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Binge Watch Like Your Fave Netflix Stars: This Is What They’re Streaming Right Now

Ever since Watchmen came out in the late 1980s, people have been wondering, “Who watches the Watchmen?” But, we currently have a far more pressing question: What do all the actors we’re watching on Netflix… actually watch on Netflix? At last, we have the answers to that grand mystery — because we asked. 

In between asking the casts of 13 Reasons Why, Outer Banks, and Never Have I Ever and many more Netflix shows to explain their series finales and biggest on-set secrets, Refinery29 checked in to find out what they’re bingeing on the regular. For a lot of them, the response was Big Mouth or BoJack Horseman (stars: they’re just like us!). But many performers have far more unexpected favorite Netflix series and movies. 


Some picked out their most beloved inspiring documentaries, while others nudged us towards the weirdest true crime picks out there or a mind-bending sci-fi series. No matter the response, these Netflix stars took their streaming recommendations seriously. 

Now, we’re sharing their top secret watch lists with you. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to your favorite Netflix actors’ favorite Netflix series. Now that should be a Netflix category.

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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Warrior Nun’s Alba Baptista 

She recommends: Dark 

Alba Baptista is the star of Netflix’s summer 2020 fantasy epic, Warrior Nun. However Baptista, who plays Warrior Nun's titular Warrior Nun, Ava, had her sights set on a different Europe-set Netflix teen show when her series premiered. 

“So I started watching Dark. I was obsessed with Dark. Obsessed. I think the first season I watched, in three days,” Baptista told Refinery29 during a July 2020 Instagram Live interview. Considering Dark’s topsy-turvy subject matter — avoiding the apocalypse as German teen Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) skips through time — Baptista’s speedy binge is an accomplishment. It’s also an experience she couldn’t replicate as Dark’s storytelling became even more complicated in subsequent seasons.   

“The second season was a little harder to digest. So I needed to watch like one episode per day to really get the full picture of it,” Baptista continued. “I’m in episode 3 of the third season of Dark. I don’t know if anyone is with me on this, but it’s pretty mad. I thought season 2 was a lot to take in but nope.” 
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Cast of 13 Reasons Why

They recommend: BoJack Horseman, Big Mouth, and Umbrella Academy  

When Refinery29 talked to 13 Reasons Why breakouts Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, and Ross Butler in February 2020, they were abuzz about the second half of animated sad-com BoJack Horseman’s final season. Flynn had already finished the episodes, adding, “That show does something twisted to me.” 

Boe quipped, “I cried. At a horse.” 

While Butler — who is also a member of the To All The Boys family — hadn’t gotten into BoJack, he did admit to loving a different Netflix animated favorite. “I’ve seen a bunch of Big Mouth,” he said. “But the last thing I watched, I think, is Umbrella Academy. I’m catching up. 2019 was a busy one.” 
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Blood & Water’s Khosi Ngema

She recommends: Dead to Me

“I just binged Dead to Me season 2,”  Khosi Ngema, who plays Blood & Water’s resident cool girl Fikile Bhele, told Refinery29 in May 2020. The black comedy — about two women brought together by grief and tragedy — is led by Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. Applegate plays Jen Harding, a brutally honest real estate agent, while Cardellini brings to life Judy Hale, a wide-eyed art teacher with secrets. 

“I love Jen so much. Because she’s so like, Argh!,” Ngema joked. “Their relationship, especially in season 2, it’s so close. I love how much they love each other.” 

Coincidentally, Ngema’s Netflix series, Blood & Water is also about two women bound together by drama (her co-star, Ama Qamata plays Fiks’ maybe-sister Puleng Khumalo). So who is the Judy and who is the Jen in Blood & Water? “I think Fiks might be a bit of a Judy,” Ngema admitted. “Fiks and Puleng both have a bit of both [Jen and Judy] in them. But Fiks is definitely the Judy.” 
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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Blood & Water’s Ama Qamata

She recommends: Becoming

Ngema’s co-star Ama Qamata was looking to be inspired ahead of Blood & Water’s May 2020 premiere. 

“The last show I watched on Netflix was Becoming. Loved! I love Michelle,” Qamata said in May 2020, name-checking Netflix’s documentary about beloved First Lady Michelle Obama. “I think my mom is Michelle Obama’s biggest fan. Since I was a kid, she just loves her.” 

So, watching FLOTUS Obama unfiltered for 90 minutes was particularly “inspiring” for Qamata. 

“Seeing how she’s so invested in the youth and young girls, to empower us, to really believe in our dreams — it’s such a huge inspiration to me,” she continued. “As a Black woman, to look up to her, it’s just amazing.” 

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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

The Cast of Never Have I Ever 

They recommend: Stranger Things, You, and When They See Us

The Never Have I Ever cast had some straightforward answers about their current favorites during a February 2020 interview. Ramona Young picked sci-fi hit Stranger Things, Lee Rodriguez chose cult fave You, and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan lauded the work of Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us

“That’s my favorite Netflix show at the moment,” Ramakrishnan, who leads coming-of-age comedy Never as mourning teen Devi, said. “It’s the truth. That’s some serious truth. That show will forever be underrated no matter what.” 

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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Outer Banks' Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline

They recommend: Narcos: Mexico, Don’t F**k With Cats, Locke & Key, Love Is Blind and The Circle

If you need a Netflix recommendation, Outer Banks lead Chase Stokes just might be your best bet. “I am on the final episode of Narcos: Mexico,” Stokes, who plays OBX’s John B., said in February 2020. “I am hooked. First of all, I am a documentary nerd. It’s this whole thing now. People make fun of me. They’re like, ‘What documentary have you watched this week, Chase?’”

While the answer to that question is constantly changing, Stokes cited Don’t F**k With Cats as his favorite Netflix documentary at the time. Stokes’ on-screen love interest — and eventual IRL girlfriend — Madelyn Cline agreed, adding, “Don’t. F**k. With. Cats! I love true crime.” 

“I’ve been watching Locke & Key. I’m kind of hooked on it, to be quite honest,” Cline continued. “I do love Love Is Blind too. In my off periods … The Circle is also a sleeper fave. At first I was like, 'What’s going on?' And then all of a sudden, I was like, 'I need to watch the rest. Immediately.' 

Stokes revealed he’s also a Circle fan, saying, “I’m sitting on my couch in my living room like, ‘Oh! Who’s getting voted off this week?’”  

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Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Outer Banks’ Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, & Rudy Pankow

They recommend: Many, many, many Netflix shows. 

When Stokes and Clines’ Netflix co-stars Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss, and Rudy Pankow aren’t making a Netflix show, it appears they are bingeing all of the rest. 

“I am obsessed with Atypical. I’m also obsessed with Dear White People, it is my favorite Netflix original,” Madison Bailey, who plays OBX's eco-friendly teen Kiara, said in February 2020. 

“I just finished the new season of BoJack Horseman. I was really anxious for that,”  Daviss, aka Banks' brainy Pope, chimed in. When animated series came up, Bailey revealed the OBX cast watches Big Mouth and trippy cult favorite Love, Death, Robots together (“High quality!”). 

And, in case you’re hankering for a sci-fi or fantasy binge, the Outer Banks crew has a few recommendations for those genres too. “One I’m getting into,” Pankow said before inflecting his voice for sardonic effect, ”[because] I’m weird and quirky, is The Witcher.”  

“Altered Carbon!,” Daviss added as one final addition. 

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