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This Is How Every Dude Left On The Bachelorette

Clare Crawley's Bachelorette season may have been delayed by several months, but it arrived with dozens of contestants attempting to win her heart. Eight of them failed to do so and got sent home at the premiere night rose ceremony. But all of the Bachelorette contestants who were left had a tough time competing with first impression rose winner Dale Moss. He and Clare hit it off immediately — as you may recall, Clare immediately proclaimed that she'd just met her husband. Eventually, she left with Dale, and Tayshia Adams replaced her. Despite all the tumult, the eliminations kept coming and, the other Bachelorette contestants that tried their hardest to stay in the game.

We quickly found that Clare and Tayshia did not have exactly the same type, so men who may have seen smooth sailing with Clare one week were in jeopardy with Tayshia the next. It's like getting two seasons of The Bachelorette in one — with double the drama. We updated this list all season as each the 31 original men went home. Here's how it shook out.


This story will be updated throughout the 2020 season of The Bachelorette.

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Zac C.

The 36-year-old addiction specialist told Clare that he believes everything happens for a reason. He's probably pretty sure the whole double Bachelorette thing was worth it to get to meet Tayshia, because he was the last man standing.
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Ben — Eliminated

The 29-year-old Army veteran was first out of the limos during the premiere, and stuck around for a while. After opening up to Tayshia, he got a rose that sent him through to hometowns. But after he didn't say out loud that he loved Tayshia, she sent him home. In the penultimate episode, however, he came back to ask for another chance. After letting him stay for a while, Tayshia eventually realized she wanted to end up with Zac.
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Ivan — Eliminated

The 28-year-old has a fancy, smart job (aeronautical engineer), and he and Tayshia are really heating up. Naturally, he made it through to hometowns, but he never managed to tell Tayshia he loved her. Later, she sent him home, citing religious differences, leaving many fans scratching their heads.
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Brendan — Left

The 30-year-old commercial roofer
didn't make much of an impression on viewers during the premiere. But he made enough of an impression on Clare to stick around, but now that Tayshia is in charge, he was the frontrunner. Unfortunately, in the penultimate episode, Brendan confessed that he didn't feel far enough along in his relationship with Tayshia to get engaged.
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Noah — Eliminated

Noah is a nurse, and his very presence at the start of Tayshia's time on The Bachelorette was a point of contention among Clare's remaining men. And the fact that he lasted so long only furthered the issue. Eventually though, he was sent home just before hometowns.
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Blake Moynes — Eliminated

Canadian Blake left a good impression on Clare before the season even started, when he reached out on Instagram to check on her during quarantine. On premiere night, Clare told him that he broke the "rules," but she appreciated the gesture nonetheless. Tayshia also seemed to appreciate his forwardness, but sent him home when she didn't feel a connection.
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Riley — Eliminated

The 30-year-old attorney found Clare "'guilty as charged" of being pretty. We found Riley guilty as charged of being cheesy, but Clare and Tayshia both kept him in the game. Unfortunately, just after he opened up, Tayshia realized her connections were stronger with other men.
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Bennett — Eliminated

The 36-year-old New York City resident is a "Wealth Management Consultant" and he leaned into all things money on his first night. He pulled up in a Rolls Royce dressed in a tux and ready to name drop his alma mater: Harvard. Despite all this, Clare and Tayshia kept him around... until he became incredibly condescending to his fellow men. At that point, Tayshia was done, but let Bennett return just long enough to sent home during a rose ceremony.
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Demar — Eliminated

Also sticking around is 26-year-old spin instructor Demar who kept nabbing roses and getting his fair share of screen time. Unfortunately, his journey ended after Noah and Bennett took most of Tayshia's attention.
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Ed — Eliminated

The guy who showed up in a plastic bubble was 36-year-old healthcare salesman Ed. Clare was sold enough on his personality to grant him a rose. And though he's now mostly known for starting drama, Tayshia took a while to kick him to the curb.
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Spencer — Eliminated

The engineer from San Diego pissed off the other men immediately when he stole Tayshia for a sec before any of them could pounce. Unfortunately, his luster didn't last and he was sent home.
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Eazy — Eliminated

Eazy, real name Uzoma, is 29-year-old sports marketing agent. He made a sports reference upon meeting Clare, saying she was his "first-round draft pick." Tayshia also seemed to be at least somewhat into him, but when he told her he loved her, she wasn't feeling it.
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Joe — Eliminated

The 36-year-old anesthesiologist took a much-needed break from hospital life to come on the show, and became a fan favorite. Unfortunately, Tayshia wasn't feeling it. But he's destined for a great Bachelor in Paradise future.
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Chasen — Eliminated

