These Retailers Have Changed Their Gun Policies Since Parkland

On February 28, Dick's Sporting Goods became the first major U.S. firearm retailer to change its gun sale policies since the Parkland school shooting on February 14. Within 24 hours, Walmart and Kroger announced that they were doing the same.

Here is a list of retailers that have changed their gun sale policies in light of the most recent mass shooting.

Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's CEO Edward Stack told The New York Times that his company is ending all sales of assault-style rifles and no longer selling high-capacity magazines. It will also no longer sell any guns to anyone under age 21, regardless of local laws. Following the Parkland shooting, Dick's discovered it had sold a gun to shooter Nikolas Cruz in November, though it was not the gun used in the shooting.

This is not the first time that Dick’s has enacted a policy change after a shooting. Following the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, Dick's halted sales of assault-style rifles, only to sell them again at its outdoor and hunting retail chain, Field & Stream, a few months later.

Walmart announced on its website that it has raised the age limit for purchasing guns and ammunition to 21 years of age. The retailer also stated that its stores will no longer be selling items "resembling assault-style rifles, including nonlethal airsoft guns and toys."

Following the announcements from Dick's and Walmart, the supermarket chain said it will no longer sell firearms to anyone under the age of 21 at its Fred Meyers locations.
L.L. Bean

The clothing and outdoor equipment retailer announced on Twitter that it will no longer sell guns or ammunition to anyone under 21 years old. The announcement came in response to a tweet from a customer who urged L.L. Bean to change its gun sale policies. Of its 37 stores nationwide, only its flagship store in Freeport, Maine, has a license to sell guns.

The outdoor retailer announced that it would halt its orders from Vista Outdoor (which owns firearm-manufacturing companies). While REI does not sell guns, it does carry products from many brands owned by Vista. The announcement came after an online petition urging REI to drop Vista products was signed by more than 24,000 people. Vista neglected to make a statement following the Parkland shooting.
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