Rihanna’s Jade Nails Are The Coolest Take On A Marble Manicure

The marble manicure has become the French manicure's cooler cousin. The design, modeled after the glossy countertops and home decor we save on Pinterest, has taken on a life of its own when painted on nails.

You can go classic and opt for muted, nude colors that look good any time, anywhere. But the marbling technique also allows for a fun combination of colors. You can use just about any color scheme with the swirling and smudging technique to get a crystal effect. Take rose quartz nails, for example, which utilize pinks and nudes to mimic the love-attracting stone.


Now jade, the stone that encourages balance and harmony, is the marble effect that everyone is requesting again, and Rihanna is the latest celebrity to get on board. The singer flaunted a fresh set of nails done by London manicurist Jenny Longworth on Instagram Stories recently. The design used shades of ivory and seafoam green to mimic jade stone.

If you've been looking for a nail art design that will also keep you centered, turn to jade. Ahead find more cool ways to rock what is quickly becoming summer's hottest nail look.

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Longworth hand-painted RiRi's tips with smudgy shades of blue, white, and green to get this marble jade effect.
Short and square or sharp and stiletto, jade art is one of those trends that is equal parts eye-catching and ethereal (especially with gold detailing).
If muted is more of your nail-art MO, paint a jade pattern on just one accent finger and coat the others with a copper color.
This combination of gold foil and jade at the tips is a maximalist take on the look.
Marble is often associated with a glossy texture, but this matte finish makes these nails look like actual jade.
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