2020’s Best Street Style Is Right Outside Your Door

Two friends — one in burnt orange cargo pants and Vans, the other in a sunny button-up dress and leopard-print loafers — outside of a record shop; a mask-clad 20-something in baggy jeans, an oversized Purple Rain T-shirt, and a shoulder bag made from denim à la the early ‘00s, shopping with girlfriends; a pink-haired woman, wearing silver jewelry, smiling so big her emerald green tooth gem is on full display. Any other year, you might think you were looking at street style photos outside fashion shows in New York, London, Paris, and Milan. But that’s not the case here. Welcome to 2020, where nothing about Fashion Month — or fashion, in general — looks the same. 

For the last six months, with a lot of fashion events on hold, we turned away from our usual suspects for outfit inspiration (street style, runways, etc.), and toward the people that live and dress all around us. In doing so, we found something even better than New York Fashion Week street style, or any from the fashion weeks that traditionally follow it: true, authentic style. Living outside the “fashion capitals” are people that dress in looks that are personal and expressive of their individual style. 


Over the last decade, we’ve let hype designer labels and kitschy, one-and-done trends steer us away from being uniquely us, and toward dressing like, well, everybody else. But at the end of the day, personal style has nothing to do with what those on social media are wearing, nor should it be influenced by the items a fashion publication reports are trending out of Paris. Instead, it should be about conveying aspects of your individual personality, from the same lace-up boots you slip on before heading out the door to the worn-in T-shirt you always end up choosing after trying on everything else in your wardrobe — twice

All around us, people are still getting dressed during a pandemic and, subsequently in the absence of formal street style, molding what fashion in 2020 looks like. With that in mind, we asked local photographers from Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, and New Orleans to document the incredible style that’s presented on their city streets each and every day. And unlike before COVID-19, when getting dressed was more about how an outfit would look on film than the wearer’s own satisfaction, the images featured ahead are a reminder that fashion can be expressive, authentic, and unique when it’s just for you. 

And that — the new wave of street style inspiration — is something worth celebrating.

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Designed by Lily Fulop.

Atlanta Street Style

In Atlanta, fashion is all about self-expression. Residents wear what makes them feel good and represents their personalities and lifestyles. And why shouldn't they? That's what style is all about, after all. Colors and prints run the gamut, and using fashion as a political statement is a regular practice.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Erica Dogget Alphin

Why this outfit: "I love kimonos, color, and red lips. I chose this ensemble because of my colorful and vibrant personality. I love life, so I make sure my outfit tells that story."

Erica is wearing a Mangishi Doll kimono and a Rue 107 top.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Alexis Chriestmon

Why this outfit: "It's simple, yet classic. I love chill looks with one or two statement pieces and/or pops of color. You can't go wrong with classic camo and Air Maxes."

Alexis is wearing a thrifted top, Karen Is Raggs pants, and Nike shoes.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Kashish Ali

Why this outfit: "This outfit makes me feel good — look good and feel good."

Kashish is wearing a Ross dress and Off-White x Nike/Jordan sneakers.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Kashish Ali

Why this outfit: "I recently got a new pair of shoes that I was really excited about. I've also been into the monochrome look lately, so it just worked out perfectly."
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Jasmine Wilde

Why this outfit: "My grills remind me of home because my mom had a gold tooth growing up. As for my rings, they represent femininity and power, two things that remind me of who I am. My hat is all about bold expression, especially because I'm hella shy."

Jasmine is wearing an MHMC hat and Grillz by Scotty.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Jasmine Wilde

Why this outfit: "This dress, to me, represents elegance and sensuality, especially after my pregnancy #Motherhood."
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Meredith Williams (left) & Brooklyn Williams (right)

Why this outfit: "I found this American Apparel jumper on Poshmark for next to nothing! It's hella comfortable," says Meredith.

"It was honestly just something I threw on to run an errand and felt like it looked cute," Brooklyn says of her outfit. "I felt like it was simple."

