Refresh Your Space With These Top-Rated Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have quickly become one of the top-purchased home items over the past few years. And for good reason: according to The Home Air Quality Guides, these devices are designed to keep pollutants and allergens out of our lungs by removing them from the air through varying types of filtration systems (HEPA, carbon, ionic, or ultraviolet). Along with specialty sunscreens that double as beauty staples and fancy water-filter devices, air purifiers can also match function with fashion — making them the ideal dual-purpose home purchase. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, HEPA air purifiers in particular have been cited by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as an effective way of augmenting air quality in small, shared spaces.

If clean homes are happy homes, then a stylish air purifier can turn any living space into a blissful oasis. Because the quality-enhancing gadget won't only rid your rooms of airborne toxins, it will also look damn good while getting that job done. Each of the purifiers we popped into our curated product list doubles seamlessly as a chic decor piece, no matter your home's size or style.


Ahead, everything from smooth portable options for freshening up WFH desks to sleek models with colorful filter sleeves for brightening up bedrooms and large modern designs that make subtle living-room statements.

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Coway Airmega Air Purifier

Designed specifically for middle-sized living spaces, this crisp-white purifier with an advanced multi-stage filtration system and pollution sensor is the ideal accent to tuck beside a couch or chair.
Coway Airmega 200M Air Purifier with True HEPA and Smart Mode, $249.00 Buy

Crane True HEPA Air Purifier with UVC Light

Keep your house feeling — and smelling — fresh with the Crane True HEPA Air Purifier. It removes airborne allergens and helps neutralize odors from food, pets, and garbage in rooms up to 300 square feet.
Crane True HEPA Air Purifier with UVC Light, $129.99 Buy

Homedics TotalClean 4-in-1 Air Purifier

This stylish option features a HEPA-type filtration system to help you and your family enjoy cleaner air
while removing up to 99% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns. The device also captures and removes pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, mold spores, and germs for less irritation for all that extra time you're spending indoors these days.
HoMedics TotalClean 4-in-1 Air Purifier, $99.99 Buy

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool HP04 Purifying Heater + Fan

We pretty much love all things Dyson, and the covetable brand's air filtration options are no exception. Simultaneously purify and heat your whole room with the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool purifying heater/fan which automatically senses pollution, captures teeny tiny pollutants, and projects purified and heated air back into your space.
Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ HP04 Purifying Heater + Fan, $649.99 Buy

Winix Plasma Wave 5500-2 True HEPA Air Purifier

This unit is best used for medium-to-large living spaces, kitchens or bedrooms and is designed to capture dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, mold spores, volatile organic compounds, and household odors.
Winix Plasma Wave 5500-2 True HEPA Air Purifier, $249.99 $159.90 Buy

Molekule Air

Call this purifier the airborne toxin terminator — its sharp structure is easy on the eyes and its revolutionary nanotechnology epically, "destroys pollutants at the molecular level."
Molekule Large Room Air Purifier, $799.00 $699.00 Buy

Levoit Bedroom and Home Office Air Purifier

Is this air purifier...cute? Well, it's certainly not imposing which is why it makes a great addition to your home office or bedroom or bedroom-home-office. Over 700 Amazon reviewers gave this denim-dressed super air cleaner a 5-star review.
Levoit Air Purifier HEPA Filter, $59.99 Buy

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier

This compact purifier has 4.7 out of 5 stars and 113 reviews on Bed Bath & Beyond. It boasts a high filtration capacity, and features a 360-degree intake that removes viruses, mold, and more from your air. Touted as, "simple" and "user-friendly," this slim, one-button control purifier toggles through three fan speeds and comes complete with a colorful array of washable pre-filters (from black to pink and blue). And best of all, its filters last, and they don't cost an arm and leg to replace!
Blueair Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Purifier, $119.99 Buy

Lasko Desktop HEPA-Type Air Purifier

This slim, compact purifier sits perfectly on your table or desktop while its durable three-speed motor allows for you to adjust the setting just how you like it.
Lasko Desktop HEPA-Type Air Purifier, $49.99 Buy

Guardian Technologies HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Streamlined for tighter living spaces with an incognito all-white design, this HEPA-filter device is engineered to reduce up to 99.97% of harmful toxins in the air while also neutralizing odor.
GermGuardian HEPA Filter Air Purifier, $199.99 $153.99 Buy

The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier

Jar of luxurious beauty cream or tiny countertop air purifier? Try popping this smooth and chic purifier on your desk or in your bathroom for enhanced air and elevated vibes.
The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier, $99.00 Buy

Queenty Desktop Air Cleaner

This Lightning Deal purifier boasts a strong HEPA filter, sleek portable design, and compartment for adding drops of your favorite essential oils to enhance your air even further.
QUEENTY Portable Air Purifier With True HEPA Filter, $42.98 $32.98 Buy

Bissell air320 Smart Purifier

This smart purifier comes equipped with a high-efficiency carbon filtration system that quietly cleans the air in larger rooms and spaces — plus, it has a retro could-be-a-speaker kind of vibe to it.
Bissell air320 Smart Purifier, Large Room, $329.99 $279.00 Buy

Germ Guardian Air Purifier

This pink purifier actually packs triple-purpose power with a built-in ceiling night-light projector — chicly freshen your bedroom air while setting a star, safari, or under-the-sea mood at the same damn time.
Germ Guardian 4-in-1 Night-Night HEPA Air Purifier System, $69.98 Buy

Molekule Air Mini

A more compact version of the stealth brand's larger purifier — this mini is ideal for spaces up to 250 sq. ft. and utilizes PECO technology to eliminate airborne pollutants in the most efficient and whisper-quiet manner.
Molekule Air Mini, $399.00 Buy
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