Who’s Who In The Cast Of Disney+’s Diary Of A Future President

Disney+ has entered the new year with Diary of a Future President, a cute series about a young girl who grows up to hold the most powerful office in the country. The show centers around pre-teen Elena (Tess Romero) and her family living in Miami. And while the premise calls for some exciting young newcomers, there are some familiar faces in the cast of Diary of a Future President as well.

We don't have to worry about how stressful her campaign must have been, though: Elena is already President in the future (where she's played by Gina Rodriguez), and the majority of the series is a flashback to middle school. The most thing stressful about Diary of a Future President is stuff like talking to your crush and asking to borrow a tampon. That is plenty stressful, don't get me wrong, but not in a way that reminds you of the upcoming election.


The show may center around the family, but there are a few recurring characters filling out that world. Like Camila, for example, a friend of Elena's mom who is hiding her girlfriend from her own family. She's played by Jessica Marie Garcia (On My Block, How To Get Away With Murder, Liv & Maddie). She isn't the first LGBT character on a Disney+ series, which is promising considering it's a new platform.

As for the major players, however, here are the actors bringing this story to life.

Photo: Courtesy of the CW.

Gina Rodriguez Plays President Elena Cañero-Reed

Who is Elena?
The President of the United States! At the beginning of the Disney+ series, Elena is beginning her first term as POTUS and receives her middle school diary from her mother as a gift.

Where You've Seen Rodriguez
She's the star of Jane The Virgin, natch. You may recognize her voice as the new Carmen Sandiego too, or you've seen her in films like Annihilation. She also serves as a director and executive producer on the series.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.

Tess Romero (Also) Plays Elena Cañero-Reed

Who Is Elena?
The future president is just trying to survive typical sixth grade dilemmas like losing a friend to the popular crowd and managing a daunting new class schedule. She has all it takes, but according to her family is never chill about anything.

Where You've Seen Romero
This is the leading lady's breakout role! Prior to Diary of a Future President, Romero had guest spots on Blindspot and Alternatino with Arturo Castro.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.

Selenis Leyva Plays Gabi Cañero-Reed

Who is Gabi?
Elena's mom is a lawyer. Her husband (Elena's dad) died a few years prior to the series, and Gabi has just started dating again.

Where You've Seen Leyva
She's probably best known as Gloria on Orange is the New Black. Leyva also played a teacher in Spider-Man: Homecoming, appeared in the Netflix series Maniac, and (like many New York City-based actresses) has played multiple characters on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.

Charlie Bushnell Plays Bobby Cañero-Reed

Who Is Bobby?
Elena's brother, the final member of the Cuban-American family at the center of Diary of a Future President.

Where You've Seen Bushnell
This is his acting debut.
Photo: Courtesy of Disney+.

Michael Weaver Plays Sam Faber

Who Is Sam?
Gabi's coworker, a fellow lawyer, who she has been seeing romantically.

Where You've Seen Weaver
The working actor has been on several of your favorite shows, including: Grey's Anatomy, Pushing Daisies, Here and Now, Girlfriends' Guide To Divorce, Notes From The Underbelly, Happy Endings, Parenthood, and Chuck.
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