Meredith is wearing an American Apparel jumpsuit. Brooklyn is wearing a Target tank top, Gap pants, and Converse sneakers.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Courtney Brooks

Why this outfit: "I love supporting a dope Black- and women-owned business that sells vintage clothing. And I picked this primary-colored two-piece short set because it made me feel like I was in the '90s again."

Courtney is wearing an Everythang Dope short set, a Goodwill T-shirt, CBrooksArt earrings, and Reebok sneakers.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Chandler Stephens

Why this outfit: "I rarely wear dresses unless I'm feeling especially powerful and feminine (they're the same). I love the way yellow looks on Black women's skin, so I decided to shine like the sun. The sneakers, handbag, and earrings were all gifts from loved ones — I shine in them."

Chandler is wearing a Target dress, Nike sneakers, and CocoAndre Chocolatier earrings.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Jazmin Foster

Why this outfit: "I love this outfit because it supports my cousin's Black-owned boutique, Three22. Support Black by shopping there! Also, purple has been my vibe."

Jasmin is wearing a Three22 Boutique jumpsuit.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Olamma Oparah

Why this outfit: "I love wearing animal print because I'm a savage."

Olamma is wearing an ASOS dress, Urban Outfitters shoes, and Boho Gal rings.

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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Olamma Oparah

Why this outfit: "I always cinch my waist because plus-size women need to stunt by any means necessary. (That's my opinion for me. Wear your gut out if you want please.)"
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Jewelle Morris

Why this outfit: "I chose this outfit because I thought it would look cute."

Jewelle is wearing a Forever 21 T-shirt.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Justyce Maestas

Why this outfit: "My outfit is simple, yet eye-catching."

Justyce is wearing FashionNova yellow cargo pants and Vans sneakers.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Ashley Nash

Why this outfit: "It's unapologetically Black, beautiful, and powerful."

Ashley is wearing a Cultural Accents dress.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Justyce Maestas (left) & Ashley Nash (right)

Why this outfit: "I chose my look because it is stylish and expressive, but it's still summer-ready," Justyce says.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Natasha Gullet

Why this outfit: “I like to mix vintage styles with modern looks. Today, I’m wearing a mix of vintage jewelry and earrings from my line Sociètè Urbane. I love layers, too — so this is my favorite vintage kimono which was a gift from a friend visiting Tokyo — layered over a jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters. The shoes are vintage cowboy boots. I bought the hat at a street market when I lived in London.”

Natasha is wearing Sociètè Urbane jewelry and an Urban Outfitters jumpsuit.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Keamber Pearson

Why this outfit: "I love earth tones, as well as all soft, neutral colors and prints. And platforms and gold make everything better."

Keamber is wearing a Forever21 top, thrifted pants, and NastyGal shoes.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Sirraya Billings

Why this outfit: "This outfit is a throwback to old Atlanta, while paying homage to the 'Ghetto Girls.' I'm obsessed with gold jewelry and red lips. For me, the message on the dress represents how the fashion culture that Black women and ghetto girls have created can never be duplicated, no matter how much mainstream media and fashion houses try to."

Sirraya is wearing a Discount Universe dress, Forever 21 jewelry, and Reebok sneakers.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Ayanna Smith

Why this outfit: "Being pregnant during the summer and COVID-19, you need to be comfortable, so I opt for items that are easy-to-put-on and colorful. My earrings and bracelets are handmade, and I got them during my last visit out of the country before the pandemic to Ghana."
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Janai Crudup

Why this outfit: "I chose this outfit because I love the blazer and felt like it was super unique when I found it while thrifting. I also love a kitten heel with a little bit of flair. Boyfriend jeans are one of my go-to's. Basically, this outfit is fun and bright, like me."

Janai is wearing an H&M tank top and a Just Fab handbag.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.

Why this outfit: "Why? Who doesn't love nude with a pop of color? I chose this look because, in the middle of all this chaos or blah, you can still find gems."

