The Biggest Beauty Movement You Can Find All Over Instagram

Contrary to the over-plucked eyebrow trend of yore, the kind of fringe popping up on our feeds today is fuller than ever. The last few years alone have seen bold-brow outliers like Cara Delevingne, Lucy Hale, and Zendaya prove that the beauty standard for the "cool" eyebrow is no longer one-size-fits-all. In 2018, however, people are taking the look one step further, proudly showing off their unibrows both on Instagram and on the runways — and we don't hate it one bit.

If the body hair movement of our generation has proven anything, it's that you shouldn't feel self-conscious about the natural hair you have — and this extends to your eyebrows. Luckily, there's a crop of unibrow renegades all over social media lighting the way. So if the thought of getting another wax makes you want to curl up in a ball and cry, you might want to consider following their lead and let your (eyebrow) bush grow wild and free.

Need inspiration? We've rounded up our favorite unibrows on Instagram as of late. Because there's no time like the present to free the brow.

While the rest of us have been conditioned to think that sweet spot between both brows should be hairless, model Sophia Hadjipanteli got lucky. "If you’re in a family where your brother and dad also have really nice eyebrows, you’re never really self-conscious of having thick eyebrows," she told Harper's Bazaar.
The subtle red lip makes this look is very Frida Kahlo, no?
This model praised her photographer Adam Flowers for not photoshopping out her perfectly combed brow.
"I was born with a unibrow, so these are just my eyebrows, you know what I mean?" model Scarlett Costello recently told Refinery29. And she's right — it's just an eyebrow.
There's nothing like millennial pink to make your bold monobrow pop.
Ready to embrace the look? Remember one thing: be patient. Growing out your brows can be a long process. Just make sure you hide your grooming tool kit on your most restless days.
Even if you're ready to toss your tweezers, doesn't mean you have to toss your brow gel, too. Opt for a clear coat of your favorite formula to let your longer hairs stand out.
Feel free to skip the dark lip when you're rocking a bold look like this and opt for a clear gloss to make sure the trend really shines.
If anyone understands the ridicule you might face when owning your unibrow, it's Lorde. But after she was put on the cover of Vogue with her monobrow fully intact, she knew exactly how to celebrate: on Twitter.
Even if you weren't born with one connected brow doesn't mean you have to pass up on the movement. Natalia Castellar Calvani likes to keep hers as thick as possible.
And of course, we could never forget Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi for her famous brows. Although she keeps it tweezed for her character Zoey on the show, Shahidi expressed more than once that she's all about that unibrow life.
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