Theories For Trinkets Season 2, You Know, For Whenever Netflix Finally Gives It The Greenlight

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Warning: Spoilers for Trinkets season 1 are ahead.


Netflix series have mastered ending on the perfect cliffhanger. The finale scenes compel you to rewatch the series to look for clues that might explain the ending, and they also tempt you hope for a renewal so questions are answered. The Society and Dead to Me are just a few recent series that didn’t tie everything up neatly in a bow, and Netflix’s new teen drama Trinkets is no exception.

The last shot we see (before we hopefully get a Trinkets season 2) is a van traveling along a deserted road and police sirens can be heard. Will the girls finally face legal consequences for their crimes? And is Luca really as great as he seems (he can't be, right)? Who did Brady actually call when he was creeping outside Tabitha's house? And did Moe get caught shoplifting?

While we wait for Netflix to decide whether or not they're feeling a second season (please, streaming gods, please!), here are a few ways the story could go with another 10 episodes:

Is Luca Really A Super Wonderful Guy With No Apparent Flaws? (Probably Not, Right?)

Luca (Henry Zaga) is first introduced in the pilot episode as one of the Shoplifters Anonymous meeting attendees. The banter between him and Moe suggest that they know each other, but it is unclear how close they are. What is obvious is that Luca is attracted to Tabitha from the moment he sees her. They have flirty back-and-forth about her entitlement and they frequently lock eyes whenever Tabitha goes to the nightclub where Luca works. But what does Tabitha and the audience really know about Luca?


It’s not hard to hope Luca and Tabitha get together because of their undeniable chemistry and the fact that Tabitha spends most of the season in a relationship with her abusive boyfriend Brady (Brandon Butler). But it’s also difficult to ignore the fact that Luca doesn’t share a lot of information about himself. He speaks once at a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting about how he started stealing, but he doesn’t provide much detail. He also has to be over 21 because he serves drinks at a bar in a nightclub, but Trinkets never explicitly says how old Luca is. His age is pretty alarming considering Tabitha is only 16 when they meet and share their first kiss. She turns 17 in episode four but the age of consent in Oregon is 18 (there is a three year rule, however, that allows an adult to date a minor if they're within three years of the adult's age and give their own consent, which could apply if Luca is 20).

Plus, Tabitha finds out that Luca lives with his ex, Sabine, (Katrina Cunningham) when she goes to a party at their house. Basically, the minimal information the audience knows about Luca isn’t all that great.

A second season could delve deeper into his backstory and his shoplifting addiction. Since he is over 18, it is possible he has a criminal record or has a more dangerous past he has yet to explain. Luca also never learns that how Brady abused Tabitha which could lead to a showdown between the two of them when they finally meet. Plus, Tabitha’s parents are probably going to eventually learn she is seeing an older guy who is a shoplifter. So, the two will definitely face some obstacles if their relationship continues in another season.

Will Brady Actually Turn The Girls In?

It takes Brady a few episodes but he finally realizes that Tabitha most likely stole his car keys and drowned his car since she is the only person who knows his locker combination. He is also aware that Tabitha is connected to Moe and Elodie in some way because he sees their matching tattoos. He dials the Portland police at the end of episode 10 and a siren can be heard, so it is possible he gave the police new information.


While one of the cliffhangers is who the police are after at the end of the episode, the audience also doesn’t know how much information Brady possibly gave the police. When Tabitha broke up with him, he responded by posting revenge porn, so it is obvious he is a vengeful person. He would likely want to accuse all three of them to ensure Tabitha is held responsible and has to see her friends face the consequences.

But, in a desperate plea to win Tabitha back, Brady could place all the blame on Moe. She punches him in the final episode which leaves him with a black eye. His pride and desire to be with Tabitha could lead to Moe’s arrest

Could Moe Be Tempted To Follow In Her Father's Footsteps?

Moe has a rough final episode and her main source of hurt comes from her father standing her up. She tries to brush it off, but then she also loses her STEM program in Korea after being suspended for punching Brady. Her disappointments and losses lead to her shoplifting for the first time. This is Moe’s first real taste of a life of crime, even if it's just petty theft.

It is never explicitly said what Moe’s dad served time for, but it is implied he has been in prison for a significant amount of time. When she admits to Elodie and Tabitha that she isn’t a shoplifter and only attends the meetings because she took the fall for someone else, she says people assumed her guilt since her father is a criminal. Moe’s mom also tells Moe she has similarities to her father which could foreshadow Moe making poor decisions in the future. She could think the suspension will ruin her future opportunities so she might as well continue down the wrong path. Season 2 could find Moe spiraling and being the person people wrongly expect her to be.


Could Sabine Make More Trouble For Elodie?

Like Tabitha, Elodie is also in a questionable relationship. Elodie is basically obsessed with Sabine and her musical talent. She runs away with the musician to be her “head groupie” and avoid being sent away to a treatment facility for shoplifters. But, Sabine’s behavior so far should prove to Elodie that she isn’t a trustworthy person.

Sabine is most likely the same age as Luca, early to mid twenties, so it’s inappropriate that she would want to pursue a romantic relationship with Elodie. She also invites Elodie to her house party with Luca and then barely spends time with her. But the biggest red flag with Sabine is that she pressures Elodie constantly. When she learns Elodie shoplifts, Sabine immediately encourages Elodie to steal sunglasses even though she doesn’t want to. Then when Elodie lists school, family, and friends as reasons why she shouldn’t run away with Sabine, the singer disregards Elodie’s reasoning.

Elodie probably won’t be on the road with Sabine for long if Trinkets is renewed, especially since those sirens are a-coming. But even if the sirens aren't for them, Sabine has shown that she's self-obsessed and will continue to use Elodie has her personal plaything, including asking Elodie to steal again for her amusement. Hopefully Elodie’s dad, Tabitha, or Moe show up soon and take her back home where she belongs.

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