If This Unicorn Makeup Doesn't Make You Happy, We Don't Know What Will

Death, taxes, pi — some things are forever. But on the brighter side, so is the magic of unicorns. And the beauty world is here to prove it. (See: unicorn braids and hair color.) But if styling your hair like a magnificent, otherworldly beast isn’t enough, you can also inject unicorn enchantment into your skin-care and makeup routine, too.

There are a whole lot of highlighters, lip glosses, and eye creams out there to help us capture the rainbow with iridescent formulas that recall David Bowie in Labyrinth. (The spirit of Bowie is a unicorn in itself.) Some even take the theme to new heights with horn-shaped handles. And if unicorn beauty can bring a touch of the mystical to getting ready in the a.m. or before bed, why the hell not, we say.

Ahead, the most fantastical, magical beauty products to make your beauty look, bathroom, and life sparkle.

This may be the quickest way to get nails that shine with the iridescent glow of a unicorn's spiral horn. But just because the color is sweet, doesn't mean it's not bottled with a little sass. Case in point: Its shade name is Boy, Bye.

Trust Fund Beauty Polish in Boy, Bye, $15, available at Trust Fund Beauty in March.
Remember those 3-D unicorn nails? They were sparkly and iridescent — and we've been dying to recreate it the look at home. Now, LACQA & CO is making it easier with this magical manicure kit, which features a bright purple polish and the coolest kaleidoscopic topcoat we've ever seen.

LACQA & CO Unicorn Manicure Set, $14, available at LACQA & CO.
Swap our your signature mattes for a shiny, holographic lip gloss iteration. This one from By Terry is anything but average — and we love its lustrous finish.

By Terry Gloss Terrybly Shine in Midnight Star, $45, available at Space NK.
These colorful jars are filled with what we could only imagine unicorn snot looks like — bright, shimmery, and completely mesmerizing. Smooth it onto your face for a glittery strobe effect, on your body to bring back the '90s, or even your hair (we all remember this trend). We suggest keeping some heavy-duty cleansing towelettes on hand though; things could get messy.

Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel, $9.99, available at Fctry.
Never let winter get in the way of your love for unicorn lip products. This shimmer gloss is infused with vitamin E, so skin stays hydrated — no matter the temps. Even better, it leaves behind a shimmery iridescence that looks great on its own or over your favorite bold color.

Winky Lux Unicorn Tears Gloss, $15, available at Forever 21.
We’ve raved about this next-level highlighter before. It’s got an icy, lavender tint that looks like it was pulled straight from a unicorn’s mane — and it gives an out-of-this-world glow.

Milk Makeup Holographic Stick, $28, available at Milk Makeup.
We’re not sure which is cuter: this peachy shade of lip gloss or the makeup bag it comes in.

Missguided I'm Really A Unicorn Gift Bag, $34, available at Missguided.
Photo: Via unicornlashesuk/Instagram.
These vegan unicorn makeup brushes sold out in less than 12 hours when they launched earlier this year. The good news? The 10-piece collection, which is bundled in a holographic, diamond-shaped case, is getting a restock next month.

Unicorn Lashes Brush Kit, $56, available at Unicorn Lashes.
Photo: Via unicornlashesuk/Instagram.
What's better than a set of makeup brushes with unicorn horn as handles? A set of unicorn brushes with rose gold unicorn horns as handles. This set, also from Unicorn Lash, features ombrè red brush heads and is slated for release next year.

Unicorn Lashes Royale Collection Brush Kit, available in 2017 at Unicorn Lashes.
These multi-chrome glosses mimic the color-shifting nature of a unicorn’s horn. They look ridiculously cool on their own, but they take on a whole new dimension when worn over lipstick.

Sigma Beauty Lip Switch Set, $34, available Nov 14 at Sigma Beauty
We were sold the moment we saw the gold-foiled, unicorn-stamped packaging on this mascara. But then, we found the wand inside holds a special talent: It can be compressed to help thicken the appearance of lashes or stretched out to help define them.

Pacifica Big Dream Mascara, $16, available at Target.
Don’t let the conservative packaging fool you. Inside this tube, a green-tinged, iridescent liquid that looks like unicorn snot is dispensed from a clear, glass wand.

Cosmedix Eye Doctor, $130, available at Cosmedix.
This iridescent, ultra-nourishing lip shimmer pays homage to the creatures in its name.

Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream in Unicorn Tears, $22, available at Ulta Beauty.
Who says you can’t have it all? This double-sided makeup bag celebrates our love for fantasy figures in water and on land alike.

Spectrum Collections Half Unicorn Half Mermaid Bag, $21.30, available at Spectrum Collections.
Don't stop at looking like a unicorn — smell like one, too. This fragrance gets the job done with notes of lemon, peppermint, nag champa incense, and frankincense.

A Beautiful Life I Heart Unicorns Perfume, $52, available at A Beautiful Life.
Remember piling everything into the bathtub to make washing up more of a party? This confetti does the same, but leaves a lot more room and makes the suds smell like blueberries, too.

Missguided Unicorn Bath Confetti, $10.20, available at Missguided.
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