Everything Coming To Netflix In July

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Though it truly may not feel like it due to a certain global pandemic that need not be named, we are officially in the throes of summer! That usually means beach vacations, barbecues, and rooftop parties that last all day and go all night. But under the current circumstances, most of us are just trying to live our best lives indoors — throwing Zoom happy hours with our friends, baking far too many loaves of banana bread, and still getting these summer ‘fits off in the house. It's not the usual summer turn up, but it will have to do for now.
Netflix is here to keep you entertained with a fresh lineup of titles to stream, and its July slate is the perfect mix of cult classics and brand new TV/film content that will make staying home a little less frustrating. For those of us filled with nostalgia for the simpler days of internet dialup and slap bracelets, the streaming giant is premiering its reboot of The Baby-Sitter’s Club (with a Gen-Z twist). And if Stoneybrook, Connecticut isn’t your dream destination — understandable — why not discover the wide range of delicacies to be found throughout the expanse of Latin America in a new edition of Street Food? Or see the rest world with Zac Efron in his brand new travel show? Or even
Summer isn’t canceled; it just looks a little different, that’s all. But Netflix’s July roster is here to see you through these strange times, and you just might find that you don’t mind being cooped up at home after all, even after four months. Maybe. 
Ahead, everything coming to Netflix in July.

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