The Best Hallmark Christmas Movies On Netflix

By the time December rolls around, people’s tolerance for cheesy movies rises exponentially — blame holiday cheer. It’s saturating the culture, so why not our Netflix queue? If there’s one channel to blame (or thank) for much of the mushy, saccharine, and downright sentimental Christmas movies, it’s Hallmark. The network is famous for holiday movies where the conflict is minimal, sugar cookies are always decorated, and love interests are Canadian handsome. 
Netflix was once home to much of this sappy stock. These days, you can watch many of your favorites on the Hallmark Movies Now app. However, just because the two split ways doesn’t mean the streamer is lacking in movies sprinkled with that signature Hallmark-esque flavor. Consider these movies the Hydrox cookie to Hallmark’s Oreo. 
Click through to read about the so-cheesy-they’re-perfect Christmas movies you can watch right now on Netflix.

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