11 Pop Culture Couples Costumes That Aren’t Joker & Harley Quinn

No matter your relationship status, we are here to help you find the perfect pop culture Halloween couples costumes. And whether you’re extremely online or not, these costume suggestions will help you update those wildly popular Joker and Harley Quinn getups, which were so last year (and the year before that, and the year before that) for something a little more 2019. And a lot less toxic.

These couples range from best friends and forbidden loves (Sorry, Fleabag) to terrifying twosomes that could make for even better group costumes, you know if you’re into that sort of thing. Spoiler: Jumpsuits are key to this year’s best pop culture couples costumes and make for a snuggly warm getup for even the chilliest of Halloween nights.


So double, double toil and trouble, it’s time to pop that internet bubble and find the couple costumes that scream twenty-nineteen. And in some cases, will leave others screaming, too. We’re definitely looking at you Midsommar.

The Hormone Monsters From Big Mouth

If you want to redefine the idea of a sexy Halloween costume, look no further than Connie (Maya Rudolph) and Maurice (Nick Kroll), the original Hormone Monsters on Netflix's Big Mouth. For Connie grab a pair of brown leggings and a yellow tank top to layer under a brown long sleeve crop top like this or this. Add some furry leg warmers and gloves, an auburn wig, and some yellow devil horns. For extra points, you can add yellow face paint, a red lip, and the phrase "Joojle it!"

For Maurice, you can do almost the same set-up, minus the red wig and lipstick. Switch the leggings for some brown sweatpants, then swap the tank and crop top combo for a simple long sleeve yellow tee and boom baby, you're in action.
Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.

Fleabag & Hot Priest

From Fleabag

While some may choose to dress as Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her Emmys, it’s the Hot Priest that will turn any Halloween party into a holy experience. May I suggest finding a black jumpsuit like this and a black and white striped shirt to wear underneath. For you or a friend, buy a priest costume and spend this night full of sin ready to talk about Fleabag season 2. Seriously, what’s the deal with the fox?
Photo: Warner Bros/Photofest.

Aquaman & Mera From Aquaman

For those willing to dive to the deepest depths of any ocean for Jason Momoa, Aquaman might be the perfect couple’s costume for you. To become the Aquaman, all you need is a costume like this or this, along with his wig and beard. Or, make your own with this shirt and green leggings. For Amber Heard's Mera, you can grab a “mermaid” jumpsuit and an Ariel red wig and you’re ready to fight for underwater justice and the good candy.
Photo: Courtesy of Monkeypaw Productions.

The Tethered From Us

This Halloween be the worst version of yourself, or as Jordan Peele calls it your “tethered.” All it takes is a pair of red coveralls like this or this, a single fingerless glove, and some sick dance moves.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Nadia & Oatmeal From Russian Doll

Sweet Halloween baby, to become Natasha Lyonne’s death-prone Nadia all it takes is all black everything. We’re talking black blazer, black blouse, black pants accessorized perfectly by those red curls and Harry Nilsson’s “Gotta Get Up” on repeat.

It’s not easy getting Lyonne’s lewk but this wig might do with a little trim. To become her white and orange tabby, wear all white and grab a pair of orange cat ears. Just be careful of the stairs and the stove and, you know, everything else.
Photo: Photofest.

Molly & Amy From Booksmart

Grab your bestie and a pair of navy blue coveralls like this or this or this with a pair of white Converse and a fanny pack to store your keys, wallet, and candy. Now, get ready to have the best night of your lives.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Steve & Robin From Stranger Things

To dress up like these two buddies, just get yourself a Scoops Ahoy! uniform (his and hers) or make your own with a sailor tee (his and hers), a vest and red necktie for Robin, and name tags. If you really want to go for it, add sailor hats and a couple of ice cream scoopers and get ready to serve up some fun this Halloween night.
Photo: Photofest.

Bob & Linda Belcher From

Bob's Burgers

Dress like Tina, Gene, and Louise’s mom and dad this Halloween by raiding your closet. Seriously, you probably already have most of what you need for this costume: blue jeans, a white tee, a red shirt. For those who don’t, buy yourself a red long sleeve like Linda’s and complete the look with this wig and these glasses.

For Bob, just paint a mustache and put on an apron. (This 2-pack means you’ll have one for Linda, too. Alright!)  Now all you need to do is come up with a few punny burger names and you’re good to go.
Photo: Photofest.



Creep other partygoers out by dressing like the Swedish cult in Ari Aster’s horror movie. To get this look wear a white embroidered dress like this or this or this. Definitely don’t forget your flower crown. Carry around a few extra to recruit others into your costume. For the real Midsommar heads, a bear suit like this would put this couple’s costume over the top.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Sasha & Keanu Reeves From Always Be My Maybe

It won’t be easy picking just one of Ali Wong’s looks from Always Be My Maybe, but to make it simple, we’ll go with that dinner scene with Keanu Reeves. To get her character Sasha’s look, you’ll need a patterned one-sleeve top like this and a long green skirt with a gold belt. And of course, a pair of glasses like this or this.

When it comes to being Keanu, though, that’s easy, wear black and lots of it. Throw on a small scarf and a pair of black frames with or without the lenses if you’re as blessed as this legend to have 20/20 vision.
Photo: NBC/Getty Images.

Ross & Rachel From Friends

Whether or not you were around when Friends first premiered, this is your chance to finally have “The Rachel.” Celebrate the show’s 15th anniversary, by dressing as first season Ross—flannel shirt, jeans—and Rachel, back when she still worked at Central Perk—black dress, black tights, denim shirt knotted at the waist with a decorative apron. And no matter what happens this Halloween night, remember, you're not on a break.

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