Every Celeb Is Getting This Tattoo In 2019 — & It's So Romantic

"A rose is a rose is a rose," novelist and playwright Gertrude Stein famously wrote. But to celebrities who keep inking the flower on their bodies, it represents a lot more than that. For one, it can mark the end of a career-shifting role. To another, it can signal overcoming a major personal obstacle.

That might explain why roses — which have long been a mainstay in the tattoo community — have especially blown up on the L.A. scene recently. Other than being straight-up gorgeous, it's a bloom that's given to people when they're experiencing everything from love to pain, making it immediately symbolic of a time of transformation.


And for the four celebrities ahead, that time is apparently now. From Gaga to G-Eazy, see how celebrities are making the rose their own in 2019.

Just ahead of the Oscars, Lady Gaga debuted a huge rose from the top of her neck straight down her spine. Paired with the phrase "La Vie en Rose," the ink is clearly an ode to her career-altering role in A Star Is Born. It's the song her character Ally is performing when she first encounters Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). And in real life, it's also what she was singing when Cooper decided she was right for the role.
To celebrate six months of sobriety back in January, Demi Lovato got a long-stemmed rose tattooed on the inside of her pointer finger by the same man behind Gaga's tattoo: L.A-based artist Daniel Winter.
In early January, celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy inked G-Eazy with a super-thorny rose just behind his left ear. The singer actually has a song called "Dear Ms. Rose," which could have been the inspiration.
Back in early 2018, Dua Lipa rebelled against a classic design and instead got a graffiti-style rose inked on the inside of her right arm by tattoo artist Madame Buraka, who also snuck a hidden "95" (Lipa's birth year) into the leaves.
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