Devora is wearing a Deveeora vintage suit.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Kwajelyn Jackson

Why this outfit: "This purple, floral midi dress gives me springtime in Paris vibes."

Kwajelyn is wearing a Reefresh by Ree face mask, a FKSP dress, Ray-ban sunglasses, vintage shoes, and a Bobobark handbag.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Kennya Simms

Why this outfit: "My Gramps said I looked good and cool in this outfit. Plus, I feel free and fabulous."

Kennya is wearing Converse sneakers.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Layla Felder

Why this outfit: "I love dressing fancy, and this dress has a lot of good memories attached to it. It makes me feel strong and powerful when I put it on. And I love the train."

Layla is wearing a Caroline Constance dress, Vince Camuto sandals, Dior earrings and ring, a Henri Bendel necklace, and a Miguel Barragan mask.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Keri Garrett

Why this outfit: "I chose my look because it embodies how I'm feeling: grounded, edgy, bold."

Keri is wearing a Knotty by Ari shirt and Buffalo London sneakers.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Keri Garrett

Why this outfit: "It's giving me street fighter vibes. But also, West End."

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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Naira Ade

Why this outfit: "I enjoy a nice, comfy, and chic look on most days and blending streetwear in an unexpected combo felt appropriate."

Naira is wearing a Michael Kors jacket, Muay Thai boxing shorts, and Vince Camuto sandals.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Naira Ade

Why this outfit: "This look is totally me!"
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Whitney Jones

Why this outfit: "I'm wearing the most comfortable shorts EVER. I wanted to show off my body and my thick, life-saving thighs. My tee has a Fulani mask on it because... Black AF. My jewelry is made by local artisans and my bag features bomb-ass Blaxpoitation actors."

Whitney is wearing a Dopeciety shirt, Ross shorts, a Kashmirviii handbag, and a Wear Diop mask.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Ingrid Mathurin

Why this outfit: "Lately, I've been obsessed with oversized pieces. I also love wearing white. Headwraps are my thing, and I love adding pops of color with my clothing and makeup."

Ingrid is wearing a Zara dress, Gucci socks, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Harlem street vendor earrings, and a Besida Nigeria hair wrap.
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Aélaa (left) & Jahara Bell (right)

Why this outfit: "The girls definitely expressed their personalities through their clothing for the shoot," says Aélaa and Jahara's mother Ragenia. "Jahara’s fashion focus is always about originality, freedom, comfort, and functionality."

According to Aélaa, her “outfit was based on the '90s. Overall, it has different retro parts to it. The hair was very '80s with a touch of '00s in the mohawk. The eye look was very 2020 and the dress was very '90s. The boots were [Scooby-Doo character] Daphne-based but black in color.”
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Photographed by Melissa Alexander.
Jahara, Ragenia, & Aélaa Bell (from left to right)

Why this outfit: "Aélaa chose to match her Momma’s retro look. She was thrilled to be able to pick anything she wanted from her mother's closet. She immediately deviated from her regular 11-year-old daily wear and expressed her femininity in a more mature '70s look with her form-fitting checkerboard dress accented by suede knee-high boots. She did her own hair and makeup beautifully," says Ragenia.

"Jahara rocked her loose and comfortable black jumper with an oversized T-shirt and her favorite fuzzy purse. She wants to be able to move freely in her clothes and often to break free of gender expectations. She knows most of all that it’s her personality that brings all the flair and style to everything she wears," Ragenia says about Jahara.
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Designed by Lily Fulop.

Miami Street Style

Between Art Basel and Swim Week, Miami is known for being an unofficial fashion hub. But fashion hardly only exists within the confines of Miami Beach. In fact, upon moving outside of Miami's glitziest neighborhood, you'll find a unique display of style, with vintage T-shirts, bold prints, and breezy silhouettes galore. Oh, and lots of Telfar bags.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Rudi Mercedes

Why this outfit: "I wore this shirt because being in such a critical climate right now, it highlights the importance of unity and family as a Black woman. I wanted a very comfortable, flowy feel for a casual dinner with my girls."

