How To Be The Most Badass Women On TV This Halloween

Everywhere you look on television, there's a badass woman saving the day. Just think about the last season of Game Of Thrones. So, there's no better time to celebrate the very feminist television landscape than this Halloween. Why? Because you can be your favorite kick-butt character for the evening.

To help you narrow down your choices down to some doable options, we picked out all the best badass female characters you could actually dress up as this October 31.


And, since Halloween is absolutely no fun without your friends, we tossed in quite a few group costume ideas to spread the fun. Keep reading to find your perfect Halloween costume for 2019. This is going to be fierce.

Catherine the Great of Catherine The Great

This Halloween, let your most regal flag fly! In 1762, Catherine the Great overthrew her husband, Tsar Peter III, in a military coup, and crowned herself Empress of Russia. She would rule one of the largest countries in the world for over thirty years. Her achievements, especially her struggle to consolidate power and expand the Russian empire, as well as her steamy relationship with Grigory Potemkin are now the subject of an HBO mini-series, which premieres October 21.

How do you channel Russian royalty? Easy! First off, you need a white powdered wig. If you want to get fancy, you can go full-18th century with a hooped skirt and corset. But really, any kind of velvet/faux-fur combo will do just fine.

Diane Lockhart of The Good Fight

Whatever you're going through right now, Diane Lockhart gets it. She's one of the few TV characters to respond to the chaos of living in the present day. As a result, she's changed since her days on The Good Wife. Still a fierce lawyer, now she's also a fed-up lawyer who throws axes and fights the system to unwind.

Be the fairy godmother of all badass professional ladies for Halloween. It's simple: Wear a suit jacket, a broad, and a broach. Contrast this standard lawyer attire with a fake axe, and you're all set.

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Liv Moore Of iZombie

Liv Moore (A Christmas Prince's Rose McIver!) is not only a zombie — she's a relentless crime fighter too. So she might be one of the most low-key badass women on the CW.

To hit up your next Halloween party as iZombie's Liv, you need some basic Seattle-ready duds, a short ice blonde wig, black eyeliner, and a little bit of red or black eye shadow. And if you want to go full-tilt zombie Liv, don't forget the red contacts.

Lizzie Elliot Of Altered Carbon

It's difficult to imagine something more badass than Lizzie Elliot's wild arc during Netflix's Altered Carbon. Never forget when Lizzie literally forced a floating palace of sex crimes and abuse to plummet to the ground, all while she was wearing a latex catsuit.

To celebrate Lizzie's unbreakable spirit, all you need is a catsuit of your own, some fake blood, and a can-do attitude.

Michael Burnham Of Star Trek

Is there anything more badass than being the first Black female lead of a Star Trek, a franchise that's been kicking around pop culture for half a century? No. No there is not. For your Michael (Sonequa Martin-Green) costume, you're going to need a long-sleeved deep blue jumpsuit, or catsuit, and one of those Stark Trek pins.

Live long and prosper this Halloween, friends.

Kick-Butt Cinderella Of Once Upon A Time

My appreciation for Once Upon A Time's new feminist, Latina (!!!) Cinderella is already well documented. If you are also a fan of this perfectly modern Disney princess, it would be more than easy to bring her to life this Halloween.

To create your OUAT costume all you need to do is don your best blue dress and pick up the coolest fake sword at your local Halloween store — Jacina-as-Cinderella would never be caught leaving the house without one.

Cookie Lyon Of Empire

One could argue there is no bigger badass on television than Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson). No, she's not a technical superhero, yet she does still wear a cape on the regular. Cookie is the toughest person on Empire, and is continuously saving her loved ones, her business, and her collection of wigs, all with her trademark flair and blunt honesty. Who else could turn a person like Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) into a genuine star with millions upon millions of dollars? Nobody but one miss Cookie Lyon; ask about her.

To get the Cookie look for Halloween, pile on as much fur, animal-print, and jewels as possible, but, make it fashion. Although Cookie’s outfits are always A Lot, she’s also consistently the most impeccably dressed person in the room.

If you want to go for a singular iconic look of Cookie’s, try her combo of an emerald velvet long-sleeved top, jade ruffled pencil skirt, and Louisville Slugger, which she used to destroy all of Lucious’ favorite things during Empire season 2. The scene may have proved the Lyon patriarchs officially don’t have a love story, but it was also quite unforgettable.

Jessica Jones Of, Well, Jessica Jones

If you were to ask The Defenders who the most badass person on the team is, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) would probably start rambling on about how he’s The Immortal Iron fist and once fought a dragon — but you should ignore that. The true badass of the Netflix Marvel super group is one Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), crack investigator, fearless ride-or-die, and breaker of sex beds.

