Everyone Who’s Been Unmasked On The Masked Singer Season 3

The third season of The Masked Singer aired just four episodes when two Grammy-award winning artists were unmasked. Thanks to the group system debuted in season 3, we have yet to meet six of the contestants. Just can imagine the other big-name celebs who are still to be be revealed this season!
The Masked Singer clues have been trickier and much more subtle this season, causing the panel to seriously struggle when guessing who is behind each mask. While the Group A contestants were pretty easy to determine, the recently introduced masked singers in Group B have left the panel and Twitter puzzled. Surely, the show is saving the best for last and Group C will be even more difficult to decipher. The incorrect theories have included Shaun White (multiple times), Jack Black, and Flavor Flav. With guesses like that, it’s no surprise that, so far, three out of the four celebrities revealed on The Masked Singer weren’t even on the panel’s radar. 
As the weeks go by, we will be keeping track of everyone who has been unmasked and their biggest hint during their time on the show. Click through to see who has been revealed so far and check back each week to see who else has finished their anonymous stint on The Masked Singer.

Kangaroo (Jordyn Woods)

After judges spent all season guessing Jordin Sparks, the Kangaroo was revealed to be former "Kardashian friend" Jordyn Woods. Though she has never been a performer before, Woods wowed with panel with her incredible vocals. It's clear that she's starting a new chapter, one in which she's no longer known as the friend of another superstar, but as a talented vocalist.

White Tiger (Rob Gronkowski)

C’mon. Did anyone ever doubt that Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski was the White Tiger costume? First of all, the White Tiger is massive, so he definitely resembled the goofy athlete’s build. Plus, the New England references, “four score and seven years ago,” and crazy dance moves all but confirmed the former Patriots tight end was behind the mask.

White Tiger lasted longer than most people probably thought he would, but there is no denying he was entertaining with his offbeat rapping skills. Gronk should definitely try out some more reality TV competition shows.

T-Rex (Jojo Siwa)

T-Rex never stopped showing off her wild, energetic personality even after she was voted off the show. With that amount of constant energy, and that very obvious boomerang clue package reference to her hit song "Boomerang," it was hard to imagine that anyone other than YouTuber Jojo Siwa was inside the Shakespearean dinosaur costume.

Swan (Bella Thorne)

Swan perplexed the panel and the audience because her original clues were pretty cryptic. She wasn’t a singer which made it much harder to determine who the voice belongs to.

But she started to really open up the clues to her identity when she professed her love for Ken Jeong. The panelist almost never gets any love from the singers, so it was pretty great to see him get a little affection.

She stumped the panel until she took off her mask and was revealed to be actress Bella Thorne. She and Jeong co-starred in The Duff.

Bear (Sarah Palin)

This reveal was one of the rare times I actually gasped after a contestant took off their mask. The panel, audience, and even host Nick Cannon were truly shocked that former Alaska Governor and Vice President nominee Sarah Palin was behind the tie-dye Bear mask. 

Not only did Palin sign up for The Masked Singer, but she decided to rap every word to Sir Mix Alot’s “Baby Got Back” on national television. To quote Robin Thicke, “I’ve seen it all.” It will be difficult for any unmasking the rest of this season to top Palin’s reveal. 

Taco (Tom Bergeron)

Since his show Last Man Standing is on the same network, I originally thought Tim Allen was hiding behind Taco's tomato head. But, it turned out to be Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron.

His famous friend from the third clue package was Bob Saget, someone that the panel guessed numerous times.

Dionne Warwick (The Mouse)

There are a handful of iconic singers in the world who need only utter a single note for people to know who they are. Three of these musicians, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, and Chaka Khan, have already graced The Masked Singer with their presence. Well, we can now add six-time Grammy-winning singer and actress Dionne Warwick to the list. 

From her first performance of “Get Here” by Oleta Adams to her closing performance of "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole, the Mouse was a delight to have onstage.

Drew Carey (The Llama)

A comedian had to be the Llama considering they agreed to be in a costume with a tourist camera, a tongue hanging out the mouth, and six legs. The Price Is Right host proved to the funnyman brave enough to become the Llama, totally surprising the panel.

Two of Carey’s biggest hints were the words “Sounds of Seattle” in his clue package and the announcement that the Llama was voted “most likely to be near firing cannons.” Carrey owns the Seattle Sounders professional soccer club and served in the Marine Corps Reserves. 

Chaka Khan (Miss Monster)

Slightly similar to Lil Wayne, Chaka Khan’s singing voice is so clear and well-known that it was hard to believe anyone else was behind the Miss Monster. Still, it took the panel a couple episodes before singer Nicole Scherzinger recognized the Queen of Funk’s voice.

It was unexpected to see a legendary vocalist like Chaka Khan voted off the show so soon. She should’ve definitely stayed longer but was somehow bested by the White Tiger. We’ll miss you, Miss Monster!

Tony Hawk (The Elephant)

It seems like one of the panelists each season has suggested someone is a skateboarder. In fact, both Robin Thicke and Jenny McCarthy said the Elephant looked like a skateboarder when he first walked onto stage. Yet, they weren’t able to guess retired professional skateboarder Tony Hawk was behind the tusks.

Although singing isn’t what he is known for, Hawk’s performance of The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” for his wife was adorable. Unfortunately, Group B is stacked with really talented singers, so Hawk was the first person from this group to be kicked off.

Lil Wayne (The Robot)

The very first contestant to get the boot the season was Grammy-award winning rapper and producer Lil Wayne. The panel, including guest Jamie Foxx, were truly shocked when the musician took off his robot mask. 

But, honestly, most people at home watching were probably very confident that Lil Wayne was behind the mask. As if the clues of a skateboard crashing into a fire truck (a nod to Lil Wayne’s song “Fireman”) and the platinum element on the Periodic Table (hello, platinum records) weren’t clear enough, Lil Wayne’s performance of Lenny Kravitz’s “Are You Gonna Go My Way” made it undeniable the “How to Love” rapper was the Robot.
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