You’re Going To Need This Super Powered Umbrella Academy Character Guide

After months of hype, Netflix’s Umbrella Academy season 2 is here. The powered-up streaming series, inspired by a graphic novel from My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way, follows a dysfunctional cast of superheroes who are trying to stop the apocalypse as a family. There’s also time traveling, a kindly primate butler (Adam Godley), and a pair of cranky assassins (Mary J. Blige and Mindhunter’s Cameron Britton) to deal with.

The Ellen Page-led series is clearly juggling many balls at once. Just one would be baffling — and we didn’t even get to the Westworld-style mom robot (Jordan Claire Robbins) — so all of these wild details mixed together for two 10-episode seasons could become absolutely confounding.


To help limit the confusion, we came up with a handy character guide. This way, you can know who each Umbrella Academy sibling is, what their number is (back in the day their distant dad Sir Reginald Hargreeves ranked them in terms of usefulness), what their powers and abilities are, and why they’re so very tortured as adults. Because believe us, everyone is tortured on Umbrella Academy.

When the apocalypse inevitably comes to Umbrella Academy (again), at least you’ll be a little more prepared.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Luther Hargreeves, Number 1

Powers & abilities: Super strength. After a horrible accident, that power is only made more extreme when his father injects him with ape DNA.

What’s their story as an adult?: Luther (Tom Hopper) is the only Umbrella Academy alum who stayed with their adoptive dad in their cavernous, emotionally frigid mansion. Luther continued to fight crime under the orderers of Reginald (Colm Feore) until — for reasons explained throughout season 1 — Sir Hargreeves sends him to the moon.

There, Luther lived out his days in utter solitude and loneliness, all because dad said so. He only returns to earth to deal with Reginald’s death, upon which he learns that his moon mission was entirely pointless. Reginald never read his reports.

Where have you seen them before?: Two words: Hot. Dickon.

Mope level on a scale of 1- MCR's “Helena:” 8, only truly sullen superheroes go live on intergalactic rocks in pure silence.

Diego Hargreeves, Number 2

Powers & abilities: Throwing knives really well, but also bending the paths of other metal objects. We learn in season 2 that this includes knives and bullets.

What’s their story as an adult?: Diego (David Castañeda), a man with relentless simmering hostility and many random knife scars, is The Umbrella Academy’s answer to Batman. While Luther is practically immobilized by rules and his father’s lessons, Diego is a vigilante who serves his own version of justice, cold and bloody.

Diego’s above-the-law antics often put him at odds with his ex, detective Patch (Revenge alum Ashley Madekwe), in season 1. When she was killed, he was framed for her murder, but that ordeal gets washed away when he and his siblings jump to the '60s to avoid the apocalypse.

In season 2, he's got a new outlook on life — which mainly amounts to an obsession with stopping the assassination of JFK.

Where have you seen them before?: Castañeda played a conniving Jane The Virgin assistant back in 2014 (are there any other kind in the world of Jane Villanueva?). He was also in old school ABC Family drama Switched At Birth and 2018’s Sicario: Day of the Soldado.

Mope level on a scale of 1-“Helena:” 4. Diego is, of course, a sad boi. However, this vigilante is even more of an angry boy.

Allison Hargreeves, Number 3

Powers & abilities: Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) can convince anyone of anything by posing the idea as a “rumor.” That means once she starts a sentence with “I heard a rumor that…” the person she is speaking to is compelled to do or think the action she describes. That can result in something simple like a person no longer crying or something violent like a criminal shooting their accomplice to end a bank robbery. Talk about the power of persuasion.

What’s their story as an adult?: Once the Umbrella Academy started fighting crime, they became teen idols. Allison is the only one who rode that fame into adulthood celebrity. In 2019, she was America’s sweetheart and a red carpet staple whose personal life was tabloid fodder.

The coverage of Allison’s life only got worse around the time of season 1, since she was involved in a tumultuous divorce from her husband. The couple’s young daughter Claire, whom Allison’s estranged spouse Patrick has custody of, is caught in the middle.

In season 2, the season 1-ending time jump sent Allison back to the '60s, where her life has changed significantly. By the time she calls out for Clare late in season 2, you'd be forgiven for wondering "who?"

Where have you seen them before?: Raver-Lampman was in Hamilton on Broadway and also appeared in an episode of A Million Little Things.

Mope level on a scale of 1-“Helena:” 5. Allison might be upset about her custody battle and divorce (both of which are made even more complicated by her powers), but she can still smile for the cameras when necessary.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Klaus Hargreeves, Number 4

Powers & abilities: Communing with the dead. Access to so many great leather pants.

What’s their story as an adult?: Klaus (Robert Sheehan) arguably has the darkest power out of all of his siblings’ abilities — especially since Sir Reginald once locked him in a crypt for hours on to expand his powers. So, Klaus was bombarded by countless disgruntled spirits as a child. One of those spirits is his late brother Ben, who can only be seen and heard by Klaus.

