Where We Left Off With Tyrion Lannister On Game Of Thrones

As Leo Tolstoy said in Anna Karenina, "Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." If that's the case, then the Lannister family is the type of unhappy that makes fantastic villains and heroes — or, more accurately, the type of unhappy that makes fascinating characters.

Tyrion Lannister, the underloved youngest sibling of the golden leonine family, is proof of that fact. Tyrion's dealing with the traumas of his past, and present. He was framed for his nephew's murder, he killed his father, and now his sister is out to kill him. Despite his Lannister legacy, Tyrion's managed to ingratiate himself in Westerosi politics with more finesse than Frank Underwood — and way more genuinely good intentions.

So, next time you dread your Thanksgiving dinner table, be grateful you're not a Lannister. At the end of Season 6, we see Tyrion sailing back towards Westeros, and towards an undoubtable reunion with his remaining family members. Tyrion's sailing home to his unhappy family with conquering in mind.

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At the start of Season 6, Tyrion is left in charge of Meereen.

As you'll recall, Daenerys made her grand exit from Season 5 on the back of Drogon after a stadium was swarmed by Sons of the Harpy. With Daenerys gone, Meereen was left with a power vacuum. Daario and Jorah depart to find Daenerys (we would watch that spinoff), and leave Tyrion to rule Meereen with Grey Worm and Missandei's help.

Luckily for Tyrion's morale, his friend Varys shows up, and reminds him he can use the unstable political landscape as an opportunity.
Tyrion and Varys attempt some smooth negotiations.

Tyrion finds out the Masters of Yunkai, Astapor and Volantis are funding the Sons of the Harpy. He brokers a meeting to negotiate an end to the attacks.

Tyrion proposes that, should Meereen remain a free city, he'll allow the cities of Slavers' Bay a seven-year time limit to end slavery and give compensation to slave owners. In exchange for this "good deal," Tyrion makes them swear to give up support for Sons of the Harpy. The masters leave to consider the deal.
Tyrion frees the dragons.

Daenerys' two remaining dragons have been languishing in their basement hovel, without so much as a bite to eat. Tyron decides to free them. When Missandei asks how he knows that's a good idea, he responds, "I drink and I know things."

In hands down one of the most badass moments of Season 6, Tyrion descends into the dungeon, calms the dragons by telling them a childhood story of how he wanted a dragon for his nameday, and then frees them.
Tyrion forges an alliance with the red priestess.

Since the masters of Slavers' Bay haven't conceded to Tyrion's agreement, he and Varys turn to other avenues in order to sway the region to Daenerys' rule.

They enlist the help of Kinvara, the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis, who believes Daenerys to be "The Prince that was Promised," or the Lightbringer who will save the world from darkness.

The Red Priests now swarm Meereen preaching of the savior Daenerys.
Meereen is fine...until.

For a second there, Tyrion and Varys congratulated themselves on a newly stabilized Meereen.

Then, since this is Game of Thrones, a fleet of slavers' ships come to destroy the city. And then, since this is Game of Thrones, Daenerys lands on the roof of the Great Pyramid with Drogon just at that moment.

Daenerys, being the Mother of Dragons, proposes to kill the Masters, destroy their armies, and raze their cities. Tyrion offers an alternative.
The solution is easy when you have the Dothraki.

Thinking victory is near, the masters propose terms of surrender: The Unsullied and Missandei will be returned to their masters, the dragons will be killed, and Dany will leave Slavers' Bay. But that is not what happens.

Instead, Dany orders the dragons to burn the fleets. Grey Worm kills the masters Razdal and Belicho, and spares Yezzan to tell Slavers' Bay of Dany's power. Meanwhile, Daenerys' Dothraki troops kill the Sons of the Harpy.
Westeros comes to them.

In perhaps the busiest day of all time, Tyrion meets with Theon and Yara Greyjoy after the battle is through. The Greyjoys are prepared to give Daenerys a fleet of ships if she promises to help them defeat their conquering uncle Euron.

They agree, and begin making preparations for the Narrow Sea. At last!

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He's back as royalty's right hand man.

While consoling Daenerys after her breakup, Tyrion essentially tells her that she makes him feel like he's alive again (cue the song). At that, the Queen presents him with a brooch that signifies she's chosen him to be the Hand of the Queen.

When acting as Joffrey's Hand of the King, Tyrion lived under the tyrannical force of Joffrey's personality. As Hand of the Queen, Tyrion's sharp political mind will be taken seriously.
On the road again.

In the very last scene of Season 6, Tyrion stands with Daenerys at the head of the ship. He's Westeros-bound.
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