Rudi is wearing a vintage Women's March T-shirt and a New Balance face mask.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Dani Jane

Why this outfit: "I love colors, so I chose pieces with bright colors and textures that really pop. Then, I added a basic, neutral shoe to bring it all together. My shirt simply states, 'Arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor' with a number to call on the back — and what better way to support BLM and spread the word than through fashion?"

Dani Jane is wearing a Jason Wess T-shirt, Kith shorts, and New Balance sneakers.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Why this outfit: "I like to live where the weather fits my clothes — I love a loose-fitting shirt that you can feel the breeze run through you, especially in tropical humidity. I'm always down for a button-up since it's just as easy to button down. The fabric Lululemon picked for these joggers is pretty breezy and elastic enough to stretch in. Less is more; less clothes here means more breathing."

Caro is wearing a vintage Hawaiian button-up and Lululemon joggers.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "When it comes to my personal style, I’ve always opted for something on the edgier side. I like to feel comfortable and, at the same time, express myself through my attire. Streetwear and loose-fit clothing are my go-tos because I like something I can mindlessly throw on — something effortless, yet unique to who I am.

One of my favorite things to experiment with is men’s clothing. If I can find an oversized T-shirt that feels good on me and expresses my personal style, then I’m happy. I love clothes that can be turned from day to night, from skating the streets of Miami to being able to wear it for a nice night out."
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "I'm wearing a Talk tee because the brand’s ethos is ‘Closed mouths don’t get fed’ which encourages the youth to advocate for themselves and others who may be voiceless."

James is wearing a Talk tee.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: " I feel it represents me as who I am on the inside rather than the outside. I think using fashion to express who you are is so empowering, and I love using it to break the beauty standards that we are given in the media. On a daily, we are told we have to look one way and dress one type of way, but I believe taking that power back is so important and needs to be celebrated. We are each our own person, and using fashion to express that is beautiful.
I am wearing a green-themed outfit, starting with green fishnets as an under-top and I used it to create the pattern on my mask, as well. I am also wearing a little white dress with green tights and flower-printed platforms to finish off the look."
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Sabrina Fazai

Why this outfit: "Everything that I'm wearing is secondhand, except for the hat and earrings. I took someone’s trash and made it my treasure, and I wouldn’t do it any other way."
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Dania Lechter Kuj
Why this outfit: "All my jewelry is silver, but I’m into mixing it with the gold hues in this dress and hat. I was always taught to never mix those colors jewelry-wise but I oddly like them together. Wearing a gold outfit with full silver jewelry is, in a sense, a way of cheating the system."

Dania is wearing a Realisation Par dress, Adidas sneakers, and Daniela Salcedo and Juan Pablo Valencia rings.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Anarella, Dania Lechter Kuj, Duda (from left to right)

Why this outfit: "I was wearing the Purple Rain shirt because love Prince. I also love colorful clothing, so I am always looking to add more color to my outfits, making the purple shirt and the yellow shoes a great pick for me," says Duda.

"I chose to dress myself using a minimalist style, with a black simple T-shirt and blue jeans. Then, I used the [red] purse as a way to add a pop of color," says Anarella.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "I'm wearing a Shade County crop top that is perfect to throw on quickly with shorts to handle running errands in this Miami heat. It's also my brand that I just launched this summer with a friend. This oversized men's button-down is one of my favorites because I love the print of the jazz players combined with bright colors. These heels are Versace and my go-to purse is always my black mini Telfar Global shopper."

Dani is wearing a Shade County crop top, Versace sandals, and a Telfar bag.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Why this outfit: "I first chose this one-shoulder, pine green top that I just bought from Amazon because I wanted a new top and I knew it would come in two days. Pine green is my second favorite color and I love an asymmetrical garment. I just typed in 'pine green one-shoulder crop top' and bought it in two minutes.

