7 Halloween Costumes Inspired By ’50s Beauty Icons

Anyone who loves Halloween knows that deciding who you'll dress as is the easy part, but executing the look you picture in your head is another story. Take Marilyn Monroe, for example. It seems easy, but even if you have an exact replica of her iconic white dress, there are still so many subtle details that go into making the look believable. You'll need red lipstick and matching nail polish — plus a flick of liquid liner — but the piéce de résistance is the perfectly-coiffed platinum hairdo.
The female icons of the '50s were glamorous, which means the decade makes for a great jumping-off point if you want a costume with a flashy, elegant feeling. Ahead, we've rounded up some of the greats, like Audrey Hepburn and Josephine Baker, to serve as inspiration for a major Halloween beauty moment. Whether you decide to use old-school hot rollers, a wig, or any other tool or product, you'll find the spark to get you started, ahead.

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