10 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Iconic Blondes

Photo: Getty Images.
Remember that time you DIY bleached your hair into oblivion after you convinced yourself you could totally pull off Carrie Bradshaw's babylights circa Sex and the City's peak hype? Your mom still talks about what a mess that was at every family dinner. Luckily, if you've still got a hankering to go platinum, you have an opportunity to go blonde (for a night) every time Halloween rolls around.
All you need is a wig from your local beauty supply store, or the ever-faithful Amazon, to tackle really any iconic blonde costume without the trauma of growing out your over-processed hair. And if your hair has been blonde and Britney Spears-esque since birth, you're going to save a ton of money on your "Toxic" flight attendant costume this year.
As a blonde (natural or otherwise), there are more than a few different costumes you can pull off. You could take on Carrie Bradshaw's corkscrew curls from SATC, or go way back to the 1950s and dress as blonde music icon Etta James.
Ahead, 10 costumes perfect for living out your blonde ambitions.