My distressed denim high-low skirt is from Zara. I chose to wear this with my new top because it has a midi/high-rise and the top is cropped, so it paired nicely. The skirt is my favorite because it looks like a piece that’s one-of-a-kind.
My sneakers are Nike Daybreaks that I just purchased and felt like pulling them out. The beige, white, and yellow contrasts well with my top, yet, at the same time, is in the same color scheme. I really love a Nike sneaker that looks vintage.
My bag was a Nana Nana A5 transparent crossbody bag that I took the straps off of. I haven’t carried a bag in over seven years, but my boyfriend bought me this one and it’s perfect because it goes with everything."

Jessica is wearing an Amazon top, a Zara skirt, Nike sneakers, and a Nana Nana A5 handbag.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "This look is minimal, while also being a statement, which explains my overall style."

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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Alexandra Katya
Why this outfit: "I mainly use my shoes, bag, and hair as my accessories. I’m big on sneaker collecting, and I like my sneakers to be vibrant and colorful like me, so I'm always wearing the brightest of the brightest. The sneakers I’m currently wearing are from a collaboration with Nike and Japanese streetwear/sneaker boutique Atmos (one of my favorite places to shop while out there — back when American passports meant something). The moment I saw the design, I knew they had to sit in my closet alongside the rest of my babies. Lastly, we have my bright yellow Telfar bag. The yellow was what first attracted me, but the fact that Telfar is Black-owned made me love the bag even more."

Alexandra is wearing Free People jeans, an ASOS tube top, Atmos x Nike sneakers, and a Telfar bag.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Alexandra Katya
Why this outfit: "My late aunt was pretty big on fashion before she passed, and she loved to shop. While cleaning out her closet, I found these old-school Free People jeans, and I pictured myself in them immediately. I’m not really big on wearing loud tops, instead, preferring to keep them simple. I paired this ASOS top with a sheer blouse for a pop of color."
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "My favorite summer vibe is a crisp white blouse and denim. The jagged edge of the skirt and the cut-out shoulder on the top add some fun to the classic combo. I’m also notorious for having a gold 'push-foot' as an easy go-to summer shoe. Goes with everything and anything."

Kristi is wearing a red Telfar bag.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Kristi (left) & Alexandra (right)

Why this outfit: "The Telfar bag is the (literal) cherry on top of this look. Being Black is luxurious and supporting Black-owned luxury brands is a top-notch feeling," says Kristi.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "I’m wearing mostly things that I’ve thrifted, like my pants and shirt. I cut up the shirt and added some holes to it to make it a completely different piece than what it originally was — something completely new to me, with my own twist. The shoes are Air Jordan 4 Retro NRG 'Singles Day' sneakers because Jordans have been my favorite shoes since I was in elementary school, thanks to my brothers. I'm just wearing everything that I personally love."
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "Today, I decided to wear a black bralette with one of my favorite pairs of pants from I.Am.Gia. It was my first time wearing them since I got them right before quarantine started, so I was pumped to finally wear them! While picking out my outfit for the day I was listening to Lava La Rue, an artist from the U.K. The music I’m listening to typically determines the kind of outfit mood I’ll be in for the day."
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.
Elidja Clinton

Why this outfit: "I recently watched Black Is King, so I guess I was feeling extra proud hence the nails and shirt. I’m always in baggy jeans, and shirts like this one always transform casual pants."

Elidja is wearing Guess jeans, Rider x Twelve'len sandals, and a handmade crochet bag.
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Photographed by Ysa Pérez.

Why this outfit: "I had on a Victoria Secret sports bra top to go with my shorts and sunglasses that I sell at my business @activekloset. My hair is blue because it's my favorite color."

