The Brand-New Podcasts Of 2019 We Can't Wait To Listen To

Hear us out: Podcasts are the new TV shows. I spend more time talking to my friends about the podcasts we're listening to – most recently, The Dropout podcast about Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes and Wondery's absolutely gripping podcast Over My Dead Body — than the TV shows we're watching. Some of the most cutting-edge true crime reporting has migrated to podcasts, where stories are unspooled in episodes that end in cliffhangers.

Of course, there's also the fact that podcasts are more and more often turned into TV shows. This year alone, we saw Homecoming and Dirty John adapted into critically acclaimed dramas. Which will be next?


We've gathered the most exciting recent podcasts (some of which premiered in late 2018). There's something for everyone. Here are the new conversation-starter podcasts of 2019.

Mob Queens (Stitcher), Premiered August 18

You've heard of Don Corleone and Tony Soprano. But how about Anna Genovese? Genovese is a mob wife with a hand in the "family business" as well. Mob Queens puts Genovese back into the story.

Noble Blood (iHeart Media), Premiered July 2

Think the royal family is dramatic in 2019? Think again. Noble Blood, hosted by the pithy and ever-curious Dana Schwartz, is a rock-n-roll version of history class. Meet history's wildest royals.

Go Off, Sis (Refinery29)
Premiered August 1

Join the women behind Refinery29's Unbothered vertical as they confront — with characteristic humor and honesty — the truths about being a Black women in America. In each episode, Danielle Cadet is joined by colleagues Laurise McMillian, Channing Hargrove, and Raven Baker, as well as celebrity guests. First stop? An episode parsing Hot Girl Summer.

The Moment (Wondery)
Premiered July 1

Do you love love stories? This new series from Wondery, the same studio behind gripping shows like Dirty John and Doctor Death, is all about real couples' paths to getting together.

The Queen (Slate)
Premieres May 13

They called her the "welfare queen." In 1976, Linda Taylor became notorious for abusing the welfare system. Ronald Reagan referenced her throughout his presidential campaign as an example of the underlying "rot" of the system. The public narrative around the Chicago welfare queen has persisted, but the more complicated truth of who Taylor was (and what she was capable of doing) remained untold until now. The Queen is a companion podcast to Levin's book of the same name. You'll want to read the book after listening to the podcast.

The Chernobyl Podcast (HBO)
Premieres May 6

Every detail in the HBO mini-series Chernobyl is there deliberately. Altogether, it amounts to a stunningly accurate portrait of the USSR during the meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. This five-part podcast, hosted by NPR's Peter Segal and show creator, Craig Mazin, illuminates all the details you may not have picked up on.

The Motherhood Sessions (Gimlet)
Premieres April 11

Ever wonder what motherhood is like for other people? Or what it's like in general? In this fascinating podcast, Dr. Alexandra Sacks, a renowned psychiatrist, records her candid conversations with mothers. Expect real honesty about this rite of passage, and expect it to come quickly.

Awkward Sex and the City (More Banana)
Premiered June 28, 2018

Sex can be great. It can also be quite weird. This hilarious podcast opens portals into the sex lives of others. Host Natalie Wall sits down with real New Yorkers to discuss their most awkward sex, dating, or relationship story. The voyeur within will delight.

#TellBlackStories (Color of Change)
Premieres February 19

This exciting new podcast from Color of Change is devoted to telling Black stories. The line-up is unparalleled: The podcast's six first episodes feature episodes with visionaries like director Ava DuVernay and producer dream hampton, who spearheaded the recent Lifetime documentaries exposing R. Kelly.

Money Diaries (Refinery29)
Premieres February 4

Refinery29's very own podcast is like your favorite Money Diaries, come to life. In each episode, hosts Lindsey Stanberry and Paco de Leon chat with a money diarist about the dilemmas she had previously written about.

Proof (America's Test Kitchen)
Premiered October 31

At last: A podcast for food nerds. Host Bridget Lancaster delves into food trends and obsessions — like, why are grain bowls suddenly so popular? Who invented the deep fried Oreo? Why do we crave chocolate when we have our periods? It's a science and sociology-focused podcast about what we eat, and why.

10 Things That Scare Me (WNYC Studios)
Premiered November 20

Guests on 10 Things That Scare Me, ranging from authors like John Green to guitarist John Morello, are asked to list the 10 things that scare them the most. What ensues is an intimate and unconventional look at public figures and luminaries than Q&As. From a simple premise comes so much.

Cold (KSL Podcasts)
Premiered November 14

A warning: This story doesn't end well. In 2009, 28-year-old Susan Powell went missing. To this day, her body hasn't been found. Though her husband, Josh, was a suspect, he wasn't ultimately charged. What comes next is truly shocking.

F**ks Given with Come Curious (Studio 71 UK)
Premiered December 13

This no-holds-barred podcast is definitely NSFW – but who listens to podcasts at work, anyway? Listen to this podcast for answers to all the sex questions you didn't even think to ask.

Murderville (The Intercept)
Premiered December 20

Something is amiss in this small Georgia town. After a terrible murder, local law enforcement lock up a suspect. But the murderer strikes again, and again, and again. Four dead bodies — and the wrong suspect locked up. What happens next? Intercept Journalists Jordan Smith and Liliana Segura examine what happens in the town of Adel, GA when it comes under siege by a killer.

The Hurricane Tapes (BBC World Service)
Premiered January 14

"The trial was a pig-circus / he never had a chance," Bob Dylan sings in his 1975 song "Hurricane." The song was inspired by the same miscarriage of justice unraveled in the new podcast, The Hurricane Tapes. Middleweight boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was tried and convicted of a triple homicide he didn't commit. True crime podcasts are now heading back to the history books, and the results are gripping.

Over My Dead Body (Wondery)
Premiered January 15

Over My Dead Body will fill the Dirty John-sized hole in your listening schedule. The first season of this brand-new podcast, titled "Tally," tells the story of an unraveling marriage between two lawyers. Wendi Adelson and Dan Markel appeared to have the perfect marriage. But their ugly divorce proceedings show everything that was bubbling under the surface. Our advice? Listen before coming across any spoilers.

How to Burn a Million Quid (BBC Radio 4)
Premiered January 15

It's easier than you think. The six-episode comedy-drama tells the true story of how the K Foundation literally incinerated a million pounds in an abandoned boathouse in 1994. The whole story was written up in GQ.

The Dropout (ABC News)
Premiered January 15

As a 19-year-old Stanford student, she founded a biomedical company called Theranos that aimed to invent a device that could perform 100 blood tests with a single prick of blood. She was hailed as a hero. The only issue? Theranos was entirely based on lies. The Dropout delves into Holmes' long, convincing con.

David Tennant Does A Podcast With... (Somethin' Else & No Mystery)
Premiered January 18

Calling all Whovians: David Tennant has a podcast in which he interviews his actor friends, like Jodie Whittaker, Whoopi Goldberg, and Olivia Colman. Unsurprisingly, it's a freewheeling ball, and a great addition to the conversation podcast genre.
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