How To Create A Halloween Costume With Just Your Eyebrows

DIYing a Halloween costume always sounds like a fun idea. But when push comes to shove, we often find ourselves spending way too much time or money (or both) on a less than satisfactory outfit that we could have easily bought off Amazon. That's why we turn to Halloween makeup.

A little Ben Nye face paint can quickly become a costume on its own. But sometimes even a black-and-white skull design or pop art Wonder Woman can seem way too intimidating to try, which is where Halloween brows come in. Lately, they come in every which way — from the Nike swoosh to squiggly lines — that do the work of finding a costume for you.

Check out a few of our favorite options, ahead.

Cleopatra Brows

You don't need the gold gown when you've got gilded brows and thick kohl eyeliner. Count those as your fancy accessories.
Squiggle Brows

Perhaps the biggest (and strangest) trend of the bunch, this look works perfectly if you pair it with glitter tears and fake freckles for a flawless "2017 Beauty Trends" costume.
Spiked Brows

This one screams "Space Robot" without you having to do anything else at all.
Nike Swoosh Brows

With this design, all you have to do is throw on on a T-shirt and some basketball shorts to be this year's MVP.
Ponytail Brows

This one requires a little post-op Photoshop, but can you imagine the killer Betty Cooper costume you could pull off with the help of these brow ponytails?
Mermaid Brows

All you need to complete the look: a turquoise (or gold, or aquamarine, or purple) dress.
Peacock Feather Brows

No need to add any feathers when you've already recreated them on your face.
Braid Brows

Braid brows + red glitter lips = Dorothy.
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