People Are Already Getting Black Panther Tattoos, Because #WakandaForever

The nation of Wakanda may be fictional, but it's still etched into the hearts of millions. And as someone who's already seen it twice, I can say that the hype is more than justifiable. Among my many reasons for loving the film, I was most left in awe by the painstaking detail that went into every hair, makeup, and wardrobe decision — which all honored African heritage and traditions. The cast gave young people of color a shining example of representation, and another reason to stand taller, as Michelle Obama said so eloquently.

Even though the movie has only been out for six days, devotees have already hit up their tattoo artists for Wakanda-themed body art to match what they saw in the film. Some aren't as radical as the head tattoos seen on the Dora Milaje, but we think that King T'Challa, Princess Shuri, Okoye, and the rest of the crew would still be proud.

Check out the fresh ink in the slides ahead, but fair warning to those who haven't seen the film yet: These tattoo stories contain a few spoilers.

Photo: Via @joyofodu.
Model Joy Sunday Okon is the spitting image of Danai Gurira's Okoye character, from the military tattoo to the upside-down liner. No word yet on whether her inner-lip ink is real, temporary, or Photoshopped, but you can still color us impressed.
This fan definitely went for the real deal — permanently etching his inner lip with a version of the tattoo that identifies the Wakandan people in the film. Twitter pointed out that the tattoo wasn't the most accurate portrayal (in font or color), but we can still applaud the effort.
Photo: Via @sojourn.w.
The Wakandan salute is simple: Just cross your arms over your chest. @Sojourn one-upped everyone by tattooing the crossed arms on her actual chest... which just so happens to be close to her heart.
Photo: Via @queenbeeink.
Wakanda sorcery is this?! Look at how Okoye's gold jewelry glistens on this thigh piece.
Photo: Via @onedropink.
This T'Challa masked tattoo is even doper because a Black woman (tattoo artist and shop owner Elisheba Isreal) etched it.
Photo: Via @murderink_tattooz.
When T'Challa finally defeated Erik Killmonger, the villain recited one of the most poignant lines we've ever heard, which were etched onto a client by @murderink_tattooz: "Bury me in the ocean with my ancestors that jumped from the ships. Because they knew death was better than bondage."
Photo: Via @tatsbydice.
"Bro didn’t waste no time," tattoo artist Dice DaVinci wrote of his client's new permanent necklace.
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