Eager to prove that he has a vulnerable side, 31-year-old Chasen wore a suit of armor to premiere night and took it off when he met Clare. The IT account executive then became a central force of drama once Tayshia took over, and was eliminated.
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Jordan C. — Eliminated

The last Jordan standing out of the two that started is the 26-year-old software account executive. He's most notable for wearing cute glasses and bringing Clare popcorn. During Tayshia's season, he was mostly shown giving commentary on the other dudes, which may be how he got sent home.
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Kenny — Eliminated

The 39-year-old boy band manager quickly won Clare over when he came dressed in a T-shirt with her dogs' faces on it. But when it became the Tayshia Show, he spent a lot of his time complaining about other guys. He was sent home.
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Montel — Eliminated

Another last minute addition for Tayshia was Montel. The personal trainer walked in wearing a salmon-colored blazer, which diehard fans know is a move. Unfortunately, it wasn't the right move for Tayshia.
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Jay — Eliminated

Even after making jokes about mental health and staying in a straight jacket all premiere night, Clare inexplicably gave the 29-year-old fitness director a rose. Tayshia however, never connected with Jay and he was eliminated in episode 6.
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Jason — Left

He won Clare over with a nod to her own limo exit years ago on The Bachelor. He came with a big fake baby bump and made Clare smile. She awarded the 31-year-old former footballer a rose in return, and he never got over the connection, because he eliminated himself once Tayshia took over.
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Dale — Left With Clare

Dale was the recipient of Clare's first impression rose and her awestruck declaration that she "just met [her] husband." So things were certainly looking up for the 31-year-old former pro football player all the way up until the moment he and Clare blew up it all up.
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Zach J. — Eliminated

The other Zach this season is a 37-year-old cleaning service owner who fake proposed to Clare with a ring box that farted upon opening. Inexplicably, Clare gave him a rose. Later, he grabbed Clare after a missed kiss, and because she was uncomfortable, Clare sent him home.
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Yosef — Left

When Tyler C. accused Yosef of flirting with women on Instagram, 30-year-old medical device salesman Yosef denied the claims. Clare seemed to believe him, because she gave him a rose. But then Yosef yelled at Clare for a date she didn't actually plan and shamed her, so yeah, he's gone.
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Blake Monar — Eliminated

Clare could have made things easier for herself by eliminating one of the two Blakes on the first night, but she decided to see how things went with both of them. That means that 31-year-old male grooming specialist Blake Monar got a rose until episode 3.
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Garin — Eliminated

The 34-year-old professor of journalism is probably just happy to be on the show and seeing people in real life instead of teaching class over Zoom. He was cut after Yosef's argument with Clare.
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Brandon — Eliminated

The suave 28-year-old real estate agent/model won over Clare when he greeted her with a kiss on the cheek. Then he did absolutely nothing, so Clare sent him home early.
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Tyler S. — Eliminated

The 36-year-old music manager made no real impression during the premiere, but he also didn't make a negative impression like Tyler C., so this Tyler got to stay until week 2.
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Tyler C. — Eliminated

27-year-old lawyer Tyler C. failed to learn one of Bachelor Nation's 10 commandments — never tattle to the lead. He warned Clare that he thought Yosef had been DM-ing women on Instagram, but Clare didn't listen to his warnings. And she sent Tyler C. home instead.

At least Tyler Cameron gets to remain the most notable Bachelor Nation Tyler C.
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AJ — Eliminated

The 28-year-old software salesman told Clare that he gives "terrible first impressions." He apparently wasn't wrong, because Clare didn't keep him beyond night one.
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Chris — Eliminated

The 27-year-old is a "landscape design salesman" who hoped that "his relationship with Clare [would] bloom like the perfect rose," per his ABC bio. Unfortunately for him, he never got a rose from Clare.
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Jeremy — Eliminated

Upon meeting Clare, 40-year-old Jeremy assured her, "I promise that I'm not here for me. I'm actually here for you." Clare said, whoops, you're not actually here at all, and she sent the banker home.
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Jordan M. — Eliminated

This contestant won over Twitter with his extreme tallness (he towered over Clare), but she didn't see it working out with him. She sent the 30-year-old cyber security engineer home on night one.
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Mike — Eliminated

Like Blake Moynes, Mike is from Canada, but he didn't make quite the same splash. In fact, Clare sent home this 38-year-old digital media advisor on the first night.
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Page — Eliminated

The Texas chef didn't get a chance to cook his way into Clare's heart. She didn't give the 37-year-old a rose at the first ceremony.
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Robby — Eliminated

We appreciate how casually Robby dressed for his bio photo, but the 31-year-old insurance broker from Florida wasn't able to make a lasting impression on viewers or on Clare. She eliminated him on premiere night.
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