).
Photo: via @krisjenner.
Who: Kris Jenner
Handle: @krisjenner

What You'll Find: The momager's Instagram is the ultimate destination for the Kardashian-obsessed now that both Kim and Kendall have cut back on their prominent social media activity.
Photo via: @mstinalawson.
Who: Tina Lawson
Handle: @mstinalawson

What You'll Find: Ms. Tina Lawson has a really great feed full of special moments with her two talented daughters, Beyoncé and Solange. She's probably the proudest mom, ever.
Photo: via @jessicabiel.
Who: Jessica Biel
Handle: @jessicabiel

What You'll Find: Jessica Biel is an actress, a mom, a wife (of Justin Timberlake), and a troll. The woman has it all! Her Instagram feed is full of mom moments and hilarious outtakes from her day-to-day life.
Photo via: @mariahcarey.
Who: Mariah Carey
Handle: @mariahcarey

What You'll Find: Mariah Carey is a pop culture icon. Her personal Instagram page reflects just that.
Photo via @hilaryduff.
Who: Hilary Duff
Handle: @hilaryduff

What You'll Find: Adorable mommy moments featuring her two loves: her son, Lucas, and her dog, Peach.
Photo via: @emmaroberts.
Who: Emma Roberts
Handle: @emmaroberts

What You'll Find: For Scream Queens fans, Roberts is a must-follow for killer behind-the-scenes photos. And (like a true millennial) she loves reposting Snapchat screenshots.
Photo via: @kirstendunst.
Who: Kirsten Dunst
Handle: @kirstendunst

What You'll Find: Throwback pics from her early career (remember Jumanji?!), witty captions, and pictures of her cat.
Photo via: @chancetherapper.
Who: Chance The Rapper
Handle: @chancetherapper

What You'll Find: Chancellor Jonathan Bennett, better known by his stage name Chance The Rapper, has some solid Instagram game. He frequently posts pictures with his famous mentors and friends like Kanye West and Taylor Swift, and even indulges in the occasional mirror selfie.
Photo via: @kanyewest.
Who: Kanye West
Handle: @kanyewest

What You'll Find: He just created his account earlier this week so there's only one photograph and it's pretty random. Maybe it's a teaser for a new music video project? Now we need him to get Snapchat next.
Photo via @shaq.
Who: Shaquille O'Neal
Handle: @shaq

What You'll Find: Shaq, or Dr. Shaq as he calls himself on Instagram, is hilarious on social media. Just watch his #remixchallenge to Kanye West's "Fade" music video. It's iconic. And of course there's a healthy dose of basketball nostalgia.
Photo via @teyanataylor.
Who: Teyana Taylor
Handle: @teyanataylor

What You'll Find: Pictures of her adorable daughter with Iman Shumpert, her famous friends, and her "Fade" video.
Photo: Via @christiangrey.
Who: Jaden Smith
Handle: christiangrey

What You'll Find: A mood board of the inner workings of the actor, artist, and thinker, Jaden Smith.
Photo: Via @champangepapi.
Who: Aubrey Drake Graham, a.k.a Drake
Handle: champangepapi

What You'll Find: Action shots of the rapper on stage as well as behind-the-scenes pictures of him with his October's Very Own (OVO) crew. Also of note: His father, Dennis Graham, has an equally epic Instagram presence.
Photo via @beyonce.
Who: Beyoncé
Handle: beyonce

What You'll Find: Personal photos from family vacations or behind-the-scenes from her tour. It's the only inside look at Bey's life that we get and it's wonderful.
Photo via @britneyspears.
Who: Britney Spears
Handle: @britneyspears

What You'll Find: Pictures of things that put a smile on Spears' face. This can range from her children to inspirational quotes to paninis.
Photo via @saintrecords.
Who: Solange
Handle: @saintrecords

What You'll Find: Beautiful snaps of clothing sold on Saint Heron, as well as some adorable pictures of her niece, Blue Ivy.
Photo via @taylorswift.
Who: Taylor Swift
Handle: @taylorswift

What You'll Find: The biggest drama of 2016. And really cute Fourth of July pics.
Photo: via @chrissyteigen.
Who: Chrissy Teigen
Handle: @chrissyteigen

What You'll Find: Teigen's three main loves — her daughter Luna, her husband John Legend, and every type of food.
Photo: via @ludacris.
Who: Ludacris
Handle: @ludacris

What You'll Find: Hilarious videos, memes, and other goofy moments from the rapper, actor, dad, and low-key comedian. He also loves his personal hashtag — #nowthatsludicrous.
Photo: via @anselelgort.
Who: Ansel Elgort
Handle: @anselelgort

What You'll Find: Vacation photos, silly singing videos, and an even goofier new app that's just all selfies of Ansel. Funny kid.
Photo: via @mischamazing.
Who: Mischa Barton
Handle: @mischamazing

What You'll Find: Epic #TBTs from her youthful acting days, and current snaps of her life and her cute pup, Ziggy Stardust.
Photo: via @sofiavergara.
Who: Sofia Vergara
Handle: @sofiavergara

What You'll Find: Her husband, Joe Manganiello. And delicious food. What more do you need?
Photo: via @lindsaylohan.
Who: Lindsay Lohan
Handle: @lindsaylohan

What You'll Find: Snippets of Lohan's day-to-day life, which is anything but boring.
Photo: via @annehathaway.
Who: Anne Hathaway
Handle: @annehathaway

What You'll Find: Inspirational messages, celeb photobombs (like the one pictured on a yacht with Valentino), and amazing #TBT posts to those early Princess Mia days.
Photo: via @iamnaomicampbell.
Who: Naomi Campbell
Handle: @iamnaomicampbell

