30 Years Later, We Still Want To Wear Everything From Twin Peaks

Exactly 30 years ago, on April 8th, 1990, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult-classic sci-fi TV show Twin Peaks aired its very first episode on ABC. And the rest — at least for fans of the show’s gritty style and mind-bending plotline — was history. Unfortunately, those watching it in real-time didn’t quite appreciate Detective Dale Cooper’s dry humor or Andy and Lucy’s endearing romance enough to keep it going longer than two seasons. But ever since it was canceled in 1991, Twin Peaks has managed to garner a fanbase unlike any other. 30 years and a Showtime reboot later, the show is still regarded as one of the best ones made. Watch out, Seinfeld

In addition to the Clue-like quest to find out who exactly killed high school homecoming queen Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks also showcased an array of fashion that, to this day, stands out as one of the most revered aspects of the series. The looks also just so happen to all still be relevant today. From Audrey Horn, the sultry daughter of the richest man in town, and her knee-length pleated skirts à la Gucci to Laura Palmer’s velvet LBDs from the Lynch’s infamous “red room” scenes, there’s hardly a look from the original show’s 30-episode-run that wouldn’t fit right into today’s fashion landscape. Oversized leather jackets, grandpa cardigans, trench coats, shackets, and eyelet collars also make an appearance on-screen. 


So to celebrate the show that continues to shock and awe 30 years after it first premiered, we’re calling out some of the most unforgettable looks from Twin Peaks and showing you how to make them your own in the slideshow ahead.

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Photo: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images.

Audrey Horn's Pleated Skirts

Take a cue from Ms. Horn and style yours with bobby socks, oxfords, and perhaps, a fresh pixie cut.
Gucci Pleated Belt Print Wool Midi Skirt$1890.00 Buy
Pixie Market Checked Pleated Skirt$139.00 Buy
Photo: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images.

Maddy Ferguson's Big Belts

According to designers during fall '20 fashion month, the bigger the belts, the better the outfit.
Zara Knotted Leather Belt$39.90 Buy
Rachel Comey Holika Belt$395.00 $158.00 Buy
Photo: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images.

Donna Hayward's Gold Hoops

The only thing we love more than Donna's Fair Isle cardigan are the simple gold hoops she chose to wear with it.
BaubleBar Dalilah Large Tube Hoop Earrings$38.00 Buy
Laura Lombardi Mini Curve Hoop Earrings$88.00 Buy
Photo: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images.

Donna Hayward's '80s Athleisure

Is it just us, or does this leggings-tube-socks-sneaker combination remind you a lot of an Aimé Leon Dore ad?
Gola Gola Classics Daytona Trainer$80.00 $40.00 Buy
Uniqlo Women Calf Socks$9.90 $7.90 Buy
Photo: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images.

Lucy Moran's Eyelet Collars

Every outfit, no matter what it is, would wholly benefit from the addition of an XXL eyelet collar.
Sea NY Zippy Lace Collar$80.00 Buy
Ganni Cotton Blouse$172.00 Buy
Photo: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images.

Josie Packard's Grandma Cardigans

Knitwear isn't the only thing Josie Packard got right in the style department. These plaid trousers would also fit right in with our 2020 wardrobes.
Topshop Oat Midi Knitted Cardigan$60.00 $42.00 Buy
Acne Studios Brown Alpaca V-Neck Cardigan$440.00 Buy
Photo: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images.

Shelly Johnson's Waistcoats

Before she played Betty's mom on Riverdale, Mädchen Amick was Shelly Johnson, a.k.a. the only person ever to pull off wearing Tiffany blue under fluorescent lights and one of the many reasons why we're so enamored with waistcoats.
Mango Denim Dark Vest$59.99 Buy
Zara Two-Tone Plaid Vest$69.90 Buy
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