Every Major Warrior Nun Character & What They’re Fighting For In Season 1

The title of Netflix's new series Warrior Nun may seem self-explanatory. You'd be correct in assuming that it is about nuns who are warriors, for a start. And yes, most of the cast of Warrior Nun play nuns who are warriors. But there's so much more to this series based on the manga Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn. There's a whole Warrior Nun mythology to learn, and hopefully this character guide can help you keep track of the sprawling season 1 storyline.

Warrior Nun is about an orphan who gains superpowers and learns that it is her destiny to fight alongside a sisterhood, called the Order of the Cruciform Sword or OCS, who protects the world from demons. The show might remind you of Buffy The Vampire Slayer at times, because of the demons, and Orphan Black at other times, because of the many science fiction mysteries that arise.


There aren't any major Hollywood stars in the cast, but that actually adds to the world they're creating. Almost everyone in this cast is either just starting out in their acting career or better known internationally, so we'll help you catch up.

Here are the main characters in Warrior Nun, what they're after, and who plays them.

Alba Baptista Plays Ava

Who Is Ava?
The show’s protagonist is the afore-mentioned orphan. She wakes up in a morgue — a fairly universal worst nightmare scenario — and discovers that she has superpowers. Ava can walk through walls, heal herself, is impervious to pain, and has a mysterious circular scar on her back. Ava soon discovers that she is the Chosen One or "Halo Bearer" (hence the round scar) for a group of nuns who fight demons.

Everything about Ava is a mystery, from how she "died" to how her parents died and how she ended up chosen in the first place.
Alba Baptista Essential Viewing
A Portuguese actress, Baptista is one of the stars of the independent film Patrick and lots of Portuguese telenovelas like Jogo Duplo, about teenage sweethearts who reunite after taking different paths in adulthood; A Impostora, about a twin seeking revenge; and Jardins Proibidos, that centers on a family business and its drama. 

Tristan Ulloa Plays Father Vincent 

Who Is Father Vincent?
He’s technically in charge of the nuns, but they’re not really into the whole Patriarchy thing. He does eventually give Ava some essential reading material to help understand her powers and her situation. 
Tristan Ulloa Essential Viewing
The Spanish actor, born in France, is also a director and writer himself who made a film called Pudor. But you should also check him out in Sex and Lucia with Paz Vega, 2019’s  Terminator: Dark Fate, and Snatch with Rupert Grint.

Toya Turner Plays Shotgun Mary

Who Is Shotgun Mary?
The de facto leader of the nuns on the ground. She’s easily the best fighter in the group and actually wants to help and mentor Ava, unlike some of the other warriors. Her background is somewhat of a mystery, but she’s super loyal to the Order of the Cruciform Sword because of it. She also loves to curse, making her a Cool Nun™.
Toya Turner Essential Viewing
She’s a Chicago-based actress with guest roles in Empire, Chicago Med, and Easy. This is Turner’s first major screen project.

Lorena Andrea Plays Sister Lilith

Who Is Sister Lilith?
A nun and minor antagonist whose family legacy with the OCS makes her feel entitled to bare the halo herself. She soon starts to resent Ava and everyone who supports her as the Chosen One. Lilith is the Draco Malfoy of Warrior Nun, essentially. 
Lorena Andrea Essential Viewing
She’s in the 2017 film Papillon, about a prison escape, with Rami Malek. She’s also in the 2019 Western adventure No Man’s Land.

Thekla Reuten Plays Jillian Salvius 

Who Is Jillian Salvius?
A tech genius who Ava admires, but should probably be afraid of. The science fiction-y stuff she's working on in her lab challenge the religious aspects of the series. Jillian is also looking for Ava, and we don’t know why. There's definitely something shady and possibly dangerous going on with her.
Thekla Reuten Essential Viewing
First and foremost she’s in Martin McDonagh’s fan favorite film In Bruges as the hotel owner Marie, as well as the Jennifer Lawrence film Red Sparrow. She plays the titular role in the Dutch comedy series Tessa, about a single mother and high school teacher. She’s also in a memorable episode of Lost as Sayid’s girlfriend in a flashback who turns out to be a spy.

Kristina Tonteri-Young Plays Sister Beatrice 

Who Is Sister Beatrice?
Another one of the nuns, who typically chooses Mary’s side over Lilith’s. She can hold her own in a fight, but her strength is her intelligence and strategy. 
Kristina Tonteri-Young Essential Viewing
This is her first on screen role! Everything else she’s got credited to her name, including a science fiction film for Netflix starring Anthony Mackie, has yet to be released. According to her Instagram account, she’s based in London and New York and also really good at making costumes.

Emilio Sakraya Plays JC

Who Is JC?
He is Ava’s love interest, and has the most obvious allusion-y name in a Catholic-themed series ever. At the beginning of the series, JC saves Ava from drowning in a pool at the fancy summer house where he and his friends are lowkey squatting. They rob the rich to fund their glamorous lifestyle. He represents the normal life that Ava wishes she could have.
Emilio Sakraya Essential Viewing
He is a German actor who starred in the series 4 Blocks as well as the kids’ film franchise Bibi and Tina

Olivia Delcán Plays Camila

Who Is Camila?
Sister Camila is the final member of Mary and Ava's OCS A-Team, and comes into play towards the second half of the season. Her very special skill is computers.
Essential Delcán Viewing
A Spanish actress, she starred in and co-wrote Isla Bonita, an independent comedy. She was also in a ‘70s throwback series called Drug Squad: Costa del Sol, which you can watch on Netflix.
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