8 Meditation Apps To Consider For When You Just Need A Moment

Here's the thing with meditation: As much as you may think to yourself, "Am I doing this correctly?" the truth is, there's no wrong way to do it. (Take it from a chronic over-thinker.) That said, if downloading a meditation app will help you get started (or if push notifications will encourage you to keep up the habit), then by all means, go for it. Plus, with countless options available on the App Store, you're bound to find the one best tailored to your mental health goals. Whatever you're looking to focus on – getting better sleep, soothing anxious thoughts, easing burnout — chances are, taking some mindful minutes out of your day can help with all of it.

Now, the thing with meditation apps is that while most are free to download, you'll only get limited accessibility without paying for a subscription. While many aren't exactly cheap (a year of Calm and Headspace are both priced at $69.99), but if you're able to afford it, consider it money well spent towards investing in your mental health — especially during times of crisis. And if you're not able to spend the cash at this time, we say get the freebie trial, make sure you unsubscribe when it's done, and then carry on with your new learnings (shhh, we won't tell). Ahead, you'll find seven mindful apps (plus one website) worth downloading on your phone.


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After having tried several meditation apps, Calm is the one to earn first-page status on my phone. In addition to offering everything from sound baths, guided walks, and daily free meditations, the app also lets you customize the ambient noises and audio levels so it's exactly to your liking.

Download Calm
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No matter what stage of motherhood you're in — trying, anxiously expecting, or new parenthood — Expectful's beautifully-designed app offers meditation practices specifically tailored to the pregnancy experience.

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Liberate offers guided meditations to empower the Black, Indigenous, and POC community, and provides a platform for users to discuss timely topics such as BLM protests in a safe space.

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In addition to offering short meditations and daily mental health check-ins, My.Life (by Stop, Breathe, and Think) also has a built-in chat bot to share meditation video clips and comics for an all-around approach to mindfulness.

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Photo: Credit Of Black Zen.

Black Zen

Purchase a personalized guided meditation session with a real-life facilitator (group sessions are also available) for a flat fee with this community-based meditation service.

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If Siri was hardcore about meditation, then that's exactly what Aura is. After listing your meditation goals, the virtual assistant customizes the app with practices tailored to your needs.

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Simple Habit

This as-seen-on Shark Tank app was created by Yunha Kim, a former investment banker who experienced first-hand how "extreme stress" at work can affect mental health. Enter, the app's five-minute meditations, which allow an accessible, anyone-can-do-it approach to beginning your meditation journey.

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Headspace has become one of the most popular meditation apps ever, thanks to its bright, feel-happy visuals and timely meditations on how to infuse mindfulness every day. (If you have become unemployed as a result of COVID-19 pandemic, you can be eligible for a free year of Headspace Pro.)

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