Everyone's Talking About Kylie Jenner's Throwback Manicure

Tie-dye designs might conjure up images of Janis Joplin in a technicolor dress at Woodstock, or maybe the fluorescent tees we all wore to play mandatory sports in middle school. Translate that pattern to nail art, however, and it stops feeling decade-specific and starts looking decidedly modern. For proof, two trendsetters, Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid, have recently taken the nostalgic pattern for a spin — and it's garnering a lot of attention.

The actual process requires a little more finesse than vats of dye and rubber bands: Artists are recreating the effect by carefully painting nail polish onto the nail in individual swirls, then pulling a striping brush through the center before the polish dries to create the spiral effect. Tie-dye has always been about that imperfect homespun finish — but if you can't quite nail it, there's no shame in bringing along the inspiration photos ahead next time you head to the salon. It's all groovy, baby.

Jenner posted this mani-pedi shot to her Instagram feed showing off her pastel tie-dyed acrylics and '90s-era toe rings. The post brought in over 4 million likes and hundreds of thousands of comments calling for a summer 2019 tie-dye/toe ring comeback.
Mei Kawajiri gave Gigi Hadid multicolored tie-dye designs to ring in her 24th birthday back in April.
Celebrity nail artist Mary Sol took the tie-dye trend to the next level by adding it as an accent in this neon manicure.
South Korean nail-artist trailblazer Park Eunkyung of Unistella is one Instagram-favorite manicurist spearheading the trend. Eunkyung ditched pastels and metallics for bright shades in pink, yellow, green and blue, fashioned into a psychedelic swirl and printed onto classic almond-shaped nails.
For an elegant, deconstructed take on tie-dye, consider incorporating a stripe on otherwise neutral nails.
Coffin nails aren't going anywhere fast, according to Instagram nail artist Hannah Schewel, who combined tie-dye with a calligraphy font, a trend that London manicurist Ami Streets already predicted will be huge this year.
If you aren't feeling a whole nail, California-based nail artist Julie Ventura makes a case for the negative space vibe, with a single tie-dye strip down the center. The tie-dye effect looks just as good on short, natural nails as it does on longer acrylics.
A matte top coat creates a dry, dusty finish that pairs perfectly with a sunset-inspired color scheme.
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