The Guy Hannah Chooses On The Bachelorette Will Almost Certainly Be From This Group

Hannah B. may have a difficult time creating champagne toasts on the fly, but there’s one thing she’s made completely clear on her season of The Bachelorette and that’s how she wants to be her real, true self no matter what and demands that her suitors do the same. For some, this means making declarations of love way, wayyy too early — looking at you, Luke P.

But regardless, there’s no denying that Hannah is taking this opportunity to find love very seriously. So is she successful? Who does Hannah end up with on The Bachelorette? Will none of these guys prove to be worthy of her heart at the end of it all? While we won’t know the answer to that question until the season finale, however, that in no way should prevent us from trying to predict which contestants stand the most likely chance of sticking around for that final rose ceremony.


Right now all of them claim to be there for Hannah, which means it’s up to her to weed out the lovers from the liars. Some of the guys have already managed to make some solid connections with her, but as this show has proven in the past — nothing is ever a given, which means almost anything is possible. Those who seem to have the advantage one week end up falling way behind the following week, making it difficult to predict the outcome.

As for the guys who stand the best chance of ultimately getting down on one knee, here’s who you should definitely be keeping an eye on…


Not only is he insanely handsome, but he showed up in his pilot uniform during the season premiere. He deserves at least 10 roses for that move alone. Plus, he seems like a pretty genuine guy who is focused on Hannah and not partaking in any of the drama that’s already beginning to unfold in the mansion. Also, did I mention that he’s a pilot? That means he could literally fly Hannah anywhere she wants to go. So should we just give him that final rose now or… ???


As of now, Jed hasn’t been featured too much this season, but the times he has been on camera have been pretty great. That song he sang for Hannah during the talent portion of the pageant competition was beyond sweet. Who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their life listening to that voice? Not to mention that Jimmy Kimmel picked him as the winner and the late night host has a knack for picking right with these things.


Connor S.

Only a handful of guys had the chance to meet Hannah before the season even started during Colton’s After the Final Rose special and Connor S. was one of them. That automatically helps give him an edge since he’s been on Hannah’s radar longer that most. If he’s able to keep that momentum up, he definitely has a shot of winning over her heart for good.


As the beauty pageant group date proved, Mike is such a good sport and seems always up for a good time. It’s impossible not to smile when you see him on-screen. If I’m feeling that way from the comfort of my couch, I can only imagine how much better it must be in person. He may be too good for this show, but let’s hope he sticks around anyway.


Again, most of the footage thus far has been dedicated to Cam and Luke P., however, Garrett is featured pretty prominently in the promo. In fact, his one-on-one date with Hannah will involve the two of them bungee jumping in the buff, which is definitely a unique experience that’ll bond them in more ways than one.

Luke P.

I’m hesitant to even put this out in the universe, but there’s no denying that Hannah is completely smitten with this guy, despite the fact that he came very close to dropping the L word in Week 2. He’s definitely determined to prove to her how much he cares, and while fans are a little uncomfortable with it, Hannah seems to like it, so I wouldn’t rule him out entirely.

Whatever the outcome ends up being, though, let’s hope Hannah finds the happy ending she’s looking for.
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