Here's What Zosia Mamet Looks Like When Girls Isn't Filming

Last night's final episode of Girls may have been missing two of the original four friends, but there's no forgetting Shoshanna Shapiro. The fascinatingly quirky, fast-talking, and easily excitable Shosh spent the show's six seasons bubbling over with energy, but Zosia Mamet, the actress who played her, is more like the poster child of chill, whether she's getting ready in the morning, picking her next project, or dyeing her hair. "I'm pretty easy [with beauty]," she told us at a recent Burt's Bees event. "I don't wear makeup unless I have to for a role. And my hair is so fucked up from bleaching it that I've gotta keep it this way for a while."

When it comes to supporting charities she's passionate about, however, Mamet is anything but laid-back. Earlier this year, she teamed up with War Child, an organization that helps support survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in war zones around the world. And now, she's generating buzz around the Burt's Bees campaign, Bring Back The Bees, which aims to plant 5,000 wildflowers for every #SelflessSelfie social media post. "It seems like such a small thing because [bees] are such a small creature," she said. "But if the bees go, we all go. All the things we'd never think about are affected by bees — even coffee. We need to be loud about this issue."

It's clear the actress knows how to make a statement in every aspect of her life, which is why we asked her to walk us through her boldest beauty looks over the years. Click through the slides ahead to check them out.

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.
"You can kind of tell here that someone over-waxed my eyebrows. It's bad. I've been working so hard on them since then! This is also right before I dyed my hair blond for the first time. When I went in to dye it, they were like, ‘You have virgin hair!’ Everyone in my family has a real red hue — my dad even has red in his beard. It’s probably the Scottish in us that gives us the color."
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"I really love a cat-eye. There’s something about [it] that’s just so simple but so strong. I did one a lot in the beginning [of my career] because it was really easy and clean, but I still love a cat-eye to this day. It always reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. And I’m not someone who wears makeup in my day-to-day life, so it’s taken me a while to open up to more adventurous looks when it comes to makeup. This was at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in the U.K. and I remember the woman who did [my makeup] was like, ‘I’m going to give you the biggest cat-eye you’ve ever seen.’ And I was like, 'Yep, let’s do it.'"
Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
"That was when my hair was not healthy. This is sad hair. I bleached it to shit and it's just so fucked up. But [the pink] was just a request from Girls; I would have dyed my whole head pink, to be honest, but they just wanted the roots. I went shorter because I’ve had long hair almost my whole life and it is really, really thick. I was just frustrated with it. I kept waking up in the middle of the night — I’m a bit of a restless sleeper — and it would literally be wrapped around my neck and I just wanted to cut it. But then I had to cut it again because it was just so broken and dead that they had to give me a new haircut to help it. [Laughs.]"
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"This is a different look from my everyday; I rarely ever wear makeup. The only thing that I started using about a month ago is a clear brow mascara because they are so bushy. [My hair] is actually gray! After I went platinum, I went gray and even though I loved it, it is so hard on your hair."
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"This was at the Marc Jacobs show during Fashion Week. His line that year had a real '90s thread to it, and obviously I’m wearing a crazy '90s outfit, so the guy who does my hair and makeup for press had the idea to crimp it. It was just fun, so I was like, 'Sounds cool to me.'"
Photo: C Flanigan/FilmMagic.
"[My eyebrows are] something I have worked very, very, very hard on. I've used supplements, I've tried every growth serum out there, I've tried not touching them. It's a lot of work, man. This is last year at Sundance and I've done a lot to get them to this point. [Laughs.]"
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images.
"That was at the Marc Jacobs show just a few months ago. I look exactly the same as that other cat-eye picture — just with different hair. I finally found a color that I really dig, which is cool. The first time I went blond, it was for a play I did four years ago – the play where I met my husband – and they wanted me to be blond as a character choice. And then Girls, this was around the third season, wanted me to stay brunette, so I went back. But then I chopped all my hair off really short and I just really wanted to have bleach blond hair. Something in me was like, ‘I’m ready now,’ and then as soon as I opened that door, it was like Pandora’s box. So now I’ve just been working real hard to keep it healthy — it’s been like a full-time job."
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