Alize is wearing a Supreme headband and a Victoria's Secret bra top.
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Designed by Lily Fulop

New Orleans Street Style

In New Orleans, the style is as expressive and full of life as the city itself. The Louisiana metropolis best known for its Mardi Gras celebrations has been through a lot in the last decade, and those that live there often tell their stories through fashion — fun, fearless, and uninhibited fashion.
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Quinn Sills

Why this outfit: “I like this butterfly shirt because it’s cute and it has a tie in the back and it shows off my boobs, which is important especially for me because I’m always trying to present myself in a way that makes people know who I am, what I am, what gender I am. When I think of my style now, the easiest way to put it is that I’m reliving my high school fantasy where I get to be a girl. So, I love dressing like a high school bimbo.
Before [the pandemic] the pinnacle of my fashion was to go out and put a look together. With COVID, I like to still live that out, but instead of going to a party, I go to Walmart or the bayou with one friend. Even in the time of COVID, fashion is still important to me, even if it's just worn inside my house — I feel like I wear seven outfits a day, just at home.”
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Maddie Mansell

Why this outfit: “It matched my hair. My hair color is one of the only things I’ve been able to control in my life. Whenever I’ve felt sad, I’ve changed my hair. Same with when I've felt happy. Coloring my hair is always something that makes me feel better."
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Frankie Leveau

Why this outfit: “It’s really hot in New Orleans and I like to look cute and comfortable at the same time. So, I like to wear squirts because they have shorts underneath them, so I can still have some movement, yet I’m still wearing a cute skirt."

Frankie is wearing Dr. Martens boots.
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Frankie Leveau

Why this outfit: "I like button-down shirts, they feel really gender good.”
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Owen H. Dunne

Why this outfit: “I needed something to wear to walk down the street that I would look at myself and go, Wow, they’re fucking it up like a bad bitch.

This look was like a quarantine dark fairy angel, which is kind of who I am. I like to marry the femme, innate natures of fashion with more masculine silhouettes, hence the tuxedo pants and chunky shoes. I paired very masculine jewelry with a ballgown made of feminine, tulle fabric, and strappy leather and metal accents to put the look right down the middle of gender."
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Danny Alas (left)

Why this outfit: “As we are talking about decolonization, I’m trying to think about all the ways to liberate myself. I'm letting go of the self-doubt that is imposed on us as oppressed people, as well as fat people and people of color. It’s really nice to get validation from people around me because it's making me believe in myself from deep within in a way that I haven’t experienced in the past."

Danny is wearing a Danny Dyes mask.
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Alynda Mariposa Segarra

Why this outfit: “I allowed my self to buy these tiger print denim pants because I needed to allow my self something that felt spontaneous. These just make me feel good — they brought me a little joy. And if I am going to stay in one place all the time, I might as well have fun with my appearance.”
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Moody Szegfu

Why this outfit: “I dress the way that I do because it is a way of coping for me. Instead of using drugs or getting drunk, I just dress up and become someone different. I like to be colorful and to make people's days [with my outfits]. I get a lot of compliments, and I feel like brightening people's days by just being who I am is really awesome. I also think it’s a vulnerability for me, which makes other people feel comfortable in themselves. I appreciate that about myself — to help people be who they want to be and be creative.”

Moody is wearing a Possessed mask.
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Grandma Fun

Why this outfit: "I didn't really think about my look today. But since the pandemic hit, I've been thinking about new ways to use fashion to express myself, especially since we have to wear masks everywhere now. I was just going to the coffee shop and two women next to me complimented my earrings and my mask, and I found a lot of positivity in that. I just want to act out of love and everything I wore today expressed that."
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Kayla Allin

Why this outfit: “The heels make me feel empowered. I dress every day to make myself feel confident — make myself feel pretty for the day. I love the little pop of snakeskin with a very plain, white, neutral outfit.

I love fashion, and I love dressing up each day. Even if I’m in sweats, I like to put on a pair of hoops that make me feel like I can take on the day.”

Kayla is wearing a Mia Boutique bodysuit.
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Destine Jonhson

Why this outfit: “I like to do as little as possible when it comes to jewelry, so, I tend to get really elaborate with the nail art and nail jewelry."

Destine is wearing an Age of Gods dress.
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Destine Jonhson

Why this outfit: "When I feel like I want to have something no one else has, or a sense of individuality, I like to go and get really crazy nail art.”
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Photographed by Annie Flanagan.
Destine Jonhson

Why this outfit: "When I get my nails done, it makes me feel really sleek. That’s my way of expressing my uniqueness."
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Designed by Lily Fulop.

