14 Ways To Wear Winter-White Nail Polish In Summer

White nail polish was a celebrity favorite last summer, with trend-setting stars like Ariana Grande, Amara La Negra, and Blake Lively rocking the classic shade on the red carpet. A year later, and the seasonal pick still makes sense: It's the middle of June, skin is just beginning to bronze, and white nails feel like a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Sure, there are thousands of trendy nail polish colors to choose from when you walk into a salon, but opting for a wintery white in the dead of summer will keep your manicure looking crisp and fresh even after a week of wear. What's more, it looks good in any design and on any nail shape. Bottom line: We're on board.


Ahead, white-hot manicure inspiration to bring to the salon this summer.

Ready to dive deep into fish nail art? Opt out of a bolder polish combo, and go for a creamy white and glossy nude instead.
This twist on baby-boomer nails is the perfect way to make white polish work for your unique style. Add a few bedazzled accents, et voilà — you've mastered the trend.
Yes, white looks great on short nails.
And extra-long coffin nails, too.
Reinvent the French tip with two stacked polishes: Paint the top half of your nail in white, then add a sparkly gold to the tip of the nail. Adding some glitter quickly revives the classic trend.
Another reason to love white polish: It goes with any other accent polish used for delicate designs, like black stripes...
Or color-blocked cuticles.
Can't settle on just one polish? Mix up textures by adding glitter or chrome to a few fingers.
Grande and family (her grandmother, Nonna, and mom, Joanne) are big fans of the trend. In fact, the trio got matching cloudy-white manicures from L.A. nail artist Natalie Minerva.
Proof the "Thank U, Next" singer has been spearheading this trend for months: these Chanel-embossed gel extensions she wore back in July. (Minerva says that logo nail art will be huge this year, too.)
Combine your milkiest polish with an animal print for a chic take.
Need a bit more yin to your yang? Ask your nail artist to create some art that combines black and white polish.
Is a plain white polish too stark for your style? Use it as a base color to enhance several other polishes for one impressively abstract mani.
Press-on queen Jennifer Lopez is also a proponent for the look. Check out her all-white polish, painted by Tom Bachik.
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