Express Yourself This Halloween In These Easy Emoji Costumes

Some people use Halloween as an excuse to become their favorite movie stars, book characters, or, in especially creative cases, speedy shipping services. For others, Halloween is less a chance to turn yourself into someone else and more an opportunity to show how you're really feeling.

If you fall into the latter camp, an emoji costume is one clever way to get your emotions and internet tendencies out in the open. Feeling snarky? Put on a smirking face. Totally in love with your Halloween crew? Heart eyes will show the love.

Plus, if Heidi Klum's no-expense-is-too-great-for-Halloween style of costume creation isn't really your style, you can rest easy knowing that you can assemble emoji costumes for a far more affordable price. Ahead, nine inexpensive options for doing Halloween with smiles, tears, and lolling tongues.

All The Face Emojis

If you're going to be an emoji face, you might as well get your own face involved. If you don't want to commit to the full on yellow look, just draw on overly large tears with blue liquid eye liner and call it a day.
Ghost Emoji

For a fun take on a very cliché costume, wear white and craft this balloons à la influencer Sam Ushiro. You'll only need six ingredients: white balloons, printer paper, tissue paper, vinyl adhesive, scissors and a hot glue gun. Find full instructions here.
Woman Dancing Emoji

Put your own spin on the salsa dancer like Rebecca Grafton did here, with your favorite red dress and shoes. If you want to stick closely to the emoji version, wear a dress that has some movement, like this one from H&M. For extra effect, add a fan or flowers in your hair, and be sure to strike a pose.
The Emoji Keyboard

Why choose one when you could be the entire emoji keyboard? There are multiple temporary tattoo sets available — we love these ones from Flash Tattoos and the category sets from Tattify. Choose your favorites and get to work applying.

Flash Tattoos Emoji authentic metallic temporary tattoos, $8.50, available on Amazon.
The Eggplant

For a mere $8 you can becomes everyone's favorite suggestive emoji. Pair with a long sleeve purple shirt and leggings and you'll be peak eggplant.

Party City Adult eggplant hat, $7.99, available at Party City.

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Couple With Heart

Paint your faces yellow and don yellow wigs, and pink and bright blue shirts. Buy a stuffed heart pillow and carry it between you for the night.
Beer Mug

If you don't want to spend any money, you can craft this beer mug mask from cardboard and a print-out of the emoji on photo paper. But if you're willing to commit $24.99 to the cause of looking extra silly, this mask will do the trick.

Halloween Express Adult Beer Mug Mask, $24.99, available at Halloween Express.
Woman Feeling All The Emotions

Turn into everyone's favorite little pink lady with a hot pink shirt. Practice your faces and hand gestures ahead for the perfect gestures, pouts, frowns, and hand tips.
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