Philadelphia Street Style

In Philly, sustainability is a huge part of the fashion scene, be it through shopping secondhand or upcycling. Because of that, no two people (or outfits) look the same, making the style scene in this artsy city a breath of fresh air.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.

Why this outfit: "I love color and pattern mixing and wearing what feels good according to my mood. My style is inspired by everything, from growing up in my grandmother's clothing shop in Nigeria and my growing up in the South to being in the punk scene. It's an amalgamation of where I came from and where I've lived."

Adesola is wearing a Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium top, Downers Boutique pants, Nasty Gal shoes, Kim Vice earrings, Urban Exchange Project Sunglasses, and a Gillian Morrow mask.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Alesandra Bevilacqua

Why this outfit: “I’ve been gravitating toward a more athleisure look with a twist. I’d describe this particular outfit as ‘street prep, but make it soft and sustainable.’ I strive to be as on-trend as I can while working to make my closet full of more ethical, local, and secondhand pieces. I‘d be lying if I said I didn’t get the majority of my style inspiration from ASOS' Instagram grid and Gen Z TikTok.”

Alesandra is wearing an ASOS top, an Old Navy bralette, Lobo Mau bike shorts, FILA sneakers, a Tesoro Leather belt bag, and a JZMaskShop mask.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Alesandra Bevilacqua (left) & Sam Ferguson (right)

Why this outfit: "I used to be an avid concert-goer pre-COVID, and since I won't be attending a show anytime soon, I still try to work in some of my concert outfit ideas into my 'new' everyday life. I am always looking for comfortable, unique pieces that are versatile and easy to add a sporty flair to," says Sam.

Sam is wearing an Aerie bralette, Free People pants, ASOS rings, an Urban Outfitters scrunchie, and Vans sneakers.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Aloni "Lon" Garcia

Why this outfit: "My style inspiration is always changing, but for the most part I always return to '80s and '90s hip hop. I like pushing gender norms and wearing things most guys wouldn’t. I love colors and being comfortable. I also really like cool and rare sneakers. I’m not big on spending a lot of money on clothes, so I thrift often."

Aloni is wearing an Obey Propaganda hat, a Da Joints Thrift vest, Primark pants, and Air Jordan sneakers.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Brittany Carroll

Why this outfit: “I love adding style while being modest at the same time. It gives me a secure feeling of being beautiful, and it also brings out the best in me! So, it’s safe to say that the confidence in my soul brings out the confidence in my style!"

Brittany is wearing a Wafiya Boutique dress and an Aairah's Modesty niqab.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Cindy Lozito (left) & Nick Parker (right)

Why this outfit: "I'm inspired by very femme, bright, and sometimes matchy-matchy clothing. And my clothes also ALWAYS cozy," says Cindy.

Cindy is wearing ASOS boots, a Modern Vice scrunchie, and an Anthropologie handbag. Nick is wearing a Retrospect Village Philadelphia 76ers T-shirt, Descendant of Thieves trousers, and Adidas sneakers.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Nick Parker

Why this outfit: "My style motto is dressed up meets dressed down. Who says pleated pants and basketball can’t be friends?"

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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Debora Charmelus

Why this outfit: "I've been really into an urban, outdoorsy style. I try to dress comfortably while still standing out. I often find myself balancing masculine and feminine pieces."

Debora is wearing a Bershka dress, Nike Vista Lite sneakers, a Zara purse, Zenni sunglasses, and a Shop Romi necklace.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Kassie Caines

Why this outfit: "My style is guided by my mood and honestly who I want to be that day."

Kassie is wearing a Mango jumpsuit, Richard Quinn x H&M gloves, and Everlane boots.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Kassie Caines

Why this outfit: "I am from the islands but I work in the city, so I love blending those two worlds together. But truly, my style is influenced by my life, my past, and my present."
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.