Pay homage to the comic book hero by dressing up as her this Halloween. All you need for a proper Jessica Jones is a utilitarian tee of your choosing, heavy black leather jacket, your favorite dirty, ripped skinny jeans, and black lace-up motorcycle boots. Honestly, you probably have most of this in your closet, or something very close. Jessica Jones is the perfect lazy-girl Halloween costume, which would make the faux apathetic character proud.

The Ladies Of Game Of Thrones

Welcome to the best feminist group costume of 2017. As we’ve already noted, Game Of Thrones season 7 was ruled by women. The acting queen in the North? Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner). Her murderous sister who #GetsStuffDone? Arya Stark (Maisie Williams). The two queens at war? Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey). Even the dead women of Westeros have effectively won the game of thrones from beyond the grave.

You and your crew can celebrate these badass, fearless women by going as the group for Halloween. Since you’re not going to find Dany’s high-couture coat dresses on, or Olenna Tyrell’s (Dianna Rigg) headpiece at Party City, we do hope someone in your squad knows how to sew.
The Superheroes Of The DC Berlantiverse

Here is another kick-butt group Halloween costume for you and all your lady friends. The CW’s Berlantiverse — made up of DC Comic adaptations Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow, and the upcoming Black Lighting — are so good precisely because of their women characters. Supergirl would just be Enter Title Here without its Kryptonian hero, while the rest of the series would fail miserably without superpowered and superhero alter egos like Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker), Black Canary (Katie Cassidy), and White Canary (Caity Lotz). The Halloween possibilities are endless, since the DC Berlantiverse has an limitless supply of other badass ladies too like Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh).

Your squad could definitely save National City, or at least Halloween night, as these comic book queens — just be ready to rock a lot of leather and quite a few masks.

The Orphan Black Clones

So you and your friends don’t watch Game Of Thrones, and you all find the Berlantiverse overwhelming. May we interest you in some Orphan Black clone clubbing? Now that the Tatiana Maslany-led cult favorite has officially wrapped, there’s no show that deserves an homage more than the BBC America drama.

All you need to do is have each of your friends pick a clone out of a hat — will you get Cosima? Or Sarah? Or Helena? Or Rachel? Or someone random like Aryanna? It’s anyone’s game! — and dress just like them.

Maeve Of Westworld

Westworld heroine Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) rightly gets a ton of the attention for her hallucinatory journey towards sentience throughout season 1. But, Maeve (Thandie Newton) is just as much of a badass as Dolores. The brothel madam and robot also gained consciousness throughout Westworld’s freshman season, and she did it while having lots of wild sex with Hector (Rodrigo Santoro). No one but Maeve managed to consistently terrify her human technicians while also manipulating them into doing whatever she wanted. And she even managed to lead a bloody, generally fatal coup out of the Westworld labs and into the park solo.

For Maeve, you could either go with her traditional park outfit, which is full-tilt Wild West Madam finery, headpiece and all, or her black escape outfit, which would be the easier of the two. For the latter, all you need is a sleek black dress with a U-shaped back, a hair tie for a severe bun, and an extremely worried expression.

Eleven Of Stranger Things

Eleven (Milly Bobby Brown) fought the Demogorgon and apparently won since the fan-favorite Stranger Things heroine will return for season 2. On top of beating horrifying interdimensional demons, Eleven can also throw cars around with her mind and find supposed enemies of the United States with her brain.

If you’re going to do an Eleven costume for Halloween, you know you need to recreate her iconic Eggo waffles thievery scene, so find a little bit of fake blood to dab under your left nostril, throw on a vintage pink dress and denim jacket, and prepare to chow down on more microwavable breakfast treats than originally thought possible.

Olivia Pope Of Scandal

Not all superheroes wear capes, and not all badasses fight with their fists or a gun. Olivia Pope is still one of the most fearsome women on TV and all she has are her wits and the ability to announce “It’s handled,” over the phone. Olivia Pope has brought down more shadowy organizations than we can count, returned one shadowy organization to its former glory, and currently owns the White House, even though Mellie Grant (Bellay Young) is technically the president. Olivia bashed a man's skull in for calling her a slut, and closed out Scandal season 6 by forcing a woman to commit suicide. Do not mess with Olivia Pope.

To dress up as Scandal’s very own Helen Of Troy, don your best power suit, preferably in monochrome white, black, or red, and your grandest jacket. Olivia Pope owns at least 300 jackets. A white hat is optional, although a black hat might be mandatory considering how season 7 is going.

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