13 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Iconic Blondes

Remember that time you DIY bleached your hair into oblivion after you convinced yourself you could totally pull off Gwen Stefani's platinum ponytail circa No Doubt's peak hype? Your mom still talks about what a mess that was at every family dinner. Luckily, if you've still got a hankering to be a blonde, you have an opportunity to make it happen (for one night) every time Halloween rolls around.

This year, all you need is a wig from Amazon or your local beauty supply store to tackle really any iconic blonde costume without the trauma of growing out your over-processed hair. As a blonde (natural or otherwise), there are more than a few different costumes you can pull off. You could take on Carrie Bradshaw's corkscrew curls from SATC, or go way back to the 1950s and dress as blonde music icon Etta James.


Ahead, 13 costumes perfect for living out your blonde ambitions.

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Gwen Stefani

The best blonde costume inspiration also happens to be this week's top-trending celeb: Gwen Stefani. Pay homage to the newly-engaged singer/songwriter by throwing it back to the early '90s when Stefani rocked razor-thin brows and a bikini top on the red carpet — and. of course, her signature platinum-blonde high ponytail.
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Carrie Bradshaw

Got bouncy curls? How about three costume-less friends? If both answers are "yes," you could go as the SATC gang, with you playing the lead role of SJP.
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Etta James

Channel the 1950s gospel star with a white-blonde wig, a microphone, and an understanding audience (because your rendition of "At Last" won't hold a candle to the original).
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Taylor Swift

In 2020, Taylor Swift was reborn, which makes her a very apt costume choice this year. The new Taylor has a fresh confidence, wearing a bright tuxedo jacket, red lipstick, and a blunt blonde lob with bangs. You can also add a bit of pastel hair color (in blue or pink) if you're looking to recreate her "Me!" music video hairstyle.
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Mary J. Blige

If you're dressing as Mary J. Blige, the real question is, what era? She's worn asymmetrical bobs and long curls, but she's almost always kept the same bright-blonde color.
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Veronica Mars

If you're already blonde, Veronica Mars is a pretty easy costume. Plus, if you're going all-in on authenticity, we know Kristen Bell's makeup routine, so you can tap into her real-life secrets.
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Dressing as Beyoncé takes gumption — she's the queen, after all — but if you're up for it, there are plenty of blonde Bey options. You can do a throwback asymmetrical bob, box braids, or her 2019 look: long honey-blonde curls.
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Hailey Bieber

If you're a Belieber, you've probably considered the Hailey Baldwin Justin Bieber couple costume for Halloween. If you're going through with it, grab some styling gel or a goopy pomade and slick your blonde bob back like a model.
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Britney Spears

Name a more recognizable blonde than early 2000s Britney circa "Oops!... I Did It Again." This costume will give you the perfect excuse to dig up your belly-button ring and scrunchies from high school.
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Nicki Minaj

Nicki wears a wig, which means to get her look all you need is a quality hairpiece. We're partial to the platinum, but the opportunities are endless as she's gone green, rainbow, and even hot pink.
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There's no way to mention blonde Halloween costumes without Twiggy. Grab your mascara and coat those bottom lashes (or find a strip of falsies), and rock that blonde pixie like you're dancing through the disco era.
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If you go as Solange, emulate her classic 2017 hairstyle: long platinum braids and twists accented with beads. You'll want to keep the look well past October 31.
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Kim Kardashian West

With a long platinum wig, you could also play a very convincing Kim Kardashian. And if the black latex dress is not going to happen, you could just wear sweats and go as a Yeezy clone.
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