He dealt with his trauma throughout season 1 by living in a near constant state of intoxication, whether that be attained by drugs or alcohol or both, but in by season 2, he's clean and sober (at the start at least). He also starts a cult using pop music lyrics from the future. His followers are called Destiny's Children (um, paging Beyoncé's lawyers), wear all baby blue, and hang on his every word, no matter the meaning.

Where have you seen them before?: Sheehan is one of the longest-working members of the Hargreeves family cast. The Irish actor broke out in Brit teen sci-fi drama Misfits, where Game Of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon, aka Ramsay Bolton, was his best scene partner. Sheehan also appeared in both 2013's Mortal Instruments and 2018's Mortal Engines, which are inexplicably not related.

Mope level on a scale of 1-“Helena:” 9.5. Klaus is haunted by the spirits of the dead after years of abuse from his adopted dad. There’s an ocean of hurt under Klaus’ intoxicated, cheeky smile (and it only gets worse after one strange season 1 twist).
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Number Five Hargreeves, Number, Well, 5

Powers & abilities: Teleportation that evolves into time travel.

What’s their story as an adult?: This is the weirdest story of all. While most of the Umbrella Academy kids are about 30, Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) is in his 60s… despite living in the body of a tween.

Over a decade before the events of Umbrella Academy — when all of the Hargreeves siblings were also tweens — Number Five accidentally time traveled to the future. Unfortunately, he ended up in a time when the apocalypse had hit and society was wiped out. Unsure of his powers, Five was marooned there and lived out decades of his life in that fiery hellscape as a top assassin for The Commission. Eventually he managed to get back to “the present.” Five’s formula for return was wonky, and his inter-time journey turned him back into a boy. He spent all of season 1 escaping the Commission, who wanted him dead for trying to stop the apocalypse. That theme won't change in season 2.

Also, one of Five's big gigs for the Commission happened in 1963: He was present when JFK was shot. This will become significant by season 2's end.

Where have you seen them before?: Gallagher is a Nickelodeon star who led Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

Mope level on a scale of 1-“Helena:” 9. Imagine living a grizzled life for nearly half a century, amidst the apocalypse no less, only to find yourself trapped in the body of a child. Don’t expect any smiles from Number 5.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Ben Hargreeves, Number 6

Powers & abilities: Accessing monsters of another dimension, bringing them to this one, and unleashing them through his body. Ben is often seen in flashbacks fighting crime via kraken tentacles shooting out from his body and attacking ne'er do wells. As a ghost though, these powers are pretty limited.

Occasionally, Ben is summoned with Klaus' help to join the fight (see his tentacles in action at the end of season 1), and in season 2, the duo being experimenting with possession.

What’s their story as an adult?: Ben (Justin H. Min) died when the Umbrella Academy were kids. Klaus was able to wake Ben's ghost though, so the two of them have grown up together — without any of their siblings realizing Ben was there.

This fact starts to way on Ben pretty heavily in season 2.

Where have you seen them before?: Min appeared in two episodes of MTV’s Faking It. He is also credited in one episode of upcoming Amazon series Too Old to Die Young starring Miles Teller.

Mope level on a scale of 1-“Helena:” 2. Ben is dead — there’s no use in moping anymore.
Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Vanya Hargreeves, Number 7

Powers & abilities: She grew up thinking she had no powers, but as it turns out late in season 1, she has the strongest powers out of everyone. She manipulates sonic waves, technically, but what you really need to know is that she can pretty much do anything — fire concentrated blasts, whip objects around in a deadly manner, and level entire buildings.

What’s their story as an adult?: Vanya, thinking she lacked the talents that come with being a superpowered Umbrella Academy crime fighter, left home completely isolated from her family. So, she wrote a tell-all memoir about a childhood with headline-making siblings. That didn’t even become a hit.

In season 1, Vanya, a violinist, was second chair in an orchestra and taught lessons for extra cash until she met a man named Leonard. They dated, he used her father's stolen journal to coax her powers out for his own personal gain, then she killed him for manipulating and gaslighting her. Classic girl-meets-douchebag.

At the end of season 1, Vanya has fully realized her powers and become The White Violin, but Five time jumps with her and all their siblings to avoid the apocalypse, which it turns out, she was the cause of.

In season 2, Vanya gets hit by a car and has amnesia, but don't worry — this time she figures the powers out a lot faster.

Where have you seen them before?: Where haven’t you seen Ellen Page? The longtime actress is an X-Man (cheers to Kitty Pryde, the true driving force of 2014’s Days Of Future Past). Page is also the Juno of Juno and someone who deserved more to do in Inception.

Mope level on a scale of 1-“Helena:” 10. 20. Vanya’s mope is past “Helena.” She’s at the abject darkness of “Demolition Lovers.”
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