What You'll Find: Amazing supermodel throwbacks, fierce fashion spreads, and the most iconic RBF that ever was.
Photo: via @bellahadid.
Who: Bella Hadid
Handle: @bellahadid

What You'll Find: Glamour shots from editorial shoots, as well as cheeky candid pictures from California hangouts with her equally cool friends and famous family.
Photo: via @lenadunham.
Who: Lena Dunham
Handle: @lenadunham

What You'll Find: Exactly what you would expect from the quirky and always unfiltered Dunham. That would include pictures of her in crazy costumes, Tumblr-esque #TBTs, and inspirational messages.
Photo: via @emilia_clarke.
Who: Emilia Clarke
Handle: @emilia_clarke

What You'll Find: Glamour shots with goofy captions, selfies with other celebs, but unfortunately no Game of Thrones spoilers...yet.
Photo: via @chelsealeyland.
Who: Chelsea Leyland
Handle: @chelsealeyland

What You'll Find: This Brit DJ always seems to be having the time of her life. From international escapades to stylish videos, her feed delivers both outfit and travel inspiration.
Photo: via @azizansari.
Who: Aziz Ansari
Handle: @azizansari

What You'll Find: Who knew that Aziz had an artsy side? His feed is full of impressive scenic photographs, complemented by some equally impressive captions.
Photo: via @chloessevigny.
Who: Chloë Sevigny
Handle: @chloessevigny

What You'll Find: An page full of artistic shots, edgy snaps, and cool adventures.
Photo: via @gisele.
Who: Gisele Bundchen
Handle: @gisele

What You'll Find: Glamour shots from her campaigns, behind-the-scenes photos from Chanel photo shoots, and tons of adorable shots of her perfect children, Ben and Vivian.
Photo: via @amyschumer
Who: Amy Schumer
Handle: @amyschumer

What You'll Find: Hilarious selfies, backstage moments from Inside Amy Schumer, and some other questionable content.
Photo: via @blakelively.
Who: Blake Lively
Handle: @blakelively

What You'll Find: A plethora of #relationshipgoals photos with Ryan Reynolds, as well as some killer outfits. Lively also likes to share pictures of delicious food, like an extra-cheesy pepperoni pizza. She gets it.
Photo: via @mingey.
Who: Amanda Seyfried
Handle: @mingey

What You'll Find: Dog pictures. Lots and lots of photos of Seyfried's dog.
Photo: via @rosariodawson.
Who: Rosario Dawson
Handle: @rosariodawson

What You'll Find: Dawson dabbles in a bit of Insta-activism, some Internet memes, and video. All in all, she seems like a she'd be fun to hang out with.
Photo: via @behatiprinsloo.
Who: Behati Prinsloo
Handle: @behatiprinsloo

What You'll Find: Aside from gorgeous shots from her modeling career, Prinsloo uploads a slew of candids featuring her husband Adam Levine. And, if there's anything great in this world, it's celebrity marriage candids.
Photo: via @maisie_williams.
Who: Maisie Williams
Handle: @maisie_williams

What You'll Find: The wonderful musings of a 17-year-old star — like passing a driver's test.
Photo: via @rachelantonoff.
Who: Rachel Antonoff
Handle: @rachelantonoff

What You'll Find: A behind-the-scenes look into the well-curated life of one of fashion's funnest designers. Plus, Lena Dunham pops up once in a while.
Photo: via @st_vincent.
Who: Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent
Handle: @st_vincent

What You'll Find: Annie Clark is as close to perfection as one human can get. Her mind buzzes at a different frequency, and getting a peek at what she sees is nothing short of thrilling.
Photo: via @shaym.
Who: Shay Mitchell
Handle: @shaym

What You'll Find: The Pretty Little Liar star's Instagram feed is a virtual vacation. You can travel the world in a day just by thumbing through.
Photo: via @fkatwigs.
Who: FKA twigs
Handle: @fkatwigs

What You'll Find: twigs herself is a walking piece of art, and getting a glimpse at how her brain works through Instagram is a treat.
Photo: via @anna.faris.
Who: Anna Faris
Handle: @anna.faris

What You'll Find: Faris is the type of gal who takes photos with her friend group doing literally whatever, and we are so thankful for that.
Photo: via @serenawilliams.
Who: Serena Williams
Handle: @serenawilliams

What You'll Find: Confidence. Pure, unadulterated confidence.
Photo: via @iamlenaheadey.
Who: Lena Headey
Handle: @iamlenaheadey

What You'll Find: Don't let her Game of Thrones character fool you; Headey is a goofball and isn't afraid to show it on Instagram.
Photo: via @theladydockers.
Who: Michelle Dockery
Handle: @theladydockers

What You'll Find: What, you thought Lady Mary remained in costume all the time? Puhlease! Michelle Dockery's living the good life and sharing it (and her dog), one Insta at a time.
Photo: via @michaelbjordan.
Who: Michael B. Jordan
Handle: @michaelbjordan

What You'll Find: Jordan's feed is like one big family album: unpredictably heartwarming.
Who: Sarah Jessica Parker
Handle: @sarahjessicaparker

What You'll Find: Sure, the life of Carrie Bradshaw is meant to be fiction, but SJP's Insta-adventures come pretty darn close to her HBO moniker. Though, there's less sex here because, well, Instagram has rules.
Photo: via @karliekloss.
Who: Karlie Kloss
Handle: @karliekloss

What You'll Find: Kloss' star has been rising faster than most. Fame, however, has not gone to her head. Her Instagram spans the gamut of gorgeous fashion shoots and quirky friend vacation snaps to inspirational messages about living your fullest life. It's honest and, despite the filtered images, completely unfiltered in content.
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