Pinterest Search Is Up 5,000% For Winter-White Nails

Photographed By Tegan Davis.
White-hot nail polish swept L.A. this past summer, thanks to a lineup of trend-setting stars like Ariana Grande, Amara La Negra, and Blake Lively who owned the look. The seasonal pick made sense: It was the middle of August, skin was bronzed, the sun was blazing, and white nails felt like a much-needed breath of fresh air. No one expected the summery vibe to carry over into the fall and winter — but it did.
According to Pinterest, searches for white nails are up 5,000% right now. Maybe it's because the color is clean and simple, or that it looks good on literally every skin tone, in any design, on any nail shape or length. Whatever the reasoning, we're on board — even if it's 30 degrees and the forecast is calling for a blizzard. (At the very least, our manicures will match the snow.)
Ahead, the freshest white-nail inspiration to bring to the salon this winter... or just your bathroom, should you actually find yourself snowed in.

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