The On My Block Cast Look Like Tweens, But How Old Are They Really?

PHoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
If you started On My Block, and then exited full screen after about five minutes to Google “On My Block Cesar actor age,” you are not alone. The cast stands out for many reasons, but largely because they look so close to the ages of their characters, but as with most teen shows, many of the On My Block actors are significantly older than their characters — some more than others.
Now, as the series hops into season 2, exactly one year after the first season premiered, the cast has aged even more, but very little time has passed between the end of season 1 and the start of season 2.
As fans well know, season 1 of On My Block ended with a cliffhanger. While we finally found out that Monse and Cesar were actually OTP, that the RollerWorld money was real, and that Olivia did have feelings for Ruby after all, the core four and their newest addition Olivia were in trouble when the credits rolled. In fact, fans have been absolutely feverish waiting to find out if the violent twist at the end of Olivia's quince left both Olivia and Ruby dead.
We're all about to get every single answer we've been waiting for at the hands of this very talented and not quite high school-aged cast.

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