Why this outfit: "My style is a combination of eclectic vintage and femme streetwear vibes — I wear what I wear because I like to express myself through pattern and texture, and on the plus-size spectrum, I like to wear whatever I want as a form of rebellion."

Kelly is wearing a Clare V mask, a Lazyoaf dress, and a Gemini Jewels necklace.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Kimberly McGlonn

Why this outfit: "My look supports Grant Blvd., the brand I'm the owner and founder of."

Kimberly is wearing a Grant Blvd. top and pants.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Kimberly McGlonn

Why this outfit: "Grant Blvd. is a sustainable store that also fights mass incarceration and climate change."
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.

Why this outfit: "I’m a big fan of all things oversized and dramatic — pieces with versatility and longevity. I’m all about streetwear at my core. I'm very much a sneakerhead, but I like pairing them with a frilly flowy dress. I’ve fully embraced my personality at this point in my life. I'm 36 and I love wearing things that make me feel good. Period."
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Laila Suswell

Why this outfit: "I would consider my style inspiration to be minimal but also modern and chic. I most often wear neutral-toned pieces and accessorize with a statement bag, shoe, scarf, or jewelry."

Laila is wearing an H&M top, a FashionNova skirt, and a YSL bag.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Mattie Techner, Caitlyn Williams, & Kate News (from left to right)

Why this outfit: "My fashion inspo is The Row meets Zoë Kravitz. Wow, if that could somehow be a brand itself that would be amazing. I love how beautiful and structured and simple all of The Row products are, and Zoë Kravitz mixes simple and androgynous items with modern pieces and vintage finds. Honestly, I think a great pair of denim is always key, and my style can be pretty simple, but I love staple pieces and again mixing some vintage with more modern items," says Mattie.

Mattie is wearing a Re/Done T-shirt, Zara jeans, a KCK 3 Studio mask, and a Rolex watch. Caitlyn is wearing an LNA Clothing top, Downerss shorts, and a KCK 3 Studio mask. Kate is wearing a Zara top and vintage Wrangler jeans.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Mia Paltrow

Why this outfit: "I love repurposing what I already have, from dyeing and bleaching to sewing by hand. I try and incorporate techniques from places I adore that are sustainable, such as Big Bud Press. I love neutrals and oversized clothing as most of it is always big on me naturally (I’m 5 ft 1), and I’m consistently finding myself more comfortable dressing fluid as opposed to being focused on 'gendered' clothing. Unisex forever!"

Mia is wearing a Big Bud Press jumpsuit, Paloma Wool shoes, and Earwack earrings.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Payal Patel
Why this outfit: "My style helps me express my inner artist by balancing color and patterns. It is an extension of my personality. I generally feel blazers hold power as they are statement pieces. Neon has been really trendy this summer, so it was important for me to have a color that pops to balance out the gray blazer. The bleached denim skirt has a sexy masculine feel because it gives me curvature in some of my most powerful female parts, like my hips. I love a good high-waisted skirt — it just gives my outfit a cleaner look. The shoes have a very vintage '70s feel, and I felt the white platform adds balance to the neon and gray."

Payal is wearing a Bargain Thrift Center blazer, a Forever 21 tank top, an ASOS skirt, TJ Maxx shoes, and a Little Shop of Chains sunglass chain.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.

Why this outfit: "I am a fashion icon in my own right. I wear pieces I don't often see. But, I dress how I feel, so I wouldn’t say that I have a particular style."

Remul is wearing a Moon River top, Veronique Branquinho pants, Sigerson Morrison sandals, and Celine glasses.
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Rodneya Cooper

Why this outfit: "I love fashion and expressing myself through my outfits. My favorite accessories are these big hoop earrings with my name in them. Why? because I feel like the world is going to know my name one way or another."
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Photographed by Hannah Yoon.
Singley Risico

Singley is wearing a Sorella Boutique bralette, Stussy shorts, and Nike x Commes des Garçons sneakers.
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