The Best Hallmark Christmas Movies On Netflix

By the time December rolls around, people’s tolerance for cheesy movies rises exponentially — blame holiday cheer. It’s saturating the culture, so why not our Netflix queue? If there’s one channel to blame (or thank) for much of the mushy, saccharine, and downright sentimental Christmas movies, it’s Hallmark. The network is famous for holiday movies where the conflict is minimal, sugar cookies are always decorated, and love interests are Canadian handsome. 

Netflix was once home to much of this sappy stock. These days, you can watch many of your favorites on the Hallmark Movies Now app. However, just because the two split ways doesn’t mean the streamer is lacking in movies sprinkled with that signature Hallmark-esque flavor. Consider these movies the Hydrox cookie to Hallmark’s Oreo. 


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Christmas With A View


Thunder Mountain Ski Resort hires famous chef Shane (Scott Cavalheiro) to cook for guests during the holiday season, putting him at odds with failed restauranter Clara (Kaitlyn Leeb). With they find love this Christmas in the heat of the kitchen? Obviously!

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Christmas Inheritance (2017) 

An heiress (Eliza Taylor) goes incognito in a small town in order to deliver a super special letter to her father’s friend — and ends up falling for a man with small town charm instead. 

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You Can’t Fight Christmas (2017)

A businessman (Andra Fuller) hellbent on ending a town’s beloved holiday tradition falls for the ultimate Christmas enthusiast (Brely Evans). 

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Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

Not to be confused with the Jennifer Lopez movie, this holiday rom-com is about Kelsey (Jocelyn Hudon), a newly-minted wedding planner who teams up with her engaged cousin’s private investigator ex-boyfriend to get dirt on the soon-to-be groom. They fall in love instead. 

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A Christmas Prince (2017)

In order to get a story on Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), journalist Amber (Rose McIver) goes undercover as a royal family tutor. Amber finds herself falling for the prince amidst the castle’s winter wonderland. 

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Christmas In The Heartland (2017) 

Two girls with very different lives swap families over Christmas. 

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Christmas In The Smokies (2015)

One family must team up to save their historic berry farm just before Christmas.

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Merry Kissmas (2015)

When a woman kisses a caterer, she must decide whether to leave her self-centered boyfriend for this new Christmas crush. 

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How Sarah Got Her Wings (2015)

When a Good Samaritan (Lindsey Gort) is not let into heaven following a Christmastime car accident, she returns to Earth for an “angel-in-training” program. 

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The Spirit Of Christmas (2015) 

In order to get a bed and breakfast appraised, workaholic lawyer Kate (Jen Lilley) must deal with the ghost that haunts the establishment. 

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Holiday Engagement (2011) 

In true Christmas movie tradition, a recently dumped woman hires a man to play her fiancé for the holidays, leading to hijinks — and true love. 

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